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Aurion, Kratos

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Kratos Aurion, Dec 2, 2019 at 6:24 PM.

  1. Kratos Aurion

    Kratos Aurion Tales of Symphonia

    That's why war is so tragic. To win means to make victims of your opponents and give birth to hatred.

    Played by JACK

    Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
    Age: Physically 28 - Actually 4000+
    Species: 'Modified' human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Near the end of the game, shortly after giving Lloyd his sword and sending him off to solve his problems for him.
    NPC Companions: Noishe the Protozoan


    Kratos is over four thousand years old. He has seen and done everything, and as a result, he has a wide range of knowledge that he's picked up throughout the centuries. Not all of this is directly applicable (he's not sure why he still remembers as much about crocheting as he does), but it's a very rare day when Kratos does not at least have a general idea of what someone is talking about.​
    Despite the path he's chosen in Pandora, Kratos's true genius lies in his swordsmanship. Even during his human life, thousands of years ago, he was fantastic with a blade, and he has had many centuries since then to hone his abilities. What's more, his talent for being a deadly opponent isn't necessarily lessened much by removing his sword - Kratos is more than capable of fighting with his bare hands and dirty tricks if he has to... but he doesn't necessarily agree with it.​

    Four thousand years ago, when his apprentice, Mithos, went insane and divided the worlds, Kratos was forced to ingest a substance known as aionis. It imbued him with magical abilities, and allowed him to undergo the process of becoming an 'angel' alongside his half-elf companions. Over the many centuries since, Kratos has honed his ability to wield magic into something of an art form - he can now use it rapidly alongside standard swordsmanship, usually to devastating effect. His powers range among the four basic elements, as well as magics privy only to angels.​

    The truth behind his angelic nature is... grisly to say the least. Kratos is nothing more than a very enhanced human, at the end of the day. Aionis granted him the ability to use magic freely, and the rest comes from his Cruxis Crystal. This device is implanted directly into the skin (with a very specific mount that the crystal sits upon, to negate the negative effects it can cause on the body) and comes with a variety of biological advancements​

    Kratos has superhuman strength, speed, stamina and senses as a result of his Cruxis Crystal. He can easily lift several tonnes of weight without showing much sign of strain, and can move at speeds that are difficult to even track for an average human being. His senses are so enhanced that it can actually be quite disorienting - smells can be extremely overwhelming, and it can be hard for Kratos to focus in a crowded or loud area.

    One of the perks of a Cruxis Crystal is the ability to manifest a pair of wings made solely of the mana within one's body. While these wings look largely vestigial, Kratos is able to fly at staggering speeds, though this may or may not actually have anything to do with the wings themselves. But they're very pretty.

    Normally, as a human, even with aionis, Kratos wouldn't have magic that was comparable to an elf or a half-elf. However, because of the Cruxis Crystal, this, too, is boosted to astronomical levels. It's worth noting, however, that his magic is still greatly inferior to virtually any other angel. It's just better than normal people.

    He doesn't like this. He hates this. If he had a choice in the matter, Kratos would have never chosen this, but he didn't, so he just grits his teeth and gets on with it. To put it very simply, Cruxis Crystals have the power to stop the human body's internal clock, essentially freezing someone at one age for as long as they desire. Thus, Kratos has been twenty-eight years old for over four millennia. Though he does, technically, have the ability to 'turn it off', he's never had the choice to do so, because of his obligation to Mithos and Cruxis's cause, and the reality that he and his mana are directly tied to the very core of it all.​
    As with his other magical abilities, Kratos's healing is phenomenal compared to most ordinary magic-users, but pales compared to others from his own world. Nevertheless, this is the ability he's clinging to in Pandora as a way to at least start making amends for everything he's done wrong. He can heal a huge range of injuries and illnesses, though there are some that remain outside his power to mend. Even when his magic fails him, Kratos has centuries of practical medical knowledge bouncing around his head, and is remarkably competent even as a mundane medic.​

    EquipmentPlain Steel Sword
    It's of decent enough quality, but at the end of the day it's just a spare sword he's been using since giving Lloyd the one he's been wielding for a thousand years. The sword Kratos is presently using has no magical properties. It's literally just a sword.​
    NPC's AbilitiesNoishe is, as a rule, an extremely gentle creature, but there is more to him than meets the eye. He is what is known as a protozoan - a creature of mana who will evolve throughout his entire existence, going through various forms until he eventually transforms into a humanoid creature who hunts and destroys evil. These evolutions are thousands of years apart - Kratos, in four millennia, has only seen one - and for the most part Noishe is altogether unremarkable aside from his odd appearance. He is intensely fearful of monsters and violence, and generally serves as little more than a pet or as a makeshift horse when needs be (he stands approximately four feet at the shoulder). Nevertheless, Kratos is extremely fond of him.


    Even as a human being, thousands of years ago, Kratos was a very somber man. It's just his personality, and he can't help it. He has a poker face that can't be beat, and it can be hard to read his emotions. That being said, he's beyond somber nowadays. He's miserable, and depressed is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his mental health. He's spent centuries helping someone plan a genocide of two separate worlds. He's been leading innocent children to death for a madman's impossible dream. And the one time he had his happiness and his family and an actual life, that same psychopath tore it all down around his head. It's hard for Kratos to hope for much anymore, because every time he's tried, bad things have happened.​


    Everything that makes Kratos depressed also plays on his mind daily as part of why he's never quite at peace. In particular, fifteen years ago, he was forced to kill his own wife in order to save their child, as she underwent a grotesque transformation into a monstrous creature that rendered her insane and volatile. He managed to kill her, but not before she flung their son off a cliff. Kratos never did find his body, and believed him dead for years, until he found him again. And, of course, the damn kid hates him.​


    Kratos is able to be killed, if you can manage it. While the Cruxis Crystal grants extended life, it doesn't protect against mortal damage. However, he's not known for being super easy to kill, and for a guy who's 99% suicidal, he really fights pretty hard to keep his heart a-thumpin'.​


    After everything Kratos has been through over the last four thousand years, he craves death. He hates being alive, but he's also... afraid to die. He is someone who rigidly thrives on knowing what he's doing, and knowing what's awaiting him. Death is a mystery. Moreover, he's become set in his belief that he's not allowed to die. This has been hammered into his head a million times over the centuries, due to his critical role in Cruxis. Nowadays, it's also reinforced by his belief that he doesn't deserve to rest until he's properly atoned for everything he's done. So he's basically never gonna die at this rate.​


    One thing that anyone who has ever known Kratos can agree upon is this: He is perhaps the most taciturn man on the face of the planet. His default setting is stern and it really doesn't vary from that often. His frown is perpetual and intense, and it's difficult to get an accurate gauge of Kratos's emotional state, because it can feel like he doesn't have one. He speaks in clipped tones, and has the innate ability to convey his authority in a way that doesn't come naturally to many people.

    Though he's very stern at the best of times, Kratos also carries a deeply calming demeanor. He's a level-headed man even in the heat of combat or a confrontation. He doesn't raise his voice, nor does he use incendiary tones or language. When he speaks, people listen, and, for the most part, people calm down. He really doesn't offer them much of a choice in the matter, unless they want to look foolish.

    Kratos has... walls that he's put up over his lifetime, in order to protect himself from all the potential pain that always seems to come his way. He's been burned too many times to trust anyone easily, and although Kratos is never expressly unkind, he does tend to keep people at arm's length in very noticeable ways. His attitude towards others is cool at the best of times, and it often leads to the false belief that he genuinely dislikes people... which, truthfully, he doesn't. He's just closed-off.

    He's also uncomfortable at the best of times. Being a naturally quiet individual, Kratos can get lost in a crowd, and he doesn't react well to being put on the spot, especially if strangers are involved. He can do it, but only because he's had centuries to get over the worst of his anxieties... nevertheless, he doesn't like large crowds. He never has, and he never will.

    Despite his dislike for crowds and attention, Kratos does thrive in cities. As long as he's left to his own devices and allowed to act as an observer, he prefers the hustle and bustle. After spending so, so long on Derris-Kharlan, which is typically as silent as a tomb, Kratos enjoys seeing the signs of life being lived around him. He likes the noise, and the chaos. He just doesn't like being a part of it. Similarly, Kratos is extremely at ease in the heart of the wilderness. Where Derris-Kharlan is inhospitable and dead, nature is thriving and wild.

    At his core, Kratos isn't a bad person. In fact, he's inherently good, and his nature is incredibly giving when one can get around the cold walls he's built up. He is someone who has been put in agonizing positions time and time again, where he has had no choice but to conform to the orders he was given, and it's had a visible effect on Kratos. He can easily act the villain. He can even turn away from his empathy for a time, in order to do what he has to do, but the guilt of his actions haunts him incessantly.

    While Kratos is very quiet and reserved even among his closest companions, his personality does open up when his friendship is won. He has a wicked sense of dry humor that can come out without warning, as well as a talent for sarcasm. He's not someone who is always comfortable in voicing his feelings or thoughts, but he will often act on his fondness instead. He's the type who's more likely to buy someone a gift than to actually express his appreciation.

    Though he's recently had something of a paradigm shift in his thinking, Kratos remains a largely fatalistic individual. He struggles to believe that his actions can change the course of destiny or fate, because he's tried that before, and it never works. This is, of course, in stark contrast to his son, who firmly believes that it's possible to change anything with enough stubbornness and elbow grease. While Kratos accepts this idealistic mindset enough to continue living to see if it's true... he has his doubts. Still, if there's one thing he has in common with his child, it's his stubborn-as-an-old-mule nature.

    Despite all his faults and flaws, Kratos isn't always the most rational person, despite his level-headed, calm personality. When he met a unique woman twenty years ago in one of the human ranches he helped develop, he acted impulsively out of love. He freed her from the ranch, knowing what would inevitably happen, and spent five years hiding from Cruxis with her and, eventually, their child. Because of his irrational actions, his wife ended up dead, along with his son, and Kratos has essentially been on lock-down ever since. Yet he has no regrets for what he did... only for his lack of planning.


    "If you struggle, this is going to hurt more."

    He'd said that before, but the intention now was vastly different. His tone was gentle and his eyes were kind. He was trying. To shake off four thousand years of training and habit and trauma would never be easy, but Kratos tried every day to do the best that he could. He still wasn't sure how this place worked, but if Lloyd... if anyone he knew before were to appear before him, he wanted to have a leg to stand on. He wanted to be able to meet their eyes and say "I've changed".

    He had taken healing for granted, over the course of his life. It was one of the fundamental magical artes, and although it couldn't always mend everything (his back gave a twinge at that, burned skin stretching) it had always been a routine part of his life. Aside from serious illness, old age, and catastrophic wounds, many of the aches and pains of daily life had been washed over by healing magicks in his existence.

    Pandora wasn't so lucky. Not always. While there were healers about with powers that made him look like a joke, they were few and far between. Illness and injury were, as far as Kratos could see, typically treated with medicines and splints anywhere outside the Vales (and even within, in the smaller settlements). Although he was by no means close to atoning for his mistakes, he felt just a bit closer to the impossible when he saw a wound close or felt a broken bone repair itself beneath his hands.

    He didn't know how he would ever know when (if) he had reached a point in his life when his good deeds might cancel out the bad. Part of him remembered blood and smoke and countless expressions of terror and he felt like atonement was as impossible as a natural death for him. Another part, however, watched color return to a child's face as her shattered wrist rebuilt itself... and he thought that perhaps this was as close to hope as he'd ever been since Anna was alive.

    Whether he reached a point where he felt worthy of the life he had or not, Kratos supposed it made very little difference. He was here, and he refused to move on until something changed. Until death felt less cowardly, perhaps, or at least until he felt like his death wouldn't cause even more trouble than his life had. He was slowly coming to realize that all worlds were broken in their own way, once you pulled back whatever wool covered your eyes. This place... this fantastical, impossible world was as full of strife as it was opportunity. People were the same. The rich got richer, the poor got poorer, and Kratos found himself in the middle of it all, trying to keep his head above water. Trying to do good and realizing rapidly that good was as absurdly complicated now as it ever was.

    Sometimes he missed being able to put blinders on and hide from the reality of his life. Almost.

    But then things always fall back into perspective. A smile, maybe. A nod. A tight hug from a child whose wrist was good as new that warmed him to his core. It was all a reminder that there were good things left to fight for - that he had a reason, finally, to plant his feet and stand true for something for the first time in so long. That alone made the work worth doing, and he shrugged off payment nine times out of ten. If he could get away with it, he preferred to slip away before anyone remembered that healing typically came with a price tag attached, but if he couldn't, he was quick to turn down what he deemed unreasonable.

    He was a drifter, after all. He needed very little money besides what was necessary to buy his food and whatever personal effects he might require. Most of it went into whatever means of communication he had for each region. Cell phones - which were an absolute blessing that he sang praises to whenever possible because gods bless texting - were abominably expensive to maintain, as were the contacts he'd established in the Crystal Vales and the Dread Wastes, each of whom demanded a certain price to continue accepting messages on Kratos's behalf while he was elsewhere in the world.

    Aside from that, Kratos was self-sufficient. He didn't require food or sleep, although did enjoy both, so when he found his purse light he simply went without. Perhaps it could be argued that it was no way to live, but he found himself lighter now than he had been in four thousand years. He was optimistic for the first time in his memory. He still carried a sword and at least four knives on his person at any given time, but he didn't use them. He found himself occasionally smiling back at people, and he hadn't done that... ever.

    For many, to live on the fringes of society, going weeks without food or sleep, would be true torture. Perhaps it said something of his past that, to Kratos, it was a blessing. He traveled where he wished, and although he often felt paranoid and convinced that he was being followed, he never was. There was no one to report back to. There were no lies that needed telling. There was no world that he was actively destroying for the sake of a madman.

    For that, he would go for centuries without eating. He'd never sleep again if it meant freedom. He flashed an uncertain mother a split-second smile before walking to the door, and he waved his hand at any offer of payment because none of these people could ever begin to understand that this... everything about this was all the payment he needed.

    He was not happy. He probably never would be happy. But for now, at least, Kratos was content with his life. He had Noishe. He healed and he moved on. He didn't sleep anywhere for more than a week at a time. Deep down, perhaps he felt that he didn't deserve to settle anywhere just yet. Perhaps the constant movement between the regions was another twisted punishment for himself. Whatever the case may be, he left each place with his head high. He could meet the gaze of anyone who looked at him, and there was no urge to flinch away.

    He was not happy, but he was quite proud.

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  2. Kratos Aurion

    Kratos Aurion Tales of Symphonia


    this is me trying to make this depressed fucko work again bc pandora needs more sad dads​
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