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Autumn Is Here!

Discussion in 'Season Updates' started by The Pantheon, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. The Pantheon

    The Pantheon Administrator


    Autumn Is Here!

    More than just the leaves have changed for autumn this year. The Calamity has ended and Pandora's citizens have awoken to a much larger world. Cities, towns, villages, and entire landscapes have sprouted up seemingly overnight. There's a vast new world to explore, full of endless opportunities.

    Haven't finished threads from last season? No worries! You can find all of your threads in the pre-revamp forum. Additionally, if there are threads that you didn't have time to start before the season change, you can use the Threads of Time.

    New Lands to Explore

    With an entirely new world to experience you'll find more than just one or two new locations worth checking out this month! Below are some links to the main areas, where you can find everything from more mundane locales such as cafes and zoos to cities built into the side of the moon and — quite literally — everything in between!

    Introducing Random Events!

    To highlight the unpredictable nature of Pandora, from here on out threads will be open to the possibility of random events posted by staff into ongoing threads! These can range from small things like a stray cat crossing your path to something major like a sudden storm. Players will have the opportunity to opt out all characters, single characters, or single threads from these events if they wish!

    More information can be found HERE on Random Events!


    Rating Change & BBCode

    Pandora's rating is changing to 3-3-3, which means that mature themes and situations can and do come up in threads. We require that all mature content is flagged as such with the appropriate tags and descriptors, and is only to be written by members 18 and older. We have also come up with a new BBCode to be used in such threads to warn readers about content warnings.

    Read up HERE on what qualifies as mature content and how to properly tag your posts!

    New Theme!

    With the revamp comes a shiny new theme for Pandora! All of the coordinators have been using the new theme almost exclusively for several weeks now, and we hope you guys will come to enjoy it as well! Check out the

    Head over HERE for theme feedback and issues!

    New BBCodes

    With the new theme, we've also introduced three new bbcodes to help you make your posts shiny! The first two were specifically created to help you create post templates that will look nice on both the dark and light theme.

    First is the themebox bbcode. This allows you to create a pre-styled box that uses colors from the theme you currently have selected. Multiple themebox designs are available for your use!

    Next is the stylecolor bbcode. Similar to themebox, stylecolor applies a color based on the theme you currently have selected. Multiple stylecolors are available for your use!

    And last is the powerful sbox or style box! This is designed for our members who know a bit about css, giving them far more flexibility in styling and layouts than our old box code did. It allows you to use specific parameters to style your content. Unlike box, sbox has no default look and can be used to create all sorts of effects.

    Check out the BBCode Help Page for more information on these new codes!

    Tagging System

    We've also come up with a new Tagging System for you guys! You can now add locations to your in character threads, so that players know where exactly each thread takes place in. Every location has its own separate tag — be it a sub-region, a smaller town, or even some random location somewhere in the wilderness — and every location that is submitted from here on out will have a tag created upon acceptance.

    Location Submissions

    You may have noticed that the location submissions have been randomly sorted throughout our new regions. If you notice your character's business or one of your own submissions somewhere and you would like it moved to a different region, all you need to do is post in this thread!

    Government Sign-Ups

    Characters who were previously in leadership positions within Old Pandora get first dibs on smoothly transitioning into leadership for the Revamped Pandora. While we're not setting any rules to lock old positions to their corresponding new ones, characters will be given the priority to select the new position that is the same/most similar to their old one. Click here for more details!

    Updated Pandora Map


    ** NOTE: The Cosmic Wilderness and the Otherworld aren't depicted due to not being part of Pandora's landmass itself, but they are most certainly a part of the Box!
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  2. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    Survivors of the Calamity

    All those who survived until the end of the Calamity saw the entirety of the world vanish around them, that sketchy white space stretching out forever in every direction. And then the floor gave way and it was a freefall through emptiness.

    Then they blinked, and it was a new world all around them. They would suddenly find themselves deposited anywhere in the new Pandora, with or separated from those they saw the end with.

    Those who died during the Calamity also returned in this moment, finding themselves standing in a world they wouldn't recognize.

    The world, however, seems to recognize them. It is year 108, and those who have no memories of the Calamity seem to, much to the confusion of everybody suddenly in this new world, remember them. They remember them as friends or neighbors or co-workers or even leaders.

    What you all do with this now, is up to you.
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