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Ayano's Theory of Happiness // Ayano's Directory

Discussion in 'Character Directory' started by Ayano Tateyama, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Ayano Tateyama

    Ayano Tateyama Kagerou Project

    Selva Vista Apartments
    Neutral Good
    Year 7

    • July 3rd - Out of a Daze (w/ Hanzo Shimada) - Ayano arrives in Pandora and, confused, asks the first person she can find for help in figuring out just where she was. (Ongoing)
    • July 8th - The Hardest of Hearts (w/ Naraku) - Wandering through Pandora, Ayano ends up meeting with a peculiar person, not being aware of just what he really is (Complete)
    • July 15th - The All Seeing Gaze (w/ Naraku) - While hanging posters for her babysitting service, Ayano runs into Naraku again while he's in need of help with a cellphone (Ongoing)
    • July 20th - Red Eyes in the Rain (w/ Scott McCall) - Ayano finds herself being chased by a strange man while walking through a rainy day and right when things started looking hopeless, someone comes to her aid (Complete)
    • July 22nd - A New Family (w/ Mat and Egwene Cauthon) - Ayano starts her babysitting job and, much to her surprise, the place where she was starting at was much more luxurious than she first thought (Ongoing)
    • July 30rd - living in my little bubble (w/ Sephiroth) - Ayano is exploring the bazaar and ends meeting someone carrying a giant corpse on a wagon and that person carries an interesting story. (Ongoing)
    • August 2nd - Red Heroes (w/ Keith Kogane) - Ayano decides to make a trip to Cascade Bay so as to enjoy the rest of summer while it lasted, but plans change once the train gets hijacked by thieves. (Ongoing)
    • August 3rd - Heroine Meet Hero (w/ Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane) - Ayano arrives in Cascade Bay and is enjoying herself when she sees someone who looks troubled at the beach (Ongoing)
    • August 5th - A Summer Sky as Clear as Day (w/ Daniel Wing) - Ayano finds the opportunity to go for a relaxing time at the beach and she plans to make the most out of it (Ongoing)
    • August 6th - Wave rider (w/ Will Solace) - Still enjoying her time in Cascade Bay, Ayano watches some surfers at the beach and ends up talking with one of them (Ongoing)
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