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Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Ygritte, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Ygritte

    Ygritte Guest

    august 4 / @Bellamy Blake

    The Ygritte that went back into the woods did not appear to be the same one that had left.

    She wore a close fitting shirt, sewn by a machine rather than her own two hands, and pants made the same way. From some sort of dark, close fitting material that stretched with her movements. She wore a pair of worn brown boots from a store in the city. And her hair was braided down her back, not hanging loose, showing the sharp planes of her face without disguise.

    Her thin lips were hard pressed into a line as she moved along, pale eyes alert and searching. She tried to focus on everything around her, on where she was going, and not on what she was leaving behind.

    Because that was nothing. Just an empty cottage. Because Jon had vanished.

    Before her eyes, gone. And though she waited, shivering in their bed, for him to return several days after- he didn't. And then she knew that she'd been left again, and that she couldn't stay.

    Ygritte had met a young man once with a settlement out this way. She was hoping to throw herself in among them, turn her grief and burning anger at this gods-damned place into something useful. By the time she found the smell of a fire on the air, heard that low, male voice through the trees, dirt streaked her face and arms. Her hair had begun to pull loose from its braid, and her bow was held loosely in one hand. She was hoping not to need it as she stepped into sight, gave Bellamy a nod.

    "Hello, Bellamy. Remember me?" She gave a lopsided grin.

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  2. Bellamy Blake

    Bellamy Blake The 100
    accidental cult magnet


    on shaky ground

    She looked different. Like a different person. That was the first thought when he heard her voice and turned to look distractedly away from the two other guys he was talking to. Both smaller than him, and they looked a little on edge at the sight of a stranger, but Bellamy lifted a hand to ease their nerves because to him, she wasn't a stranger. An old acquaintance maybe, though old was a strong word. It hadn't really been that long. Maybe a little over two months since he'd met her out in Misty Hollow and offered her a place to stay at the budding settlement. It was bigger now, though that was a strong word, too, because they were never going to be big by any means. That was just fine with him.

    Bellamy found himself spending a moment just taking in the sight of her in because for the very first moment, he actually didn't recognize her. But then it sank in, that red hair, the lopsided grin on her face, those sharp eyes.

    Oh man.

    A grin was suddenly on his face, one to match hers as he folded his arms over his chest and gestured vaguely toward her. "Well, look at you. Those stitches are awfully close together," he pointed out like the ass he was, eyes her close fitting clothes which were miles in contrast to the furs she'd been in when they'd first met. There was somehow something incredibly ironic about this.