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Bane, Magnus

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Magnus Bane, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Magnus Bane

    Magnus Bane The Mortal Instruments

    High Warlock of Brooklyn
    500+ years
    i’m not being cryptic, i’m being coy

    Played by Elle

    Fandom: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
    Age: Physical: Actual: over 300+ years
    Species: Warlock
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: After he interrupts Alec’s wedding, just after he walked halfway into the church and stopped, waiting for a reaction.
    NPC Companions: None.


    Special Abilities
    Magnus is a warlock, which gives him the ability to use magic, spells, cast wards, and summon demons, among other things. As the High Warlock of Brooklyn he has a certain status and reputation to uphold with doing the best work around and having a very wide range of knowledge when it comes to magic within his abilities. While the scope of his powers is broad and encompasses a wide variety of abilities there are a few he uses most frequently:

    He has the ability to remove or alter memories, as well as being able to change what people see. For example, if someone came to him wishing to never see a spider again, he could create a mental block that would erase spiders from that person’s mind almost as immediately as they saw one, causing their brain to forget them instantaneously. The effects wear off naturally after a year and need to be repeated to remain in place.

    Though it’s more like knowing the right herbs to mix to get the desired effects, and less waving a wand over a pot of boiling goo, Magnus can create elixirs and potions to do anything from turning a human into a rat to healing demon poison from an infected person.

    A specialty of his, and something that very few warlocks ever properly master, is the creation of portals. He can move anything from one person to an entire room full of people, but he can only open portals to places he’s personally been in the past. He can also use cast a glamour over a person or a place so that those around the glamoured object or person will see something different, or simply look right through them and see nothing at all. This is great for hiding people in plain sight, or masking an important building as something more unassuming.

    As a warlock, Magnus is connected to other warlocks, should any from his world be in Pandora (or should someone of a compatible connective ability from another world exist here). He can draw their power, or lend his own, for larger spells, as well as sense the work of another warlock and be able to tell when he’s among others of his kind.

    Magnus has the ability to summon demons, though it’s extremely dangerous and nearly impossible to control the demon once they are summoned, so he refrains from using this particular skill as often as possible. In Pandora, he’d only be able to summon a demon that already exists in this world, since he can’t access his own world or the underworld here.

    Healing is another aspect of Magnus’s abilities. Assuming he’s familiar with the ailment he’s facing and it’s something curable, he can magically remove many toxins and poisons from a body, as well as mend injuries. This is very draining for him, however.

    The rest of his magic falls under a wide array of categories. He can use magic in the offensive, attacking with elemental based attacks, or creating barriers around himself or others. He can use projection spells to create an image of himself somewhere that he isn’t, and he can use tracking spells to find people so long as he has something of theirs in his position to track with.


    His magic, while impressive, isn’t unlimited. The more he uses it the more drained he becomes, until eventually he’ll need to take some time off from it to recharge his energies. If he becomes entirely depleted then any active spells he had going on prior would become ineffective until he could resume them. Healing drains his magic the fastest.

    While he can summon objects to himself he doesn’t possess the ability to create things out of thin air. He has to take items from somewhere else - for example, if he conjures up a cup of coffee, he has to take that cup of coffee from the cafe down the street. He has to summon a specific object from a specific place, and so can’t summon things on demand or from places he hasn’t been and can’t imagine.

    His ability to do magic that influences another’s mind requires that the mind be open to influence - those with wards up against intrusion, or natural mental blocks, or are too strong willed can be insusceptible to that aspect of his magic.

    He cannot do magic outside of his Downworlder abilities, either. The magic of the Nephilim (angel-blooded), like the Shadowhunter Runes, cannot be placed on his skin or they could go so far as to kill him when his body rejects them. This applies to other magic from other worlds as well - he’s limited only to what he has running through his own blood.

    He also isn’t infallible - he can mess up, and sometimes his spells do more harm than good. He may be the High Warlock of Brooklyn where he’s from but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of people in Pandora who are stronger than him, both magically and otherwise. In Pandora he’s also finding that many of his abilities simply won’t work here, such as any use of trans-dimensional magic. He can’t summon the demons that he’s used to, either - he has no access to that Underworld here in Pandora.

    Also just because he’s immortal doesn’t mean he can’t die - with the right about of excessive force, or a poison or injury his body is simply unable to heal, Magnus does have the potential to be killed.


    Magnus Bane enjoys the finer things in life and he isn’t shy about showing those things off. From lavish parties at his very, very expensive apartment to large, flashy pieces of jewelry, to clothing made of the most expensive fabrics and designer labels, he definitely makes no attempt to hide his expensive tastes.

    He’s also built up quite a name for himself as a partier. It isn’t a great party until Magnus Bane deems it worthy enough to make an appearance at, or throws himself. He likes to have fun and indulge himself in any number of vices. Magnus isn’t afraid of being the center of attention, in fact, he prefers it; he thrives on it.

    Shameless flirtation is a very large part of his personality - he can diffuse any situation with a flattering word, bring a flush to the cheeks of many he addresses without the usual social barriers of what’s ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ to say in mixed company.

    His flashy appearance is only matched by his flamboyant personality. What you see is exactly what you get with him - if he’s annoyed, his expression and tone will clearly convey it. He’ll speak loudly and bring attention to what he’s saying if he deems it important, and he deems everything he says important, otherwise he wouldn’t be saying it.

    Magnus’s confidence is so great that it borderlines on arrogance at times, leading him to overexert himself in situations he could have benefited from asking for help, or simply stepping back to reevaluate rather than assuming he could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted without issue.

    After suffering a great heartbreak over 100 years ago he put his personal emotions under strict lock down, not allowing himself to care about anyone or grow attached to anything. While this gave him the perfect ‘playboy’ persona, as it were, it has kept him from having any close, trusted friends in a long while, and also any serious relationships.

    He speaks his mind, which can be good some of the time, and not so great at others. This trait of his often leads to him saying things in a callous, harsh, and overly honest way, which lacks tact and can be hurtful when he doesn’t necessarily mean for it to be.

    He’s also greedy. In order to have all of the finest things in life he needs the means with which to do so, and he’ll perform almost any bit of magic if the price is right. He knows that his talents are worth a lot, and so he charges a lot, and if the price is high enough Magnus can occasionally put his morals aside for the highest bidder.


    General Appearance
    Magnus has a darker complexion which emphasizes his yellow-green eyes which often take on an almost orangish, amber hue, and are often compared to the eyes of a cat. His hair is black and always styled in some fashion, often with enough product to keep it spiked up all day long. Standing at 6’2” he is taller than most, his presence only made more impressive with his commanding personality and confident stature. He also has no navel, which is one of his identifying Warlock Marks (a unique and often inhuman trait that marks his heritage and abilities).

    Fashion/Style Preference
    Everything about Magnus Bane’s personal style is excessive and flashy, from glitter nail polishes to heavy eye makeup, bold prints and statement suits. There’s color in everything he’s ever worn, and he rarely wears something as boring as a simple black suit or plain jeans or t-shirts. He dresses to impress and to catch the attention of anyone he walks by.


    Magnus Bane was born into a world that many never had the opportunity to even learn existed, let alone see and experience. He lived in a world of vampires, of shadowhunters, or werewolves and other creatures that most people thought only existed in myths. As for himself, he was born a warlock. Unfortunately, that thing which made him unique was what brought him nothing but pain for the first few years of his very long life.

    His childhood was one of tragedy, marred by his mother committing suicide after realizing he was the product of a demon and his father dying by Magnus’s own powers, though not intentionally - he acted only out of instinctive self-defense when his father tried to kill him. It was with the creatures known as The Silent, those who raised him after that point, that he was given the name Magnus Bane and properly taught how to use and control his abilities.

    Magnus lived a long, exciting life, full of love and loss and everything in between for a number of centuries. He traveled often, stopping the longest in London and Spain before ending up in the United States and becoming the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He lived a very carefree life full of parties and socializing, building quite the reputation for himself.

    The world wasn’t always at peace, though, and during his lifetime he was present for the signing of many Accords, which were a set of regulations and rules that all of the species must abide by to keep peace between species and races. To keep peace between the Nephilim (those who were part angel) and the Downworlders (those who were part demon). They worked very well until a man named Valentine broke them and began to wage war on the Downworlders.

    As a Warlock, Magnus fell under that classification of a Downworlder, and became an integral part of battling the Uprising which followed Valentine’s lead in disrupting the Accords and the unity they attempted to bring. Eventually Valentine and his followers were defeated, but not after much unnecessary fighting and deaths. The Accords were signed once again and some semblance of a normal life returned.

    For Magnus, that normal life revolved around trading his services as a Warlock for expensive or rare items in return, something he’d done since he was very young. This is how he built up his priceless collection of ancient texts or precious gems, rare weapons, or really anything that ever happened to catch his eye and hold some value. It fueled his lavish lifestyle as he continued to make a name for himself as quite the socialite, throwing exclusive parties which were the social highlights of the year.

    His life of casual, carefree partying all changed one night at a club when he happened upon a girl he recognized as Clary, a teenager whose memories he’d repressed as a child and continued to take from her throughout her entire life, at the request of her mother. Though he pretended not to know her their paths crossed again, and then again, until he found himself helping her and her friends on multiple occasions. First with getting her memories back, and then in their attempts to track down The Mortal Cup, a very important artifact which a recently resurfaced Valentine was after.

    He tried not to get involved, and he tried not to get attached, but he found himself intrigued by one of her friends - Alec Lightwood, a Shadowhunter. The more he worked alongside the young man the more he found himself growing fonder of him, until his casual flirtations turned into something more serious. Serious enough that, in the middle of Alec’s very sudden wedding for the sake of a political union, Magnus interrupted it before they could complete the ceremony, just hoping that Alec would realize the mistake he was about to make, the loveless life he was about to commit to.

    It was as he stood there, in the middle of the church, that the vines took him into Pandora.


    Well, this certainly wasn’t what he expected. Face flushed, breathing still unsteady and hands a bit shaky from what he’d just done -- oh god, what had he done?! It was one thing to be brazen and careless with his own actions and his own life, but to bring about those reactions in Alec, with all of his restraint and sense of duty and formality…

    But what had Alec done? He’d stopped, and turned to look at him. Maryse Lightwood had stood and approached him, but with his usual bravado he ignored her and walked to the middle of the church, standing in silence, allowing his actions in showing up to speak for him. And then the vines took him. They grew from the ground and dragged him here, though he sensed no lingering magic, no evidence of a portal… no sign of who was behind it.

    But he’d find out. Oh, he would find out, and he would make them pay. That was, if he ever got out of this forest. He tried to transport himself to a number of places but remained frustratingly stuck right where he was, which only caused the High Warlock of Brooklyn to grow increasingly anxious. Something was wrong. Seriously wrong, if he couldn’t do something he should be able to do (and sometimes had, accidentally) in his sleep.

    Finally breaking free of the treeline and spotting lights he made a beeline for what appeared to be a town, stopping only to catch his reflection in the first reflective surface he saw to make sure his masterfully spiked hair was still in place. At least those damned vines hadn’t ruined that. He'd make swifter progress now that he spotted paved roads again- these shoes were most certainly not created for traipsing through the woods.
  2. Magnus Bane

    Magnus Bane The Mortal Instruments

    High Warlock of Brooklyn
    500+ years
    He's all set and ready for review!
  3. Crystal Peak

    Crystal Peak Even in darkness, there is always light

    Dreamer and Chef
    Neutral Good
    your application is

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I am SO excited to see Magnus here! He's good to go, Elle and have fun! :D