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BE THAT DAD! (Dreamy Daddies Wanted!)

Discussion in 'Wanted Ads' started by Robert Small, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Robert Small

    Robert Small Dream Daddy

    Bad Dad
    Because Pandora needs more hunky daddies, like asap.

    Anyway, I have Robert Small here, and I would LOVE to see the rest of the cast show up too! Obviously any of the other six dads (Damien, Hugo, Joseph, Craig, Mat, and Brian) would be a delight (I will cry fangirl tears of joy if someone apps my sweet husbando Damien Bloodmarch), but I have a few particular ideas/thoughts I want to put out there.

    I'm just gonna confront the elephant in the room. Anyone who knows the Dream Daddy fandom knows that there's something going on between Robert Small and Joseph Christiansen. First of all, Joseph is a great character (fite me) and I actually almost took him instead of Robert. Someone take him before I relapse plz. Second, if you take Joseph, I will give you all the plots like ever. I do not actually ship Roseph is the conventional sense, but I am absolutely fascinated by their relationship. I'm all on board for that previous affair, toxic attraction, really bad for each other but they have history kind of thing they have going on. If you take Joseph, I am 100% of board to work with you to fill in blanks in their history and play with the extremely loaded concept of them both being trapped and alone in a totally different world together. Also Cult Ending what Cult Ending. Long story shot, take the sinnamon roll. Make Pandora his Margaritaville.

    But it's not only the daddies I want! Bring me the mommies too! Specifically, bring me wine mom Mary Christiansen. Robert needs his best friend and that lovely woman needs to terrify all the available young men in Pandora. She duel wields wine glasses, volunteers at an animal shelter, and is sassy as all hell. What's not to love? Also, she'd be away from her crapsack marriage in Pandora, which would be really interesting to play with, since it was kind of a forced separation. But yes, I will offer you all the bar hopping adventures if you take the Mary to my Robert. Plz app my waifu. Also, if you take Mary or Joseph, you have the option to bring in any of their terrifying kids to Pandora as NPC. Imagine the twins terrifying the citizens of Pandora. Imagine it.

    Another non-dad I'd love to see is Amanda! Sure, her interaction with Robert is limited and he'd definitely be a bad adult for her to turn to if she ended up in Pandora with him, but I love, love, love Amanda. She's another one I would app if I didn't have Robert. Imagine her trying to settle into this strange world without having her dad to support her, and feel your heart breaking. She's a sweet cinnamon roll. Who wouldn't want to app her? Also, I know she has like, three lines of dialogue, but if someone apps Val Small, I will probably actually cry on my laptop. I will love you forever. That is all. ​
  2. Anomaly

    Anomaly Player

    Family disapointment
    Hey guys! Tomorrow's Valentines Day! You know what would really be festive and romantic? Picking one of these dreamy daddies (or the dreamy mommy or the daughters of dreamy daddies), and bringing them into Pandora! Wink wink!