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Bellweather, Dawn

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Dawn Bellwether, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Dawn Bellwether

    Dawn Bellwether Zootopia
    Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

    Head of the Department of Public Affairs
    41 North Oldwood Road, Tavoie Borough
    Anthropomorphic Sheep
    Dawn Bellwether
    Underestimated. Underappreciated. Aren't you sick of it?!

    Played by Behold! Instant Noodles!

    Fandom: Zootopia.
    Age: 31.
    Species: Anthropomorphic Sheep.
    Gender: Female.
    Canon Point: After her incarceration.
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Beyond a talent for scheming, a keen insight into psychology (especially regarding the importance of fear in manipulating others) and an ability to navigate complex bureaucracies, Bellwether is a rather everyday sort of sheep. While being unassuming and easy to overlook isn't necessarily a useful talent, Bellwether often finds a way of turning that to her advantage.

    Also, the wool saves on heating bills.


    Mortality, and everything that comes with it. Due to her short stature, Bellwether is unlikely to win a fair fight, although fortunately "fair fights" are something she's rarely interested in. Bellwether also has an unfortunate tendency to see the world in black and white terms; she is convinced that she is right, and that anything she does to further her goals is justifiable.


    Bellwether presents herself, whenever possible, as a stereotypically meek sheep; an unassuming, quiet, pushover that is happy to help out in any way she can. Most of her life had been spent in the shadows of other, larger, mammals, to the point where few would even notice her presence. While being eclipsed and ignored allowed her the opportunity to put her plans into motion, it also served to fuel her growing resentment and anger towards others, most notably, Mayor Lionheart. Up until her downfall, her friendly demeanour served as a very effective disguise for her true motives.

    Behind the carefully maintained facade lies the true Bellwether. A scheming, power-hungry and manipulative personality, willing to take drastic measures in order to succeed. Few ever knew this side of her, aside from those that she had recruited into her scheme, until Judy's recording of her prideful boasting was made public.


    Optional if you include a picture, they said! So I'm including a picture!


    * Tenure as Assistant Mayor
    A long and often humiliating stint as the glorified secretary Assistant Mayor underneath the rather bombastic Mayor Lionheart. Resentment towards Lionheart grew, and neatly dovetailed with her disdain towards predators, during this time. Still, she continued to present herself as a slightly bumbling, often put upon assistant.

    * Mayor
    With Lionheart successfully framed and imprisoned, Bellwether was promoted, and began to set out ways in which she could keep hold of the power she'd gained. With her ascension to the role of Mayor, the social order began to change, with predators being removed from important positions around the city.

    * Downfall
    Eventually, her role in the events were uncovered, mostly due to her own prideful boasting, which was recorded by Judy. Stripped of her political power, she is arrested and incarcerated.


    To call it an office would be an insult to offices everywhere. It was a place where paperwork went to gather dust in boxes stacked upon boxes. It was home to the groaning, rickety boiler that provided hot water to the rest of City Hall. And, with a little desk situated at the furthest end of this glorified utilities cupboard, it also served as the office of Assistant Mayor Bellwether.

    Bellwether herself was sat at her desk, awkwardly holding up a half filled Request For Re-Zoning (Commercial, Small) form to the light of her desk lamp while simultaneously trying to enter te data from the form into her computer. She'd got as far as successfully deciphering the address when she heard a knock at her door. It was something of a formality, however, as before she'd even called out for the visitor to enter, the door swung open.

    "Oh, wrong cupboard," said the guest, before Bellweather could even turn around to look at them. By the time she'd swivelled her chair around to see who it was, the door slammed shut. One of the towers of boxes, containing paperwork accumulated over the last few months, wobbled slightly. With a seemingly natural understanding of the dramatic, it hovered at that toppling point for a second that felt, to Bellwether, that it stretched on for an eternity. Finally, it collapsed, setting another tower of boxes in motion. By the time the papers had settled, not a single box remained stacked on top of another. Meeting minutes, planning forms and hand-written notes now mingled freely on the floor.

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