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Birb is screwed, everyone panic for me

Discussion in 'Absences' started by Birb, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Birb

    Birb is the werb

    The Nine Hells
    Chaotic Evil
    So, today i get into work and right away get the wonderful news that I'm being let go. Not fired, just let go due to fiancial hardships.

    This RRRRRREALLY sucks because 1) I live on the property and 2) I have school at the same time.

    I have two weeks to find a place, find a job, and study for my midterms. SO... I'm not saying that I'll be completely absent but... after the shock wears off, I will be quite stressed. Stress = no muse.

    And in two weeks, potentially homeless living in my car with three animals, so...



    This affects:
    @Dorian Pavus @Newt Scamander @Ratonhnhaké:ton @Zevran Arainai @Pietro Maximoff
    #1 Birb, Oct 12, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
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  2. Hannah

    Hannah keep reaching for the stars

    I'm so sorry Birb! Take all the time you need, I hope something works out and life looks up for you.
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