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News Article "Black Plague" Returns To Pandopolis City

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Jin Oshiro, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Jin Oshiro

    Jin Oshiro STRAY

    Chaotic Neutral

    August 14th

    42 years-old man found gruesomely murdered in River Town yesterday. Authorities are keeping the details under wrap, but witnesses who found the body in the afternoon hours of August 13th, have leaked pictures onto the internet that show a corpse that's been mutilated and half-turned to stone, just like bodies found a mere month ago. Back then the so-called Petrifier had been terrorizing the neighbourhood, but now the people have taken to call the attacker Black Plague, referencing the visible black spots on the not-petrified parts of the victim's skin, and the fact that it looks as if the petrification has taken over the body like a highly accelerated sickness or infection. Further, there was smoke rising from the crime scene that could be seen from a block away. It is to be assumed that they were interrupted this time, though that did nothing to safe the victim's life.

    Citizens are again urged to remain vigilant and especially witnesses are asked to report any observations to the nearest police station! Do not engage if you see Black Plague, they are dangerous and do not seem to ask questions before killing their victims.

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