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News Article Blackhaven Slave Ring Decimated

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Cole, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Cole

    Cole Dragon Age

    anywhere from 3 to infinity
    Neutral Good

    Jan. 6, Pandora Town

    An apparent siege upon an unknown kidnapping ring played out late Jan. 6 in a long vacant warehouse in the Blackhaven region of Pandora Town.

    Eyewitnesses report the sounds of gunfire, followed by possibly up to two dozen people fleeing the scene, most of whom were revealed to have been held prisoner for up to several weeks each. First responders to the scene discovered an as-of-yet unreleased number of corpses, all of whom were confirmed to be members of the ring. The deaths appeared to be the result of blade wounds, despite the large presence of guns within the building.

    Victims of the ring report a single person as responsible for the siege, with conflicting reports on the nature of the alleged vigilante. Some report a human male, possibly some form of superhuman, with additional reports of a beast potentially accompanying the attacker.

    Any citizens with further information are asked to report to the city guard for help in locating this unregistered vigilante for questioning.