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Blake, Bellamy

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Bellamy Blake, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Bellamy Blake

    Bellamy Blake The 100
    accidental cult magnet

    this is our home now.

    Played by Ariah`

    Fandom: The 100
    Age: 23
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: End of season 2, after Clarke leaves.
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Most notable of all of Bellamy's skills, perhaps simply because he so often uses it to his advantage, is his strong charisma. He has a way with words, to say the absolute least, and has proven in the past to be inspiration enough to the people around him to gain a loyal following. Generally, people hear him and they seem to listen to him, though it isn't all talk either. There is no denying his leadership qualities. Bellamy is willing to take charge in a heartbeat, not hesitating in the face of danger, which has been not only quite the strength but just as well quite the weakness. He is surprisingly intelligent, and not just in the 'street smart' way, knowledgeable, and resourceful -- very much a capable planner.

    A former cadet on the Ark, Bellamy is both a skilled warrior and combatant, trained very well in hand to hand combat, his physical strength as well as his ruthless determination lending itself to that. His expertise, though, comes into play when he picks up a firearm and while it would be a stretch to say that he never misses, he is known for his strength in shooting. Not that his talent in handling other weapons is any less an achievement. Generally, he can find a way to efficiently defend himself with any kind of weapon.

    Dealing pain is something Bellamy is good at and, similarly, he can tolerate a fair amount of pain as well. He feels it all just as any other human being would, of course, but he has proven in the past to have the kind of strength and willpower to keep him going for quite awhile before his legs give out beneath him.


    Bellamy Blake is bent on survival. Every aspect of his personality, rough and surprisingly gentle alike, seems to draw back to that general theme.

    Most notable to the general population around him are his leadership skills. Bellamy has a certain charm and charisma he will gladly use in order to inspire others. In the past, he has proven very much capable of gaining loyalty from others, though they were admittedly a group of delinquents. Still, there is no denying that the young man is very strong with words and knows how to work a group in his favor. Though in the beginning, he was fairly rash and headstrong, he has learned more recently to be more rational and logical -- a team player, so to speak. Not that he has friends, of course, because friend is a very strong word, but there isn't any doubt that Bellamy really and truly cares about people despite how often it may not seem that way.

    In fact, Bellamy is both extremely and fiercely overprotective. At first, this was displayed only toward his sister. Octavia was, still is, and always will be the single most important person in his life, but in his willingness to be more of a team player, Bellamy's overprotective nature has extended toward others he cares for -- namely his people, where he comes from. He can be accurately described as an ass -- blunt, outspoken. More often than not, he can come off unsympathetic and unemotional, but get to know him and you might realize that his actions aren't exactly without concern for others. He is far less cold than people think, just very guarded. If you're especially lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the sense of humor he has buried far beneath his hardened exterior.

    When it really comes down to it, though, Bellamy does what he feels he must to survive and to protect the people around him. It feels more simple to him than it does for most people, those who are much more morally conscious than he is. If it means extracting information he needs, he is willing to torture. When in a position of leadership, he will punish somebody who disobeys him, and he can be openly vindictive toward anybody who gets just a little too close to his sister. In an extreme situation, he will even kill somebody deemed a threat to either himself or the people he cares for. Generally, Bellamy is willing to take any risk he needs to if it means looking after his people.

    Sometimes, survival means looking toward the extremes and while not everybody understands or agrees, Bellamy has been, in the past, respected and valued for his risks, his leadership, and all of that masked compassion.


    Bellamy was born in the Ark, orbital home for the human survivors of Earth's nuclear apocalypse. His father no longer in the picture, for the first seven years of his life, his mother, Aurora Blake, was the only family he had. She was everything to him, but eventually, his sister was born -- a baby he had to help deliver himself at such a young age due to the rules of the Ark which stated that a woman could not have a second child. They could not give the newest addition to their family up, though. Bellamy named her Octavia and took care of her the best he was able to. She was his sister, his best friend, and the most important person in his life. Unfortunately, though, her life was a difficult one, forced to hide in the confines of her family's quarters, which she found understandably constraining and constricting.

    With every intention to join the guard since a young age, Bellamy eventually became a cadet. One of his duties as such was to chaperon a masquerade dance for the teenagers of the Ark, which he immediately saw as the perfect opportunity for his sister. He snuck Octavia into the dance, giving her the chance to be released from her hideaway for just a little bit, granting her the one wish she had begged for for so many years. A surprise inspection occurred at the dance, though, and Octavia was discovered. Their mother was killed for her crime and Octavia was imprisoned. Eventually, a shuttle was bound for Earth, holding one hundred of the Ark's criminal passengers, delinquents who would discover whether or not Earth was survivable. Realizing that Octavia would be on that ship, a guard offered Bellamy a way onto the shuttle.

    All he had to do was shoot the chancellor.

    It was an offer he simply could not refuse. Bellamy did as he was instructed, desperate and afraid to lose his sister. He shot the chancellor and, believing him dead, snuck aboard the shuttle. The passengers were sent from the Ark and landed on Earth, each and every one of them expecting to step out to their deaths, but in the end, they discovered Earth to be survivable. Bellamy was quick to insert himself into a leadership role once the group had gathered and others were just as quick to follow him. There was Clarke, of course, another strong leadership figure in the group and while they didn't see eye to eye on many things, Bellamy eventually came to respect her. With the presence of the vicious grounders who eventually waged war, it became more necessary to work together in leadership to create order in their group. After many encounters with the grounders, a final battle occurred, but no side found victory as a third party intervened and took both grounds and 'sky people', as the people of the Ark were called, captive. Bellamy was lucky enough to have escaped beforehand, returning to camp only to find his people gone.

    His peoples' captors, the Mountain Men, did not have the same immunity to earth's deadly radiation and intended to use the blood of grounders and sky people alike to eventually bring their own people, living hidden away atop their mountain facility, to the ground. When the blood was not effective enough, they turned instead to using the bone marrow of the sky people, suddenly making the captives' situations far more deadly. With the help of members of the recently grounded Ark as well as a new alliance with the grounders who now found themselves with a common enemy, Bellamy snuck into Mountain Weather to free their people. Reunited with Clarke by the end of it all, they found they could not free their people without making the difficult decision to irradiate the entire bunker and kill every last resident of Mount Weather. Though Bellamy showed hesitation in making this decision due to the fact that many residents in the facility were innocent, it was only when he spotted his sister, Octavia, in danger, he finally pulled the lever with Clarke, killing everybody.

    After returning to the site of the Ark survivors, Bellamy watched a guilt-ridden Clarke depart on her own. It was about a month later, he was whisked away to Pandora.


    Peace. Real peace. Bellamy wasn't sure how much he believed it. It'd been a month since Mount Weather and there hadn't been a single attack on home, which sure as hell must have meant something. But what? Peace? Or did it meant that the grounders were just biding their time? Their betrayal, a betrayal he had always thought to be inevitable (god forbid anyone listened to him), had meant something, too. It meant they couldn't be trusted, but there was no denying the comfort that his people had now -- or as close to comfort as they could get in their condition.

    Still no sign of Clarke, though.

    It was eating away at him, eating away at all of them, but they couldn't just shut down, not like Jasper had shut down after losing somebody he'd loved so much at Mount Weather. Instead, Bellamy kept on moving with his life, training up the soldiers that they had and taking them out on runs that were really excuses more than anything else. Bellamy would have lied to himself if he tried to deny that he spent half his time looking around for that flash of blonde hair hidden in the trees. Nothing. It was always nothing.

    Nothing shocking had happened, not for an entire month and while it hadn't exactly softened Bellamy any, that didn't keep what did eventually happen on one of the runs from being just a little bit alarming. The world around him slowed down and he was suddenly half convinced he was on drugs, but it all felt really real when he felt his feet yanked out from beneath him as he was torn from where he'd been and dropped mercilessly somewhere else.

    Bellamy lay there flat on his stomach in the dirt, rifle a few feet to his right, which he found himself aimlessly reaching for as he tried to recover from how bad his head was spinning. What the hell had happened? Grimacing and slowly pushing off of the ground, he made it to his knees before taking another second to hold his head. At the same time, though, he started looking around. They were woods. Not a surprise seeing as he'd been in the woods a second ago, but the surprise came when his people turned up nowhere to be found at all. He was completely alone.

    Shit. Getting a good grip on his rifle, Bellamy climbed the rest of the way to his feet, completely ignoring the pain in his head and the deep cut on his cheek -- he didn't even know how that had gotten there, but the stinging was real enough. On top of that, he was covered in dirt and looked off balance as he turned abruptly in a circle, he eyes searching and searching for any sign of movement. He thought about calling out to them, but held his silence, realizing that this could just as easily have been an ambush, so instead, he just listened.

    That was when he heard it, the crack of a branch nearby and, whirling around, Bellamy lifted his rifle and fixed it in the direction the sound had come from, his eyes narrowed and concentrated as he waited expectantly for whoever it was to come out.

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    that's nuuuuts

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    (do i even need to say that this was a super well done app i feel like that's a foregone conclusion with ariah apps by now
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