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Blake, Philip

Discussion in 'Edits & Re-Apps' started by The Governor, May 20, 2015.

  1. The Governor

    The Governor The Walking Dead
    You kill or you die.

    Anna & Apollo's Pet
    “Keep poking the tiger bear and you’re bound to get mauled.”

    Played by Dharke

    Fandom: The Walking Dead. I’m mainly focusing on The Governor from the television show, but I’ve used the books to plug up some holes in his history.
    Age: About 45.
    Species: Sumatran tiger (transfigured human).
    Gender: Male.
    Canon Point: Made to Suffer (season 3, episode 8).
    NPC Companions: His little girl, Penny, and a murder of crows.


    Previously…Spring, Year 4: The Governor started off in Pandora as a regular old human.

    Summer Y4: Fairy witch, Maleficent, put a curse on Philip, causing him to change into a tiger when at the height of his anger (e.g. so angry that he could barely breathe or speak). In order to regain his human form, he had to kill at least one non-supernatural human.

    Spring Y6: A scientist known as Paracelsus gave The Governor a talisman to prevent these inconvenient transformations. The talisman stored up magical energy generated by his anger (or some convoluted bollocks), allowing him to pick when he wanted to change forms.

    Winter Y7: The Greek god, Apollo, took away his human form, which had the added side effect of deactivating Maleficent’s curse and rendering the talisman redundant. Philip is stuck as an animal, a beast, until he can prove to Apollo that he’s worthy of being human, then he’ll gain limited access to his original body (possibly mid to late Spring, Year 7).

    The Governor doesn’t have any special skills in his tiger form, aside from a human level awareness of the world. His strengths include (typical of the species):

    • Excellent night vision.
    • Good sense of smell and hearing.
    • Can run up to 40mph.
    • Can jump over 16 feet (horizontally and vertically).
    • Can swim up to 3 miles in one go.
    • Able to bite through bones with his teeth and jaws.
    • Able to break a medium sized bear’s skull or back with one swipe of his front paw.
    • Able to use his scratchy tongue to strip feathers or flesh off a meal, as well as lick the paint off a building (not sure why he’d want to though).
    • Antiseptic saliva.

    PennyPenny started off as a zombie (or “biter”), but Paracelsus kindly cured her in Spring, Year 6. She’s now a normal healthy little human girl.

    Murder of CrowsA murder of crows that are affiliated with Apollo follow Philip around now and again. They possess human level intelligence and can talk, conveniently notifying others of his intentions to worm his way into Apollo’s good books. They otherwise don’t have any noteworthy skills.


    Mortality: The Governor cannot heal his wounds at a rapid rate or regrow severed limbs, nor is he immune to sedatives or poisons. You don’t need any special weapons to kill him.

    One Eye: He possesses a limited field of vision due to losing an eye back in Spring, Year 4. He’s vulnerable to being ambushed on his blind side when distracted or not paying his surroundings close enough attention.

    Bird Cat Brain: The Governor’s aware of who is and what’s happened to him, but his human intelligence and thought processes have taken a small hit from the transfiguration. This is elaborated on in his Personality.


    Spring, Year 4 to Autumn, Year 6: Philip was dragged into Pandora when he was at the height of his power in a town called Woodbury. Most people that lived there would’ve described him as a friendly, compassionate and well adjusted middle-aged man, while the less charitable might’ve gone with smug and sleazy. Underneath his calm, collected and charismatic front, he was really a deeply flawed and mentally unhinged person, corrupted by his sense of power and obsessed with eliminating anybody who threatened to take it away from him.

    Spring Y6 to Autumn Y7: After losing his new Woodbury in Pandora, he became less interested in power and control, and more preoccupied with getting revenge on the people who he perceived betrayed him or contributed to his downfall in some way. The Governor was only too happy to get his hands dirty in his efforts to track down these people and hurt them, even deriving a twisted sense of pleasure out of it that verged on sexual gratification. He ended up becoming more monster than man, which he’s now being forced to rectify.

    Philip was robbed of some of his human mind along with his form. He can no longer talk, read, write or even count or subtract, and sometimes struggles with naming basic objects in his head. He’s still able to think as an adult man, but it can take time and effort on occasion. He is fully aware that the transfiguration’s made him slow and stupid (at least by human standards), which causes him a great deal of frustration and self-pity, especially when he’s trying to see through a complex task or communicate with somebody.

    He's often prone to slipping into the instincts and thought patterns of his animal form. If you were to hold a mirror up to him, he’d think it was another one-eyed tiger at first, before realising with a start that it was just his reflection. He would lose himself completely to this side of himself (and maybe happily so) if he didn't have the memory of his little girl inspiring him. After a plot with Anna (Apollo’s current Oracle), he’s also come to view her as a surrogate daughter (which I’m sure she’s delighted about).

    His ultimate goal is to build a new and better life with Penny, but first, he needs to regain his original form by proving to Apollo that he’s worthy of being human. Is he too far gone to change his stripes and rise to the occasion…?

    Penny is a shy, quiet and withdrawn twelve year old girl, who’s been left traumatised by the horrible things that she’s seen in her canon world. She remembers being hurt by the bad man and falling unconscious into daddy’s arms, but nothing about her “medical condition”. Unable to quite grasp the concept of Pandora, she’s more than willing to accept the kindness and protection of adults, her real daddy having become something of a scary figure (although she misses the old daddy terribly). She takes comfort from her penguin cuddly toy, which she calls Penguin (originality skipped a generation), talking to it like it’s a person, passing on its messages to people and pretending to spoon feed it cereal


    Current Form

    He’s the standard size of a Bengal tiger (here’s a useful picture comparing his size to that of a human being’s), because I couldn’t find any handy charts featuring the smaller Sumatran.

    Lost Human Form

    When he had a human form, he was about six foot, three inches tall. He most commonly wore a long black walking coat over a blue quilted zip vest and pair of khaki or dark olive pants. His utility belt held his preferred weapons, which were a Bowie knife and a Beretta 92SB Nickel.

    Miles Upshur’s Walrider gouged out his right eye back in Spring, Year 4. He wore an eye patch that resembled an Oreo cookie. His one good eye was blue or grey, and his hair was brown, but greying at the temples prominently.


    His wife (top left), Philip (top right) and Penny (bottom middle).


    Philip Blake grew up in Waynesboro, Burke County, Georgia. His mother, Rose (née Garcia), was of Mexican-American ethnicity (albeit with only a tiny bit of Mexican given his pale complexion). His father, Ed, was an alcoholic of Scots-Irish stock.

    Ed used to beat him at chess… Used to beat him at everything. Philip once stole his dad’s Lucky Strikes and had his first ever cigarette in the garage with his older brother, Brian. Ed was furious and tried to beat the pair of them, but Brian played the part of the hero (as he always did) and claimed that he’d taken them. Ed gave him two black eyes and a broken rib, and Philip still got beat up anyway. Since then, Philip’s always looked down on “heroes” (people who do the right thing, even at the detriment to themselves and those that depend on them the most).

    He went to school in Burke County, Georgia, along with his two friends, Bobby Marsh and Nick Parsons. Philip felt closer to them than Brian.

    After graduating, he went through a string of unsatisfying jobs, most notably working in a muffler shop and making deliveries in a truck. When he got married and started a family, he ended up trapped in an office job, working fifty hours a week and “taking shit from a boss half [his] age and an IQ even lower”.

    His daughter, Penny, was the only thing that he was proud of in his dull, ordinary life (aside from that time he “lost a fight with a tree”). They also had a dog that “was a wonder of stupidity”.

    Eighteen months before the zombie outbreak, his wife, Sarah, died in a car accident after coming home from visiting a friend at the University of Georgia. She was under the influence of alcohol and crashed her car on a winding road somewhere in Wilkes County, Georgia. He was left to raise Penny as a single parent, and drifted apart from Nick and Bobby.

    When the zombies started rising up and eating people, Philip and Penny joined forces with his old school friends, as well as Brian. They took shelter in a house in Wiltshire Estates (an upper class community), but a zombie ended up killing Bobby.

    It provoked Philip into travelling to Atlanta, Georgia, where he’d heard there were refugee centres to protect them from the zombies. They discovered that Atlanta had ended up becoming overrun with zombies and were forced to flee into the countryside, barely escaping with their lives.

    They settled in an old plantation house, although they weren't there long when a group of drug addicts showed up with guns. Nick and Philip managed to kill the addicts, but not before one of them mortally wounded Penny. Philip blamed Brian for her death and beat him into a bloody pulp. Penny came back as a zombie and Philip couldn’t bring himself to put her out of her misery.

    Not in his right state of mind, Philip ditched Brian and Nick, and wandered off with his zombie daughter. He can’t remember much about this period, except holing up in an apartment with eight other survivors, somehow managing to keep her a secret. They lived off Spam and saltine crackers.

    Eventually, they moved out and acquired new group members on their travels. They came across the abandoned Woodbury, which they secured and restored to its former glory. Philip established a leadership role and was branded “The Governor”. He got his hands dirty in order to ensure the security of his town and keep his people in good spirits, such as killing the National Guard and stealing their equipment.

    Some of the members of Woodbury included Milton Mamet, who found out about Penny and offered to try and cure her, or at the very least, determine whether she had any “spark” left. Others were Merle Dixon and two ladies known simply as Andrea and Michonne.

    The Governor got romantically involved with Andrea, but Michonne didn’t trust him and snooped around his apartment, before leaving Woodbury on her own. Suspicious of what she knew about him, he sent Merle (who’d become his lieutenant) to kill her. He failed spectacularly, but brought back two people (Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee) from a rival group. The Governor humiliated and blackmailed Maggie into revealing their location. Before he could put a plan into action, Glenn and Maggie’s people attacked Woodbury.

    Needing to pick up more weapons, The Governor hurried back to his apartment, where he found Michonne about to kill Penny. As he was begging her not to “hurt [his] little girl”, black vines snaked hold of him, as well as Penny, and dragged them into Pandora.

    Despite being in a state of shock, The Governor managed to hide Penny while he scoped out his new surroundings. He came across the shelter in Pandora Town, where some people got him sorted out with a house and a job (as a Tax Collector).

    “Highlights” in Pandora
    Year 4:
    • Had his first encounter with his canon mates from Georgia.
    • Tried to feed Miles Upshur to Penny, but his Walrider intervened and gouged out his eye with its claws.
    • Set down the foundations of an anti-supernatural group.
    • Picked on the wrong non-human and got cursed by Maleficent.

    Year 5:
    • Became the Head of the Treasury in Pandora (“you have to pay the bill”).
    • Was horrible to his canon mates (as usual).
    • Caused lots of issues between humans and non-humans.
    • Nearly got killed a few times by wrathful women, including Maggie Greene and Jaesa Willsaam.
    • Established his “humans only” gated community in Silverpool, Pandora Town.

    Year 6:
    • A group including Billyboy, Rick Grimes and Michonne (among others) invaded his new Woodbury and overthrew him.
    • He was sentenced to life imprisonment at Pandora Zoo after being found guilty of a string of crimes ranging from stealing government funds to abducting and/or murdering people horribly.
    • His imprisonment lasted about three months, before a mystery person (or people) broke him out of Pandora Zoo.
    • Philip was reunited with a human Penny, but she ended up rejecting him in favour of Paracelsus after he nearly changed and attacked them. Paracelsus gave him a talisman to deal with the curse that blighted him.

    Year 7:
    • Philip carried on making a nuisance of himself in Pandora, abducting pretty women, like Irene Adler and Berelain sur Paendrag.
    • He made the mistake of angering a Disney princess (Anna) and a Greek god masquerading as a pretty boy (Apollo). They took it upon themselves to punish Philip, which culminated in him losing his human form.
    • The Tigernor now hangs around their property in Cascade Bay, brown nosing and sucking up to them. He also wanders further afield now and again, seeking people (often travellers or children) to help out and prove his worth as a human.


    A biter limped drunkenly towards 'em, its one eye cloudy as though covered in a thin membrane of frost. Philip Blake stared back at it with his two good eyes, imagining how much it’d suck having only one. Wonder whether this guy’d lost the other before or after his death. Maybe it’d been the cause.

    Shumpert fired at the biter, his arrow sinking through the eye and erupting out the back of its skull in a short, sharp gush of blood. It crumpled to the ground like a tatty old burlap sack. There went another biter biting the dust. Philip’d lost count of the number they’d picked off in these woods.

    Lips pursed in mild, inoffensive astonishment, Shumpert bent down and yanked his arrow out with a wet squelch.

    “Nice shot Shump,” Martinez grinned from his place next to Philip. He had a cap on backwards and was equipped with a baseball bat, his sleeveless arms glistening silkily in the hard light.

    “Quiet,” Philip chided him. “We don’t wanna lure over a whole herd of 'em. Might even catch the attention of the National Guard.”

    According to Crowley, a small band of National Guard had set up camp in these woods. Faster than you could say “Uncle Sam”, Philip’d rounded up Martinez and Shumpert and taken the Dodge Ram to the spot. Wanted to check 'em out from afar before deciding on a course of action.

    He didn’t get chance to think about that too deeply. A faint voice drifted through the thick tangle of trees. That them?

    Philip gave his men a did you hear that kinda frown, but they just blinked blankly back at him.

    He crept through the dense overgrowth, slipping his Beretta out of his holster and clicking off the safety. Shouldn’t have wasted the energy.

    A man with a hard, craggy face was lyin' against a tree trunk, his flesh pale and waxy as though he was in the grip of a fever. He got bit? Philip thought about stepping over to him and putting him outta his misery, but that was like shooting a lion from behind the safety of bars. Where was the glory, the fun, in that?

    Take it easy, sport. You weren’t supposed to find this fun.

    Were you?

    Anyhow, this guy might have valuable information about the National Guard, or another camp. Hell. Maybe he was National Guard? Though he looked like he was on his last legs, Philip wasn’t gonna take any chances with him.

    He pushed through the unruly vegetation, his Beretta trained on the guy’s shiny forehead. “Now don’t go throwing a fit. You play nice and we’ll play nice. One of my men’s gonna take your weapons. It’s for everybody’s protection.”

    Philip glanced at Martinez pointedly. He nodded and swaggered over to the guy, swinging his baseball bat around nonchalantly like he was about to help out a bunch of Little Leaguers.

    “Holy shit!” Martinez broke the illusion. “Look at that!”

    Philip followed his gaze and found one of the guy’s arms ended in a stump. Had his hand got bit off by a biter? Imagine how much that’d suck to have only one. How the hell would you drive? Fire a carbine or a rifle? Fight off a biter or person?

    If he had to pick between losing an eye or a hand, he guessed he’d go with the eye.
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