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Bland Rags Begone

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Bayonetta, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Bayonetta

    Bayonetta Guest

    March 26th, Year 7

    Finally - a land where Cereza could actually live and not have to beat the living crap out of angels - not that she didn't enjoy that back home. Pandora had been a refreshing little break, for what it was worth. Having arrived not long after Winter ended, she had already made several visits to a few of the higher-priced clothing stores in the Bazaar. She'd already finished getting her business furnished and paid-off. She figured to treat herself by buying a dress she could wear in the warming weather - and especially the summertime. Not in public, but it definitely fit the bill for a night-time gala or some sort of fancy party after the sun would set.

    A small lollipop was in her mouth, as per her usual. She pranced into the store like she had owned the place, and had quickly found the dress she was looking for. After having tried it on, she walked to the line that led to the counter. As she waited, she noticed a few patrons looking around. Peasants had basically been squealing over a sale that day on a certain label-branded dresses that looked like some high-school students made for a last-minute home-ec assignment. And even worse were some men that probably had been dragged by their lover to the shop for the sale. By the looks on their faces, they'd known they were about to pay for pieces of shit that most of those women would probably sell to some charity market for a dollar, tops. But she hoped someone in the store knew what fashion was - or else she'd probably become too elegant in Pandora's fashion scene.

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  2. Caulifla

    Caulifla Guest

    Winter had come and gone which was about time! Caulifla thought to herself as she scanned the area of a street bazaar, apparently this had been known as the best place to get some much needed clothes and many other items. The winter had proven to be difficult to handle due to her lack of garments, unfortunately money was another problem she had to deal with as well. Slowly but surely she asked several passes by for some change, and eventually her patience had been rewarded with a good set of coins ready to help her. Now the Saiyan teenager could now decide on what to buy, which could be from food to drink or warm clothing just in case Winter came back. For now she decided to investigate the nearest clothes stall as she kicked the door open in a very gentle way and walked in, as the door slammed shut she gazed around at the many clothes and decided to get to work. Sure enough there were tons of things to choose from, which ranged from the cool to the down right stupid! For now she ruffled through some clothes.

    It wasn’t long before she spotted a woman who looked like she was the boss of everything. Her taste for a dress that sat in her hands, simply made Caulifla want to hurl. The colour looked extremely dull, but then again Saiyan’s weren’t masters at fashion…Then it hit her! Normally people of her kin would wear either armour, or a cloak of some kind which hugged their frame nicely! Her thoughts soon headed towards the woman in the black velvet cloak she met before! With this in mind she raced towards the queue to ask if they had any, yet before long the teenage girl stood behind the woman and the hideous dress. Soon the Saiyan warrior couldn’t help but speak to the woman with short hair as she spoke with her usual tomboyish like way

    “Hey old lady! You do know that thing your holding sucks right?
  3. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    He had finally got enough saved to buy some new clothes as he brought a few new outfits each season. And maybe if he only got one or two this time, he would also have enough for a microphone, a stand and a karaoke machine - all equipment he wanted so he could work on his singing practice sessions. After all, he wasn't about to get better by standing around and wishing for it, something he had learnt mostly at Mister Moon's theater though his secret singing bouts while living with his dad had also contributed to that.

    The teenage gorilla entered a clothes shop and was about to head for the men's section when he heard someone insulting another woman's taste in clothing. Now curious, he shot a quick look at the source of the noise and frowned - he had seen worse dresses and shrugged. He was here to shop not voice his opinion and turned to continue to the men's area - he did need a couple of new t-shirts for starters.
  4. Caulifla

    Caulifla Guest

    The queue in the clothing store had been longer then she thought. Caulifla didn’t see any other store clerks or staff members available, as she only wanted to see if they had any white cloaks here. Traditionally the Saiyan cloak would be worn over a suit of armour, it is often worn so that it completely covers the right side of the body which other side is open for movement. The teenage Saiyan merely wanted to get one and possibly another but with a hood to shield her spiky hair from the weather, as usual though the long queue was stopping her from trying to get them. The lady in just in front of her showed no reaction whatsoever, so she simply gave a sarcastic sigh as she grasped both hands and placed them behind her head. Waiting was so boring but it had to be done as this new world’s weather system seemed to be different to that of her home planet. Eventually something peeked her interest, as a monkey like humanoid appeared, to satisfy her curiosity she waved to the person behind her and instantly disappeared in a flash of speed.

    Soon she reappeared near the entrance to the clothing store. The girl soon walked over to the men’s section and gazed at the various outfits, until finally she came across the gorilla like person. Caulifla could tell that he looked like a mini version of the Ooozaru, a giant monkey which appears when a Saiyan warrior looks up at the moon. Luckily this was no longer the case of her as she didn’t have a tail unlike her Universe 7 kin, gently the girl approached the new comer and gave him a smile as she said to him.

    “Hey! What’s up?”