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Blazkowicz, William Joseph

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by William J. Blazkowicz, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. William J. Blazkowicz

    William J. Blazkowicz Wolfenstein

    Captain William Joseph Blazkowicz
    "I think the sky is on fire. Death at the gates again, howling my name.
    Come on in, old buddy. Sorry I made you wait."

    Played by Alice

    Fandom: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (MachineGames)
    Age: 49
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: When he's about to be beheaded by Engel
    NPC Companions: that unbreakable wheelchair


    B.J. is very durable - with everything he's been through, nothing's been able to stop him yet.
    He is a highly skilled soldier, efficient with all kinds of weaponry, and not easily scared away, even harder to take down.
    Even a high dose of tranquilizer couldn't knock him out for good, and he's survived anything from metal splinters in his brain to grenades blowing up right next to him. He is strong, skilled, and clever about the way he proceeds around enemy territory.
    Despite his size and weight, he is very agile, too; capable of moving swiftly and quietly, taking out opponents before they even know what's hit them.

    Neither age nor condition seem to really slow him down.
    Even in a wheelchair, having just awoken from a several months' long coma, B.J.'s reached for a gun and went for those Nazis like this was a daily hobby of his.

    As for weaponry, there's hardly anything he can't use efficiently, be it one handed or both handed. Even when a weapon is unknown to him, he quickly figures out its workings to his benefit.
    Aside from firearms, he's also skilled at knife-and hatchet throwing, explosive weapons, and even nuclear bombs and strange laser guns.

    Who knows if he's even capable of dying at this point, really.

    William speaks several languages aside from English - the ones he's shown to make use of are German and Polish, in particular, though he's not fluent in either.
    It's also indicated that he may know Hebrew.

    That driver's license
    On various occasions, William is shown to be capable of wielding quite an array of various vehicles - including helicopters, planes, cars, strange futuristic motorcycles, trains, submarines, strange robot-weapon-vehicles, and yes, even spaceships.
    It seems like he's just an exceptionally fast learner when war requires it

    William plays the guitar - and quite nicely, so. Sometimes he even sings to it.


    After a grenade basically blew up in his face, B.J.'s lost quite a bit of his good health.
    Not only did he have damaged intestines removed to save his life, but he's also only recently awoken from a 5 month long coma, and his legs are paralyzed.
    Obviously, that means William can't walk by himself, and is far from perfect health.
    As if that wasn't enough, the emergency surgery which required the removal of damaged intestines, has resulted in the fact that now, B.J. is slowly dying. His organs aren't functioning the way they need to anymore, and some of them he's missing entirely.
    If he doesn't find a medical miracle anytime soon, he'll likely drop dead in the near future.

    On December 5th of year 108, William was healed by Lift and is no longer dependant on a wheelchair, nor is he suffering internal bleedings or organ failure. Basically, the boy will live for a while longer as long as he doesn't get himself into any stupid trouble!

    Head injury
    After a dangerous military mission involving explosives (duh), the flying shrapnel has left William with a splinter of metal in his brain; or: "Four inches of cast iron shrapnel right in the conk.", to quote Blazkowicz himself.
    14 years he's been a mere shell of himself, stuck in an asylum, and while he's (somehow) recovered now, the brain injury has caused a few memory gaps, flashbacks, and a general intensification of subtle PTSD symptoms.

    Just Human
    Despite all his achievements and his stubborn persistence, William is still merely human. He may not be as squishy as his fellow humans, but he can still be killed, injured, poisoned, burned, and so on.
    He needs water and food and warmth - you get it

    War & Family
    On a more personal weakness - if it may be called such - is perhaps his arrival in Pandora itself.
    Suddenly being torn from his purpose of overthrowing the Nazi regime, and away from his highly pregnant girlfriend, it will be hard for B.J. to find a new reason to keep going.

    Though there are way superior mechanics where William's from - robots and space ships and laser guns - he still won't know what a smartphone is or what to do with it.
    Most modern tech will still be mostly foreign to him


    With all he's been through, it should come as no surprise that Blazko is more on the quiet, brooding side. He has a lean towards the dramatic, his inner monologues are somber and not rarely grief-stricken.
    But all this time, he's kept going, no matter how hopeless matters might have seen - and perhaps that says more about him than whatever personal thoughts he might have.

    William is strong-willed and resilient, stubborn as hell, too. There's no talking him out of dangers he's decided to take upon himself, nor ways of convincing him to take it slow.
    Being convinced and unwavering in this conviction that he's fighting on the right side, B. J. is equally known for being far from pacifistic. He's shed enough blood to paint a whole nation red, but it should be fair to say that he's true in his judgement.

    Loyal and caring to those he holds dear, William isn't prone to smother his loved ones, either. He gives them the freedom to act the way they choose, even if it's dangerous.
    Sometimes he is concerned his actions and his choices may hurt those he loves, and then he prefers to distance himself rather than speak about it - though that, too, has not proven quite successful in the past.
    In general, B.J. isn't a man of many words, and when he speaks, he rarely wastes his breath on nonsense. As a former army Captain, he knows how to give motivational speeches, yet most thoughts he prefers to keep to himself.
    He is, without a doubt, a man of actions, and he has the skill to act responsibly as to keep as many men safe as is possible in the given situation.

    Being an experienced soldier, Blazkowicz doesn't easily lose his calm. He doesn't flinch with a gun's barrel pressed against his forehead, and he never panics should matters go wrong. He's efficient and precise on missions, not avoiding difficult or even impossible seeming tasks - and so far he's survived them all, usually coming out successful, too.
    He isn't one to rest when injured, and the worse he feels, the more he requires a task to busy himself with. Perhaps a coping mechanism, perhaps the fear that he'll run out of time. Or maybe simply habit.
    Whatever it may be, B.J. will never state that he needs to rest, no matter how tough matters are.

    Though certainly more of a serious, quiet guy, it isn't to say Billy is without humor. Admitted, that humor tends to be pretty dry or even deadpan (quite dark and straight forward, too), but he hasn't entirely forgotten how to have a little fun, even in times as dark as the ones he's used to.
    There are also enough instances when William can be spotted smiling; he's by no means grim, nor nonchalant towards all things surrounding him. He shows his care towards friends and loved ones, and he won't shy away from a hug or a laugh or a few loving words.

    It's just that he is tired. And his body isn't playing along quite as well anymore.
    There are many things on his mind to worry about, and there is so much he's already lost.
    But William's a good man, he's got his heart in the right place, and war has not yet managed to break him.



    - He has a scar on his right forearm, where he cut off the number-stamp tattoo from that time he had to go undercover in a concentration camp
    - A scar across his right eye, and three more along the left side of his head
    - Several more thick scars stretch across his chest and abdomen from an emergency surgery


    I'll keep this short-ish, mainly because I just can't be bothered; also leaving out most of The Old Blood happenings because this is already too long

    • Born August 1911 in Mesquite, Texas to a Jewish-Polish mother, and a Polish-American father. His father was crooked, violent, racist, and heavily abusive towards his son and wife. His mother, on the other hand, was loving and warm-hearted - William had a close relationship to his mother.
      B.J. was raised on a farm

    • As soon as he could, B.J. ran off to join the United States Army, where he joined the Army Rangers and went through boot camp, making it to a Captain's position. For a while he was a top agent of the OSA (Office of Secret Actions). He fought in World War II

    • 1946 B.J. is part of an Allied soldiers team on an assault against Deathshead (General Wilhelm Strasse) - a leading member of the SS, the whereabouts of whom they've discovered in an earlier mission during his OSA time which, amongst other places, led them to a Castle in the German Alps, where they had to retrieve a top secret folder for the information while disguising themselves as SS officers, before figuring the folder wasn't there at all, and having to rearrange their plans.
      Their plane crash lands and they're forced to climb into the castle past the ruins. The assault fails as the four soldiers are captured, and B.J. is forced to choose between two of his friends on who is to be dissected by Deathshead, or else they all die.
      After that choice is made, the remaining soldiers manage to escape, eventually jumping out of a window when the castle blows up behind them.
      Pieces of shrapnel go flying, some of which hit B.J.'s head - a piece of metal enters his brain, and he falls unconscious into the sea

    • After being picked up by a fishing boat and brought to a doctor, William is left at an asylum in Poland since the doctors cannot remove the splinter of metal in his brain, for it would cause more damage.
      B.J. is non-receptive/responding due to the brain injury, and while periodically aware, he seems unable to use his body.
      It takes 14 years for him to slowly regain on health. A nurse by the name Anya cares for him - who is eventually to become his lover, and when Nazi forces come to shut the asylum down, B.J. seems to awaken out of his ill state.
      Anya's parents (who led the asylum) are killed, and she is taken away.
      B.J. battles his way through the Nazi-overtaken asylum to rescue Anya while struggling with weakened muscles from 14 years spend in bed and wheelchair

    • Eventually he saves Anya and they drive to her grandparents' house, where B.J. learns that the war is over and the Allies have lost. The US forces have surrendered after atomic bomb attacks, and now the Nazis have basically taken over the world - all of that in the 14 years that he's been out of it, stuck in that asylum.

    • B.J. is determined to find the resistance groups that have remained, and free his possibly-still-captured former team out of the Eisenwald prison in Berlin where they're being held captured and tortured/interrogated.
      He finds them there, however, only two of them make it out alive

    • They reunite with a resistance group, and decide to strike the Nazis once again with B.J.'s help, and attempt to end their rule once and for all.
      Several missions towards that goal are executed, until they learn that the Nazis' technology is based upon the inventions of a secret and well-advanced, ancient Jewish society (the Da'at Yichud). This society has created machinery well ahead of their time, before they've been discovered and abused by the SS, eventually leading to the Nazis winning World War II with the help of those inventions and well advanced science.

    • To help them figure out how to use that knowledge to their advantage, B.J. goes undercover to free Set Roth out of an extermination camp, for Set is a member of the Da'at Yichud. The camp is run by Irene Engel, who winds up being disfigured in the process of B.J.'s attack and rescue of Set and other prisoners. In the process, William gets a number-stamp tattoo on his right forearm, for he pretends to be a prisoner.
      Either way - Set reveals that the Da'at Yichud have build several safe keeps around the world, stuffed with knowledge and detailed plans for various advanced inventions. The safe keep Set claims to be able to take them to, however, happens to be under the ocean, thus the resistance group now requires a U-Boat

    • One-man army Blazkowicz steals the Nazi's biggest ever U-Boat, "Eva's Hammer". Conveniently, there's a nuclear bomb on that boat. Inconveniently, the nuclear cannons require codes to fire them. Codes which happen to be stowed away in the Nazi's "Lunar Base" on the moon - a research facility, secret experiments and so on.
      You know where this is going don't you

    • The resistance group blows up a bridge with the goal of stopping the train currently crossing it, for the new head scientist of the Lunar Base is on that train. That gives B.J. the chance to steal that scientist's documents and use them to get onto the moon to infiltrate the lunar base and obtain the required codes

    • Upon crash-landing back on earth with those codes safely in possession, B.J. is forced to bring down the "London Monitor". In the meantime, the resistance's headquarters are discovered and stormed by Nazis, led by Irene Engel.
      By the time B.J. gets there, the entire place is up in flames.
      He escapes with the remaining survivors on their U-Boat, heading for a final attack against Deathshead's compound, and also to free those of the resistance fighters who have been captured by Deathshead's and Engel's men.

    • B.J. enters the Compound and though he manages to help the captured resistance fighters escape, he's caught and tranquilized, eventually being made to fight Deathshead's sick robot-invention that's steered by the brain of B.J.'s friend - the one he's been forced to choose to be dissected by Deathshead many years ago. He soothes his friend's suffering by destroying the machine and the brain steering it. But Deathshead doesn't let him get away without a final face-off with the SS scientist himself, enhanced with self-invented machinery.

    • In this final face-off, when it seems like B.J.'s won, holding the SS General at knife-point, Deathshead reveals a grenade in his hand, blowing it up before B.J. has a chance to back away.
      The explosion hits him hard, and while Deathshead dies, William winds up heavily injured and unable to move his legs, thus not capable of escaping the building as planned. Despite that, he gives the resistance group the allowance over radio to fire the nuclear bomb at the compound and destroy it


    • Unsurprisingly, the resistance group saves B.J. before firing the nuclear bomb. But even so, he is critically injured and about to bleed out, and his legs will wind up paralyzed. Most of his organs are ruined, and during the emergency surgery Set is forced to remove most of his damaged intestines to save his life.
      B.J. falls into a 5 month long coma

    • When he awakens, he's on the U-Boat which is currently under attack of Engel's men. In a wheelchair and armed, B.J. fights his way through the Nazis on the U-Boat to get to Anya, who is revealed to be pregnant with twins.
      Despite the resistance, the submarine is overwhelmed and William is captured.
      Engel beheads Caroline Becker, the leader of the resistance group and a friend of B.J.'s in front of his eyes, but the rest of them manages to escape with the help of Engel's daughter who turns against her own mother.

    • The submarine is soon back in the resistance's control, and they head to the States to launch a second revolution. By now, William is well known. He's a wanted terrorist by the Nazis and a face of hope and resistance to all those who are willing to fight.
      Due to Caroline's death, B.J. gains her exo/power-suit, another Da'at Yichud invention. It allows him to walk and fight. Yet, even William himself is aware of the fact that he is slowly dying due to the fact that Set had to remove most of his damaged intestines.
      It leads to William slipping into somewhat of a depressive mindset, distancing himself from Anya in the hopes of sparing himself, and her, the pain of inevitable parting

    • B.J. focuses more than ever on the uprising revolution, collecting resistance groups all over the world, and performing dangerous missions like sneaking a nuclear bomb into Area 52, a Nazi-overtaken, highly secretive research and experimental facility

    • After that particular mission, B.J. decides to drop by in Texas at his old childhood home to pick up the engagement ring of his mother, who's given it to him when he was still young, in the hopes that eventually William would find a woman whom he would want to gift it to.
      Clearly, he plans on proposing to Anya, knowing he's running out of time.
      At the house he meets his father, who reveals to B.J. that he's sold out William's mother to the Nazis. He says a few more harmful things to B.J., basically telling him that he's a piece of shit while holding a shotgun pressed against his own son's forehead and demanding him to kneel, until William eventually kills his father.

    • It turns out that his father has been signalling his location to Irene Engel over the radio all this time, and not a minute later the house is under attack.
      B.J. attempts to escape but doesn't make it as the house is practically torn to pieces by Engel's crazy machinery.
      When Engel's men get him, they take his power suit and steal his mother's engagement ring (which they hand over to Engel), before William is sedated

    • Awakening imprisoned in Washington, D.C., some of the resistance group attempt to rescue him but fail, merely losing one of their members.
      William is taken to court where he is sentenced to death by execution - an execution which is supposed to take place publicly, and also broadcasted on live television.
      Which is exactly what happens.
      When Engel raises the sword that's to chop off B.J.'s head, the blade cutting through air and rushing towards his neck, William is dragged to Pandora


    Caroline. Is this the end? I have failed. I am too weak. Death is claiming me too soon.
    I thank you for your wings. And if there is one more thing I could ask you for - just this last one.
    Please tell her I love her. And tell her I am sorry. For I have no time to tell her myself.

    The skies were blue. Bright and blue and clear, perhaps already awaiting him - but heaven had never been cut out for people like him, William knew that.
    It was so tempting, the light, the peace. But what was peace worth, if he had nobody to share it with?
    If peace meant leaving behind those he loved, in a place that knew no mercy and no gratefulness. No love.

    The blade flickered up in the light of the sun, and B.J. thought to hear the crowd, somewhere beneath him, gasping for air. Each single one of them, in unison. They were watching death like they'd watch a game of sports - and this time, he was the entertainer.
    For a brief moment he wondered, how many of those people who were watching, would grieve for him. How many would know his name from more than plastered propaganda posters on concrete walls. How many had wished to see him live?

    Caroline. I will meet you soon. I hope you'll keep a seat for me up there, if only for a little while.

    He didn't look at Engel, had no need to see her deformed smile as she grasped the sword tighter in gloved hands. He listened not to the sound of leather on her uniform, not the gasps of the crowd or the buzzing sound of the camera broadcasting this spectacle. He didn't listen to the heavy sound of movement from men wrapped in machine suits.
    He listened to the wind, and believed to hear the distant singing of birds.
    His legs were numb, but it didn't feel like a burden anymore. It felt like the first step towards someplace better. A step he's been avoiding for too long now.

    The blade cut through the air. He heard the sound of it chasing blood.
    William didn't close his eyes.
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    William J. Blazkowicz Wolfenstein

    That's it! Just had to fix the paralysis part - thank youuuu <3
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