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News Article Blockades In Response To Terrorist Attack

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Anakin Skywalker, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]
    February 6th - Onward

    The ABI (Alliance Bureau of Investigation) has connected the perpetrators of the recent Undercity explosions to star pirate organizations that have managed to operate only on the fringes of Alliance authority, until recently. As it has been for a century, these wide-reaching acts of violence against the peaceful citizenry of Elysium are not to be taken lightly and will be met with severe measures in turn.

    Some of the following individuals are specifically wanted under suspicion of conspiracy and terrorism, others have been identified as space pirate leadership of note, and others for questioning. Refer to their profiles for information compiled thus far:
    • Jamy Butly
    • Artyom Vasiliev
    • Jerry Lenand
    • Ellie Langford
    • "Kohrina"
    • Andrer Peray
    • [ ... the list goes on w/ a few dozen more names and profiles ... ]

    Several of these persons of interest have been located on the outposts of Ceres, Halleste, and Lyria, upon which strict No Travel Zones have been instated until full and comprehensive sweeps of these regions are complete, and the POIs have been extracted. In the event of emergencies (e.g., medical) where cases for exceptions can be made, please refer to your local governorship.

    Safe travels.