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News Article Body Found in Silverpool Alley

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Naraku, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Naraku

    Naraku Guest

    June 19th

    A body was found in the late morning in Silverpool. Authorities were unable to recognize the victim as they have been brutally dismembered and disfigured. They issued a warning to the people of Pandora Town to be vigilant as they seek out the perpetrator.

    "We are unsure of what occurred," an official spokesperson commented on the case. "We suspect that this person was attacked by some kind of malevolent being with supernatural abilities. Being as this alleyway was easily concealed from the street, it was probably easy for the perpetrator's attack to go unnoticed to the passerby."

    "We urge caution in the Silverpool area the most, but all of Pandora Town should be on the alert."

    Key witnesses that were nearby the scene of the crime offer unusual details about the when the murder was suspected to have occurred. One witness claimed that a spontaneous lightening storm had occurred out of nowhere. Another claimed they heard the sound of bagpipes and crowds cheering. "I thought I'd damn near lost my mind when I heard it," the witness commented.

    When officials were asked whether the attack was related to rise in vampire attacks in the spring, they responded with uncertainty. "We won't rule it out, but it doesn't fall in line with the usual signs. Until more information is discovered, we will be noting them as separate incidents.

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