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BREAKING: Explosion @ PT Weapons Depot

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Niska, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Niska

    Niska Guest

    Pandora Town Weapons Depot Destroyed by Rogue Androids

    August 28th

    A broadcast interrupts regular shows and radio stations across all of Pandora Town. The voice that comes from the speaks is that of Charity Mills, one of PT's more prominent news anchors. Her normally cool, professional voice is filled with a mixture of urgency, fear, and grief. On TV screens, smart phones, and other viewing devices, Charity's otherwise composed features are twisted with disbelief, and a massive fire can be seen raging in the background behind her.

    "-- I can't believe this... I'm sorry, we're still trying to determine what exactly has happened, I don't know how--"

    A pause as she listens to a communication coming through her earbud. Her eyes widen, but she quickly composes herself and looks into the camera.

    "It appears that the Pandora Town weapons depot has been the target of an attack. Not more than thirty minutes ago, a group of what we can only assume are terrorists were seen leaving the scene just as a massive explosion sent the entire building up in flames. What you see behind me is the aftermath; the munitions inside the warehouse overheated and exploded, and several nearby buildings have already caught fire."

    There is muffled shouting from off-screen, and the camera lurches to the side to land on one very disheveled and ash-streaked young man. His eyes are wide with fear and shock, but there is an undertone of excitement as the camera zooms in on his face. Charity appears in the frame soon after, holding a microphone to the man's lips.

    "Sir! You were here when it first happened? Can you tell us what you saw?"

    "Robots! They were robots! I swear it. One of 'em had missiles for arms, and then she just smiled and flew off like it was nothin'. An' the rest just walked away when it was all done - one of 'em passed right by me, looked me in the face with the scariest green eyes I ever saw, here I even got a--"

    He holds up his phone, and a brief but surprisingly clear image of the android walking away from the scene fills the camera's view.

    The man starts to talk again, but the camera pans away from him and back to Charity, who points out at the destruction.

    "As we speak, emergency personnel are arriving, but will it be enough to stop the fire before it does more damage? And what happened to the security personnel on duty at the depot? Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a long night--"

    The camera pans across to the destruction, zooming in on the ruined weapons depot and slowly gliding across the various buildings that have caught fire beside it. The live feed will continue to play throughout the disaster, broadcasting rescue and relief efforts.

    OOC Information

    @Niska and @Alisa Bosconovitch, both under the influence of an AI Virus, have taken out security personnel at the weapons depot and then blown the entire warehouse up. Alisa was only spotted briefly, but Niska was caught on the camera of a witness in the right place at the right time.

    Due to the amount of explosive munitions inside the building, the explosion was made large enough to spread the fire and damage to surrounding buildings. The fire grows with each passing moment that it isn't put out.

    All available emergency and City Watch personnel have been called to the scene. Additionally, the government has pinged all resident superheroes that are currently registered with the government. Pandora Town asks for the help of any and all that are able, so that this blaze can be brought under control before it spreads to other parts of the town.

    The thread has been marked OPEN so that any characters who wish to drop in to help put out the blaze are welcome to. Please note that both Niska and Alisa have already existed the scene, though you are free to have your characters find any one of the other six infected (NPC) androids that helped.

    Note: All 20 security personnel who were on duty were either killed by Niska's group, or in the blast from Alisa's missiles.

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  2. Leo Elster

    Leo Elster Guest


    He should've seen something like this coming. He should've seen something like this coming so far in advance, the signs had been growing, they'd been fucking everywhere, but it felt especially like a stab to the heart when he'd seen his sister's face on that television. And, worse, known that he was the one who had put her there in all technicality.

    Leo grabbed for his phone in a rush, in a panic. Called her over and over as he made all of the rush there was in the world to try to get to the scene. Call after call, text after text, any desperate attempt to get into contact with her.

  3. Samus Aran

    Samus Aran Guest

    Things had gotten out of hand in pandora town surprisingly quickly.

    Samus had been out of pandora town at the time of the blast, sleeping as a matter of fact. Had she not required rest she would have flown immediately to the seen, but she simply wasn't close enough to the emergency to be of use at the immediate time. It would take her an hour or two to reach Pandora Town, and that didn't include having to work through the governmental bodies who had custody of the scene. It would slow her down too much to allow a proper pursuit of the criminals in question. With that said, Samus knew another request for her help would likely be coming soon:

    After collecting the necessary evidence from the scene, Samus believed the authorities would share their forensic information with her and deploy the bounty huntress to hunt down who did this. Whoever these androids were, their abilities must have been considerable to pull off such an attack. That did not intimidate the bounty huntress, however. She had fought far deadlier beings and come out on top. To some Samus Aran was THE hunter, the apex of her art and feared for her capabilities.

    And soon, she had a feeling she would be putting those hunting talents to use.

    "...Keep the scanner open for sightings of the green-eyed suspect and get me some kind of information on her if its available. Send a request to the authorities for magitech video surveilance taps. Once it goes through, keep open lines looking for that woman. As for the other terrorist...Start running a database search on possible androids with missile weapon capacity." Samus instructed to her AI computer as she laid back in her bed.

    "And set an alarm for 0730...Something tells me I'm about to get real busy tomorrow morning."
  4. Billyboy

    Billyboy A Clockwork Orange

    Cascade Bay!
    17 (+7)
    Chaotic Good
    While Billyboy's Starkbook account has been inactive since Spring of Year 6; the comments box at the bottom of the News section still received this as an anonymous reply:

    Finally. You can't go on raiding the smaller towns if you have no weapons to raid them with.