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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Bronn, Aug 11, 2018 at 7:59 PM.

  1. Bronn

    Bronn A Song of Ice and Fire

    Chaotic Neutral
    “If you waste time trying to get people to love you, you’ll end up the most popular dead man in town.”

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Played by Keira

    Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones
    Age: 40s
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: After he shoots Drogon with the scorpion
    NPC Companions: Jaime Lannister None


    As a mercenary, Bronn's main skill is fighting. He's an exceptionally skilled and dangerous swordsman and a pretty decent shot with a bow, too. However, despite his career choice, Bronn is not a brute like you'd expect. He's not particularly broad or strong and doesn't rely on brute strength to get him out of fights. Instead, Bronn is a fast, agile man who prefers to use his speed to dodge attacks and wear down his opponent before striking them down when they're so tired they make a fatal mistake. He fully accepts that this is not an honourable way of fighting and honestly? He really could not care less. As far as Bronn is concerned, honour just gets men killed.

    He doesn't care at all about how dirty he fights. He's skilled at finding backhanded and dishonourable ways to bring people down, and he'll take advantage of whatever weakness is presented to him. If he gets a bad reputation from it, then that's not his problem. As long as he has a reputation of being a successful killer, that's all he cares about, because that gets him money.

    Another thing that sets Bronn aside from a lot of men in the mercenary field is his intellect. He's not a genius by any means, but he's literate - a rarity among men of the lowest birth - and he has a quick, tactical mind. He's a lot smarter than people would give him credit for, because it's not something that he makes a habit of displaying. He also has some few survival skills, such as how to set up camp and how to hunt, which have served him well over his years as a travelling hired sword.

    EquipmentTypically, Bronn carries around a sword at all times, and will sometimes carry a bow around as well. He likes being front and centre though, so his sword is preferred. He doesn't wear heavy armour, relying instead on leather so that he can move quickly. He also carries a dagger sheathed at the back of his belt.


    Bronn is an excellent fighter, but he's still just a man. He can stand his own against up to three or four opponents, providing they're not freakishly big and strong or faster than he is. But skill in combat can only take you so far - he's just a human, and comes with all the standard squishiness of one too. Of course, Bronn is a pragmatic man whose main concern is his own survival, so he's likely to turn tail and slip away is things go badly anyway. You'd need to actually catch him out first to hurt him.


    As a sellsword, Bronn is dishonourable, amoral, and fond of dirty fighting. As a man, he isn't much better.

    Honour, in Bronn's mind, just serves to slow a man down and eventually just get him killed. There is no honour in any of his dealings, and his loyalty is generally to the heaviest bag of gold rather than to an actual person. He'll switch his loyalties to whichever side pays him more gold, and he'll do whatever is asked of him if he's paid for it. He's not a good man and doesn't pretend to be. Tyrion even once half-jokingly referred to him as evil.

    However, he actually... isn't evil at all. Bronn might not be a good man, but he's not immoral, and he's not sadistic either. He doesn't kill or hurt people just for the sake of it, or for his own enjoyment, though he wouldn't deny a certain sense of satisfaction at getting rid of any enemies he might make, and despite the crimes that are plentiful in his life, he's not as cold-hearted as you might expect.

    For Bronn, morality is measured in money. He'll do literally anything if he's paid, but there are some things - as implied when Tyrion asked him if he'd ever kill a baby the way Gregor Clegane did - where the amount of gold he'd charge would be high enough that likely no one would be able to justify the cost. And that is Bronn's way of displaying morals. The worse the crime and the less he'd want to do it, the more gold he will charge. Also, unlike most sellswords from his world (and even many sworn soldiers), Bronn has not shown any interest or inclination towards abusing and raping women and shows contempt towards men who do.

    Bronn displays a black, sarcastic sense of humour, and reacts to most things with a certain glibness. However, he can be serious, and despite his lack of respect for anyone and tendency to rub people the wrong way, he is capable of developing friendships. He considers both Tyrion and Jaime Lannister to be friends, though the former more so than the latter. But despite his rapport with Jaime, he still only accompanies him for the promises of wealth, marriage to a highborn lady, and a castle, all of which he feels he is owed for the services he's provided.

    Bronn can and does do good things, such as staying with Jaime at the Battle of the Goldroad instead of turning tail and fleeing, and taking the vast risk to his own life of attempting to bring down Daenerys Targaryen's dragon, but these good things are typically motivated in a large part by his desire for a reward and only a small part by a feeling of friendship. If he were ever to be given a guarantee that the Targaryen queen would reward him with a castle and a highborn wife for switching sides, undoubtedly he would do so even after attempting to kill her dragon. Profit > friendships. Saying that though, perhaps it's possible for Bronn to bond with someone enough for his personal affection to supercede his loyalty to gold. WHO KNOWS.


    - Bronn was the first of two sons born to a poverty-stricken couple. His childhood was an unpleasant and abusive one, with both his mother and father regularly and viciously beating Bronn and his younger brother. His mother broke his nose with a cruel blow by iron poker meant for his brother when Bronn was only five years old; it was around this time when Bronn first saw a man die. He had his nose broken again when he was thirteen and lost a scrap to a group of older boys. It was broken a third time a few years later. The beatings his parents inflicted on both of their sons would later lead to Bronn's brother's death, and he has very rarely spoken of him since, and then only glibly, to hide the pain.

    - He killed for the first time before he was even twelve years old, though claims this was in self-defence to protect himself as the woman was attacking him with an axe.

    - At some point before he met Tyrion, Bronn ventured beyond the Wall for mercenary work.

    - Bronn was at the same inn as Catelyn Stark and Tyrion Lannister when the former accused the latter of attempting to murder her son. Looking for an easy way to gain a profit, Bronn accompanied the party when Catelyn took Tyrion prisoner to the Eyrie, and listened to the Lannister's promise of gold to any man who helped him.

    - It was this promise of gold that spurred Bronn to step forward as Tyrion's champion in a trial by combat to prove his innocence. He killed Lady Arryn's champion, and left the Eyrie with Tyrion, now hired by the dwarf as his personal bodyguard.

    - In King's Landing, Tyrion rewards Bronn's loyalty (though a loyalty only bought) by naming him Commander of the City Watch. Bronn does a decent job as Commander - likely due to his own upbringing and resulting ability to empathise with and understand the common people and lowest of the low - though Tyrion disapproves of his brutality in keeping order when he finds out Bronn culled the known thieves before the Battle of the Blackwater. Bronn, knowing the way thieves work, defended his actions.

    - At the Battle of the Blackwater, it was Bronn's well-aimed shot that caused the devastating wildfire explosion that decimates Stannis Baratheon's fleet. He also saved Sandor Clegane when the man froze at the sight of all the fire.

    - After the battle, King Joffrey knighted Bronn, who now styles himself as Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, and takes a green flaming chain on a field of grey as his personal sigil. Although he has no wealth or lands, his knighthood propelled him up the social ladder, and in his mind also far elevated his rate of pay, and he insisted Tyrion pay him double.

    - When Joffrey was killed and Tyrion was accused of the murder, he assumed that Bronn would stand as his champion again. However, Bronn refused, considering his own survival to be more important and doubtful that he would win a trial by combat against the Mountain, and admitting that Cersei had arranged a marriage to a highborn woman for him. He apologised to Tyrion, insisting that he saw the man as a friend but could not risk his life for him. This was the last time Bronn would see Tyrion for a long time, as he would later be supposedly proven guilty by Oberyn falling to the Mountain, but escape King's Landing after killing his father.

    - No longer in Tyrion's employ, Bronn was listless for a while until Tyrion's brother Jaime began to pay him for his services training Jaime in how to use his sword with his weak hand. Bronn was a harsh and dishonourable teacher and refreshingly irreverent, but the two built up a rapport regardless - or perhaps even because of - this.

    - While planning his wedding to Lolys Stokeworth - and also planning on how to have her older sister killed so that his bride-to-be would inherit House Stokeworth and the castle - Bronn was approached by Jaime and paid to put aside his betrothal and accompany him to Dorne to rescue Myrcella. Bronn agreed, but insisted that Jaime honour Cersei's promise to see him married into a noble family with a castle as payment for his continued services.

    - In Dorne, Bronn was nearly killed by one of the Sand Snakes' poison but managed to procure the antidote after telling the woman what she wanted to hear.

    - When they returned from Dorne, they were sent to the Riverlands to ensure that the Freys retook Riverrun. Bronn was displeased with Jaime's orders to show the Freys how to run a proper seige, and pointed out that he had yet to receive any of the things he had been promised. Jaime assured him he would be paid in gold with a highborn wife and a castle, but Bronn cut him off, fed up.

    - Finally returning to King's Landing, the sight of the smoking ruins of the Sept of Baelor after Cersei blew it up shocked and unsettled even Bronn, before he and Jaime were sent out once again to take Highgarden and then send all the Tyrell's gold back to the capital.

    - When Daenerys Targaryen's force of Dothraki attack the Lannister forces and the woman herself joins the fray on her dragon, Bronn is ordered to bring Drogon down. He uses the huge scorpion to fire a massive bolt at the dragon, which misses but gets Daenerys' attention. Hurriedly firing a second bolt, he has a moment of satisfaction when he hits the dragon, but ultimately fails to kill it. Daenerys orders Drogon to destroy the scorpion with a gout of flame, and Bronn narrowly jumps to safety just in time.

    - Just as he hits the ground, black vines catch hold of him and take him to Pandora.


    The heat assaulted Bronn as he swung the scorpion around, following the dragon's progress through the air.

    The dragon.

    Motherfucking dragons. Bronn hadn't fucking signed up for this.

    Was any amount of gold worth this? Was a castle worth this? Was some pretty slip of a highborn girl to give him sons worth this?

    Seven fucking hells, that cunt better pay up after this, Bronn thought viciously as he lined up the second shot, the dragon now bearing right down on him. He could see the woman on its back, the Targaryen girl with her streaming silver hair. Even from this distance, he thought he could see her lips move.

    "Come on, you fucker," he growled, waiting for the beast to get close enough. He cursed himself for an idiot, staying in that one place while he waited for a fucking dragon to close in on him. But he needed to ensure a hit. If he missed again, he was dead. They would all be dead, but it was his life he was infinitely more concerned with in that moment.

    The dragon's jaws opened, and Bronn knew that it was going to breathe fire right down on the scorpion, and on him.

    He fired first.

    There was a shrill whine as the huge bolt flew towards the beast, and then a pained shriek as the bolt ripped through scales and muscle. The dragon fell.


    But the bolt was not enough. The dragon managed to right itself, not far from the ground, and the silver-haired girl on the back of the creature set her sights on the scorpion - and on Bronn.


    He wasn't going to manage another shot, he knew it. He only had a second to get to safety, he knew it. Bronn threw himself off the back of the wagon, and heard the roar of the fire as it hit the scorpion, the screaming of metal and wood as it all split apart, and he felt the searing heat wash over him as he slammed into the ground. The world seemed to briefly go black, and he was only dimly aware of something wrapping around his legs and tugging.

    When he opened his eyes, the Gold Road was gone. The hellish scenes of death and fire around him were gone. The Lannister forces and the Dothraki screamers were gone. And most importantly, the dragon that had almost roasted him alive was gone. In their place was a landscape he did not recognise.

    "What the fuck?" The words were spoken to himself as he looked around, squinting from the force of the sunlight. No fire, no dragon, no soldiers, no death. Maybe he had burned alive after all. Nah. If that were the case, there'd be whores. So where the fuck am I?

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  2. Bronn

    Bronn A Song of Ice and Fire

    Chaotic Neutral
    Aaaaand Bronn is done!
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    your application is

    Lovely app as always, Keira! Bronn is all set. You know what to do from here. :)