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Brunel, Colette

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Colette Brunel, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Colette Brunel

    Colette Brunel Tales of Symphonia

    Neutral Good
    "Even if I lose my body, my heart will still be free."

    Played by D.L. Yomegami

    Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
    Age: 16
    Species: Human-turned-Angel
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Shortly after the end of Symphonia, on the route where she becomes Lloyd's closest companion. She'll also be on her Technical path here and won't have her Strike path techs.
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Special Abilities
    • Colette has wings of pink-blue light that enable her to fly or hover along the ground. When not in use they're invisible, though she can pull them out at any time (usually when she gets into a fight).
    • Colette is significantly stronger than her stature would imply, to the point of being able to lift a grown man of above-average size with one hand with little effort on her part.
    • Colette also has much better senses than a normal human, particularly her sight and hearing.
    • Colette is quite clumsy. While this might seem like a fault at first, her brand tends to either not harm her or actually do something beneficial.
    • Colette's luck tends to be quite high in general. It doesn't make her immune at all to having awful things happen to her or the people she cares about, but she certainly has a higher chance of getting a positive outcome when luck comes into play.
    • As an angel, Colette has a set of light-based magic called Angel Skills. Each of these skills takes some time to cast and requires her to recite a special incantation before usage. They are as follows:
      • Angel Feathers: Sends out three or so rings of light at a single target. The incantation is "Holy wings, I beg of thee to reveal thy glory."
      • Holy Song: Gives allies within Colette's general area a slight boost to their capabilities (strength, reaction time, etc.) for roughly ten to fifteen seconds. The incantation is "Thy faithful servant asketh for thy blessing. Honor us with the splendor of thy song."
      • Sacrifice: Heals all allies within Colette's general area and restores anyone who might had been knocked out, as well as deals light damage to all enemies within Colette's general area. However, this also knocks Colette herself out, with a high risk of actually killing her if she was overexerted beforehand. If she doesn't die, she'll need a couple hours to recover barring outside assistance. The incantation is "Thy power floweth purely, ever unwavering. Accept my soul into thine embrace."
      • Judgement: Randomly rains down pillars of light within Colette's general area for roughly five to ten seconds, which deal significant light-based damage to whatever they hit. The incantation is "O holy one, cast thy purifying light upon these corrupt souls... light of judgment!"
      • Grand Cross: A circle of light appears underneath a target, which then knocks them and anybody in their immediate area into the air. Then a cross of light sends them flying back down to the ground. The incantation is "Light of redemption that guides us to day break, listen to my voice. Holy prayers will be spoken for all eternity. Now, let there be light!"
    • Besides her Angel Skills, Colette has a few other abilities, simply called Artes, at her disposal:
      • Ray Thrust: Colette simply throws one of her Chakrams at a target. While relatively weak, it'll strike whatever it hits multiple times.
      • Dual Ray Thrust: Similar to Ray Thrust, but Colette throws both of her chakrams instead.
      • Triple Ray Thrust: Another variant of Ray Thrust, which has Colette throwing three chakrams in a fan-shaped formation at a target. It is not clear where the third chakram comes from.
      • Pow Hammer: Colette produces a red plastic-looking hammer out of...well, hammerspace and tosses it at a target. The toss has a short range and flies at a high arc. Despite appearances it's roughly equivalent to a normal hammer in terms of strength.
      • Pow Pow Hammer: A variant of Pow Hammer that has Colette throwing three hammers instead. It has the same range and arc as the singular variant.
      • Hammer Rain: A variant of Pow Hammer that has Colette throwing a small radiant orb into the air, which then explodes into a rain of hammers that fall down randomly within Colette's general area.
      • Item Thief: Colette puts her clumsiness to work by tripping on a target. If said target happens to have money or items on them there's a chance they might drop them for her to pick up. If she fails then she's open for a little while as she picks herself back up.
      • Item Rover: A stronger version of Item Thief, with the same drawback. It has a higher chance of getting item-carrying targets to drop them and is also more forceful.
      • Ring Whirlwind: Colette spins around while her chakrams orbit her. It's relatively close ranged.
      • Ring Cyclone: A stronger, longer ranged variant of Ring Whirlwind.
      • Grand Chariot: Colette throws her chakrams at a target, one after the other. Upon either beginning to return to Colette or upon hitting a target, they call down a strong burst of lightning.
      • Stardust Cross: Colette throws a small radiant orb into the air, which then explodes into a bunch of little stars that rain down on its targets. Due to the height it tends to miss anyone standing in Colette's immediate area, although it's good at striking targets at range.
      • Damage Guard: A spherical shield surrounds Colette, greatly reducing incoming damage (though not negating it completely). She can only use this when blocking; she needs to drop it to attack.
    • "General area" is roughly a ten-meter radius around Colette. "Immediate area" is Colette and anyone standing close to her.

    • Colette fights with a pair of chakrams. She can use them normally, throw them like boomerangs with the bonus of having them return to her, or have them orbit around her when she uses certain abilities.


    Colette has roughly around the same durability as a human, maybe slightly moreso. As such she is hardly invincible, which is further complicated by her fairly young age.

    Most of her abilities, or at least her angel skills, come from her Cruxis Crystal (which she wears around her neck). If she loses that, then her powers go with it.

    Colette's selfless nature is very much a fault in her case, as she takes it to ridiculous extremes. Her tendency to keep her problems to herself is very likely to make small problems get bigger and bigger until they become too big for her to handle.

    She can be extremely oblivious at times and tends to miss the obvious, which can make her a very easy target for anyone in need of an unwitting pawn.


    Colette, on the surface, is quite simply a sweetheart. She goes out of her way to be nice to people, sometimes to the point where she'll try to befriend somebody who's trying to kill her. She'll also never hesitate to try helping somebody else who happens to be in need, even at risk to her own life. She's quite brave and generally quick to do the right thing, though oftentimes it takes her a while to figure out just what the "right thing" is.

    At times she can come off as rather clueless, missing things that might be obvious to other people or taking not-serious remarks at face value.

    She's absolutely selfless, to a fault. Even if she happens to be suffering, she'll keep it to herself just to make sure no one else worries about her, and sometimes her sense of self-preservation seems very lacking indeed. She also doesn't have a lot of self-confidence. While fully capable of making decisions on her own, when it comes to truly important matters she's likely to hand it off to someone she trusts. She has a tendency to apologize a lot, which extends to apologizing for apologizing a lot.

    She also happens to love dogs and make up names for every one she meets.


    Full body image

    In addition to what's shown in the picture above, Colette's Cruxis Crystal is worn around her neck and resembles a red, pyramidal-shaped gem, as seen here.


    • A long time ago, the half-elf hero Mithos Yggdrasil, his sister Martel, and their companions Yuan Ka-Fai and Kratos Aurion put an end to a destructive war. However, in the process Mithos lost his beloved sister to racism and went crazy. As a result he split the world into two halves known as Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, created an organization known as Cruxis, transformed himself and his companions into Angels, used artifacts called Expheres to make everyone in the two worlds "lifeless beings," and most importantly started a system of Chosen Ones to create a vessel for Martel's resurrection.
    • This wasn't the story Colette was told, however. As she grew up in the town of Iselia in northwestern Sylvarant, she learned that she was the Chosen of Regeneration, who would go on to sacrifice herself to awaken the Goddess Martel and purge Sylvarant of the evil Desians, allowing it to prosper once more. To her Cruxis was simply the celestial hierarchy that kept Sylvarant in order.
    • Her entire life was dedicated to preparing her for the Journey of Regeneration. This didn't stop her from making friends with a boy named Lloyd Irving, and later his friend Genis Sage.
    • Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Cruxis sent down the angel Remiel, who posed as Colette's father for the purposes of guiding her. This was the sign for her to begin the Journey. Knowing what she knew, she tried to make sure Lloyd and Genis didn't accompany her, but they were having none of it and eventually wound up joining her.
    • During the journey Colette began the process of becoming an angel herself. This granted her a nice set of enhanced abilities, but it also made her suffer horribly as she lost her humanity. She tried to keep this to herself to keep everyone else from worrying, but Lloyd managed to figure it out on his own nonetheless. As a result, he decided to do his best to save her and the rest of the world, if he could find a way to do both.
    • This culminated in her losing her soul, making her a perfect vessel for Martel. However, instead of proceeding as Cruxis planned, Colette and her companions were rescued by the timely arrival of the Renegades lead by Yuan.
    • Thanks primarily to Lloyd going out of his way to craft a Key Crest for her Cruxis Crystal, Colette eventually regained her soul and her humanity while keeping the better parts of the angel transformation, and proceeded to help them accomplish their goal of reuniting Sylvarant and Tethe'alla and creating a world where no more sacrifices were needed.
    • Unfortunately, her desire to keep the rest of the group from worrying about her proceeded into this part of the adventure, and she spent a good chunk of it suffering from a nasty illness that slowly and painfully crystallized her. Once the rest of the group found this out, Lloyd lead the rest of them in finding a cure and saving her once again. It was perhaps even rougher than the Journey of Regeneration, but eventually they succeeded in gathering everything they needed and successfully cured the illness.
    • Eventually, the time came to confront Mithos Yggdrasil himself. However, their first attempt wound up landing Colette in Cruxis's clutches, and Mithos finally succeeded in putting Martel in her body. However, Martel simply called Mithos out on his actions before giving Colette her body back. In response Mithos became even crazier, and Colette helped the rest of the group strike him down.
    • However, Mithos lived on through his Cruxis Crystal, and this lead him attempting to possess Lloyd right after the final necessary pact was made. Colette, however, stopped him at the cost of becoming possessed herself. She was taken to Derris-Kharlan, homeworld of the pure elves and the comet of mana that served as Cruxis's home base.
    • Colette managed to force Mithos out of her body just in time for Lloyd to catch up with her. Together they headed further into Derris-Kharlan, saving the rest of the group from their personal demons and eventually striking Mithos down for once and for all.
    • As the final part of the journey to restore the worlds, Colette helped Lloyd revive the Giant Kharlan Tree that had been slain by the war Mithos stopped. Once all was said and done, she chose to join Lloyd as he journeyed the reunited world in search of the remaining Expheres.
    • However, fate had one more twist in store for Colette. So soon after her previous adventure ended, she was chosen for a different purpose, by a completely different group of beings than Cruxis....


    As she quietly watched Lloyd speak to the grave of his mother, Colette's thoughts dwelled on some mixed feelings.

    In a way, she was happy that Lloyd was able to say goodbye to what remained of his family. She was certain Lloyd's mother was able to hear him, wherever she happened to be now. It wasn't quite like praying, but it was close enough, right?

    On the other hand, it was a little sobering. Colette herself had...absolutely no idea what became of her own mother, if she was honest with herself. But at least she still had her real father and her grandmother. If she so desired, she could return to Iselia any time to speak with them whenever she wished. Lloyd, on the other hand, could never see either of his real parents ever again. It almost seemed unfair.

    Well, maybe she shouldn't think so negatively. Somehow, she felt certain they'd see Kratos again someday, somewhere.

    "...Well, I'm off," Lloyd finished, before he turned to his big dog Noishe. In the next couple moments he had hopped onto Noishe's back and rode down the path from the grave to where Colette was standing.

    "You ready to leave, Colette?" he asked.

    "Of course!" Colette replied with a smile, before she glanced at Noishe briefly. "I hope we're not weighing him down too much...."

    Lloyd chuckled. "After everything we've been through? I'm sure he's gotten used to it." He gave Noishe a small pat behind his big ears. "Isn't that right, Noishe?"

    Noishe simply let out a whine.

    "Well, okay!" At that, Colette hopped on Noishe herself, just behind Lloyd. One last wave to Dirk, and they rode off into the woods.

    They were quiet as the woods surrounding Dirk's house gave way to the plains of Sylvarant, or rather the part of the now-united world that consisted of the plains nearby Iselia and Dirk's house. Eventually, however, Colette spoke up.

    "It's kind of funny," she started, "Not so long ago we returned to Iselia, but now we're on another adventure. It's almost like the Journey of Regeneration all over again." She made a small smile. "We're even heading out to save people, in a way."

    "I suppose you could think of Exspheres that way. Not just because of what they do to people, but...well, you know," Lloyd replied, still focused on the path ahead, "Anyway, just because we've reunited the two worlds isn't any excuse for just stopping. It's a new world, isn't it? There's so much worth doing."

    "Of course! It's just that it feels like we haven't had times to say our goodbyes. Not just to the people of Iselia, but to everyone else too." At that, Colette frowned. "After we've been through so much together, it's so odd that we're all going our separate ways now. I know that perhaps there's not much reason to stick together now, but all the same it feels like...there's a part of me that feels so empty."

    Lloyd glanced back at Colette with a similar frown. "I get that feeling too. But, you know...they've got their paths to follow. We have ours." He then went back to watching the road ahead. "Besides, I'm sure we'll see them again. Even jf we never come together as a group again, they're still our friends."

    "Yep!" Colette said, another smile coming to her face, "They'll want to catch up sometime. As will we." Then she turned her attention to the path they were running along. "So...where are we going first?"

    At that Lloyd brought Noishe to a stop. "I, uh.... I haven't thought that far ahead yet...."
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  2. Colette Brunel

    Colette Brunel Tales of Symphonia

    Neutral Good
    Okay, I think this is ready now.

    As a note, I left out some of Colette's abilities, most notably her Mystic Arte. Those are randomly activated in-game, and I thought it'd just be too awkward to include them for a roleplaying setting.
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    your application is

    Colette is all set D.L. Great app! Hope you have fun :)