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Bucciarati, Bruno

Discussion in 'In Progress' started by Bruno Bucciarati, Jan 14, 2020 at 1:34 AM.

  1. Bruno Bucciarati

    Bruno Bucciarati
    "The most repulsive form of evil is to exploit innocent people who don't know anything, and to use others merely for one's own gain!"

    Played by Dantalion

    Fandom: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo
    Age: 20
    Species: Undead Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Before his fight with Secco
    NPC Companions: His stand, Sticky Fingers


    Stand: Sticky FingersIn simplest terms, a Stand is invisible spiritual energy, a manifestation of its user’s fighting spirit. To an extent, it can represent their psyche and personality. While Bruno wasn’t born with a Stand, he got one when he was hit by an Arrow that contained the virus that can cause a person to form a Stand.

    There are several rules concerning Stands and how they generally operate:
    • They’re controlled by their user and can move according to their user’s commands
    • For the most part, Stands could only be affected by other Stands - though such is not always the case in Pandora
    • Stands have a certain “range” that they can operate within.
    • A person can only have one stand

    Sticky Fingers
    Bucciarati has a short-ranged stand called Sticky Fingers. While it has a lot of power behind its punched (which it can throw a lot of), its strength lies in its ability to create zippers. Essentially, Sticky Fingers is capable of putting a zipper into any surface that it touches with its hands. It can put zippers in virtually any surface -ranging from walls to humans- and the zippers are capable of being opened or closed. It's a versatile power that can be used to create openings, which he can either hide objects in (or himself) if it's voluminous enough or to go through like a sort of door. Alternatively, the zippers can be used to dismantle things or to put objects back together. He can essentially cut something apart by putting a zipper in it and then canceling the zipper; however, he can reattach body-parts by putting them together with a zipper if he wanted to.

    Sticky Finger's true power lies in the creative way Bruno utilizes it. He can increase its range by unzipping his own arm and launching it -and Sticky finger's fist- at an opponent. He can "swim" underground by creating continuous zippers; he can reposition himself by holding onto the zipper and using its open/close movement; he can create a make-shift pincer by rapidly closing the zipper around a person. He can even separate a human being into different pieces. While it was capable of killing him if he used it on himself, he was able to detach a man's head and keep him alive so long the zippers were active (if he canceled them, it would have just beheaded him). Bucciarati can store objects within himself, such as a cellphone, or hide in human bodies with his zippers.

    IntelligenceBruno is a dangerous fighter, but it's not entirely because of his Stand. The reason why he's so formidable in battles is because of his deadly intellect. Bucciarati is incredibly perceptive and picks up on small details that help him easily deduce both the strengths and weaknesses of his opponent's fighting style. He also uses this skill to devise deadly plans in order to entrap his enemies. His trump card is his willingness to endanger his own life for the sake of such plans.

    Human Lie Machine
    As previously mentioned, Bucciarati is incredibly perceptive, something that extends out of fights. He can read others, especially when it comes to whether or not they are lying to him. He can pick up on even the smallest hints that reveal whether or not a person is telling the truth. For example, sweat: according to Bruno, when someone is lying their sweat tastes sweeter than normal.

    MobsterBucciarati was just twelve when he murdered a man to save his father. Following that point, he joined a gang in order to receive its protection for his family. Having grown up in such an environment, Bruno has picked up on a few less than savory skills. The most notable one is his ability to fight even without his stand. He's shown capable of using knives and physical combat - such as when he kicked a man with enough force (without Sticky Fingers) that his head cracked the glass of a train. While he is a kind person at heart, ultimately Bucciarati is willing to go the distance to do what is needed to be done.

    Iron Will
    Time and time again, Bucciarati has won battles not only because of his brain or brawns but because of his ability to persevere. He values tenacity and willpower. It’s often come down to whoever can survive the longest in the worst conditions. While Bruno is very kind and generous, often-time to strangers, he has the ability to push himself to do what’s necessary to protect others. When those he cares for are threatened, Bruno doesn’t hesitate to carry out swift and often cold punishments. The whole reason he became an undead human was due to not only Giorno's Stand, but because his soul remained in his body even after death through pure willpower.

    UndeadBruno was killed by Crimson King and is only animated due to the life energy given to him by Giorno’s Golden Experience. While he moves, talks, and responds to the living world, he is dead in every other sense of the word. He lacks a heart-beat, he does not breathe, and cannot feel pain. Essentially, he lacks normal bodily functions. As a dead-man, abilities that can only affect the living cannot touch him - such as the stand “Green Day”.


    UndeadBruno’s body is effectively dead, and it’s also unfortunately rotting. His body can’t heal from wounds unless healed by some sort of ability and is beginning to fall apart. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes effectively deaf and blind. When he reaches that point, he would only be able to sense other people’s souls. Bruno would be able to hear and see them somewhat, but he would be completely blind to the rest of the inorganic world.

    Anything to WinEven before his death, Bruno repeatedly put his life on the line to fulfill his duties as a capo and to protect his team. He doesn’t hesitate to endanger himself, believing in his resolve to preserve. This has involved throwing himself out of a moving train to defeat an enemy trying to kill his team. However, this isn’t to say that he sacrifices caution and strategy completely - he can be very precautious even with seemingly weaker enemies.

    StandFor as great as Stands are, they come with their own short-comings. Firstly: any damage that is dealt to Sticky Fingers will be reflected onto Bruno (pain included). It’s similar to a voodoo doll - if something hurts Sticky Fingers, then it’ll hurt Bucciarati. Additionally, if his stand sustains too much damage, it can kill Bucciarati. If he fully dies, then Sticky Fingers will disappear likewise. Finally, Sticky Fingers is a close-ranged Stand. Its movement is limited to just a couple of meters beyond Bucciarati, though he can increase its range by creating zippers on his arms and launching them at enemies.


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