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Buongiorno, Pandora

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Giorno Giovanna, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. September 5th, Midday
    Pandora. That's what this place was called, based off what locals claimed, and what he had managed to glean with his encounter with his newfound 'family'. He wasn't sure exactly how to feel about it. Should he be relieved that he hadn't been yanked into some Stand Users trap? Should he be afraid that he would be stuck here for potentially the rest of his life? Stuck somewhere that was infinitely away from Italy?

    Of course not. Giorno Giovanna wasn't just some pessimist. He was going to think of some kind of plan, and if not leave Pandora, find a way to fulfil his calling IN Pandora. He always had managed to find a way out of most situations, sometimes through sheer luck, but he had to at least have some sort of ingenuity.

    Which was totally why he was just waiting on a rooftop, with no plan.

    He tried to go through what he knew- what he had experienced in his first experiences in Pandora. The locals were relatively decent, and apparently not that surprised when people arrived in their towns in a state of terror and confusion. People seemed to reappear and disappear without any prior warning, which while it was incredibly concerning, also didn't seem to bother people. Finally, time and location didn't seem to have any relevance. He was able to meet relatives that were from completely different times, despite being about the same age.

    In other words, he was even more confused than when he started. And Giorno Giovanna did not like being confused.
    So, in some sort of odd form of coping with his situation, he sat on the edge of a rooftop, slowly turning bricks and rocks into frogs and lizards withGold Experience, and dropping them into the streets below. His concern with causing a problem and being spotted wasn't that high, it wasn't like he had made a name for himself yet. He had been incredibly restrained with his thieving hijinks- only snagging two wallets in the time he had been here (and had been briefly puzzled when he realized that this place didn't even use the Euro) and took some pride in the fact that those two people hadn't even noticed until he was completely out of sight. So, if anything, his reputation might start at 'Italian Kid with Too Many Frogs'. Which he could work with. He could totally work with that.

    He chucked another frog off the rooftop, humming quietly, watching as it flailed about confused, before peeking over the ledge, trying to judge where his frog friend had landed.
  2. Mahad

    Mahad Guest

    Mahad was once again wandering through Pandora Town. It seemed a vast majority of summons he'd received were to this town, so it was in his best interests to keep up-to-date on the layout and goings-on in the town. It seemed that today was not going to present anything particularly noteworthy to him though, despite traversing the area for several hours. No, it seemed to him that it would be prudent to return to Eternal Soul and prepare for his next summons. He was about to do so, preparing himself to dematerialize, when a strange thing happened. A frog happened to land on his hat, falling to the ground not long afterwards in a panic and hopping off quickly. Perhaps today would be an eventful one after all.

    He looked up to the roofs overhead, careful to avoid any more reptiles falling on him. After a moment or two, he spotted the cause of the strange rain, a youth casually transforming stones into frogs and dropping them over the edge. The Magician scratched his chin for a moment, before deciding to speak with them. After all, transmogrification was not exactly an easy skill...

    It too the Magician only a moment to get onto the roof with him, simply vanishing and reappearing atop the roof next to his query. With a hopefully friendly smile, he said to the youth, "Hello there, friend. That is an impressive trick. May I join you for a moment?" He asked.
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  3. Giorno's reaction seemed... delayed, if anything. He glanced up at the oddly dressed stranger, Gold Experience's Stand Aura shimmering around him like a golden halo, before finally pointing at himself with a 'who, me?' Sort of gesture, like he wasn't the only one on this roof. Though he was curious about how the stranger got up here. Was this the power of an enemy Stand? Maybe something a little complicated. This 'Pandora' place was filled to the brim with mysteries. "Oh, sure. Of course." He shrugged, calmly, keeping his expression as neutral as possible. No reason to get antsy, after all.

    "My name is Giorno Giovanna." He stated bluntly, simply rising to his feet and extending his hand, trying to match the strangers friendly smile with one of his own. He finally made Gold Experience entirely visible, to him at least- his Stand could only be seen by those with Stands themselves, or individuals with enough psychic or spiritual attunement, as it draped it's arms around Giorno's shoulders, keeping a steady glance on the Magician, before picking up a stone and slowly turning it into a sparrow, which flew into the air in a very confused daze.

    "Do you think? It is fairly strange where I come from, though I wouldn't call it the most bizarre ability." He gestured vaguely towards the Magician's outfit. "And I certainly wouldn't call myself the most interesting person on this rooftop."
  4. Mahad

    Mahad Guest

    Mahad smiled at the brief confusion. He supposed one dressed as he was materializing out of thin air would definitely give most pause. Regardless, when the youth did answer him, he was pleasant enough, and politely allowed him to sit with them. Before he could though, they offered him a handshake, which the magician gladly accepted. As he did so, he became aware of an other being with the youth, seemingly what was polymorphing the various objects into animals. As if to confirm his suspicions, the golden being transformed a stone into a sparrow, bringing another smile to the Magician's face. He always loved to see other skilled magicians.

    After a moment, the Magician replied to the youth. "Ahah. Yes, I suppose you're right about that. Though it is rare to find someone able to summon a Ka to their side in this world" He said, gesturing friendly to the youth's golden guardian. Mahad's world had something very similar to the boy's guardian. It was interesting to find such a similar concept from someone else in Pandora. "I must commend you on the ability once again, though I do hope you are not planning on starting any Shadow Games. They are very dangerous, after all." Concern filled his voice. The Shadow Games were not a good thing. He did not wish their return at all...
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  5. Ah. So this stranger could see his Stand. Of course, he shouldn't have been too surprised. Even back home, Stand Users seemed to be attracted to other Stand Users. Although, his reasoning did falter a bit at the mention of a 'Ka'. "...What is... that?" His eyes narrowed a bit in confusion. Either the language barrier was finally becoming a problem (He had no issues speaking Italian so far- it seemed that everyone could understand him perfectly. Perhaps it was some side effect of this 'Pandora' place?), or there was something other than 'Stands'. "This is my Stand, Gold Experience. It has been with me since I was small." He tried to explain, hoping to clear up that small bit of confusion. "Is it similar to a 'Ka'?"

    Then the stranger mentioned 'Shadow Games', and if he was planning on starting any. Which he wasn't, and probably wouldn't based on how concerned this man sounded about it. "I'll try not to, do not worry. Although, if these 'Shadow Games' have something to do with battling 'Ka'- or 'Stands', then I might have already been involved in some. I don't wish to any more, though. Not unless I need to." Gold Experience held it's hands out defensively, gesturing that it didn't mean any harm, although it's expression stayed completely blank.

    Giorno smiled a bit, folding his arms across his chest. "Where you are from, it must have a lot of interesting things. I am very curious about these 'Ka' and 'Shadow Games', Signore... hm... I don't think I've gotten your name."
  6. Mahad

    Mahad Guest

    Apparently, he was mistaken, though it was not unlikely. There were many worlds connected to the box, and He had always taught Mana not to make assumptions without proper evidence, after all. Still, it did seem that some explanations were in order, and it seemed only fair that he offer them after initiating the conversation. He did not mind in the slightest though, in fact he was glad at the opportunity to teach once again.

    "A Stand?" He said. "Yes, I suppose it is quite similar to a Ka, at least based on the description you've given me." He paused a moment whilst he connected the dots in his head, trying to think of how best to explain things... "A Ka is part of the Human soul. Specifically the Darker Half. The other half, known as a Ba, is the Lighter Half that inhabits the body." He hoped this was not overly confusing. People new to the concept often had trouble understanding it. "In Egypt it was common practice for skilled magic wielders to summon their Ka to do battle with others, Perhaps in a similar way Gold Experience can be summoned to your side. I do apologize for the misunderstanding and hope you can see why I had mistaken Gold Experience for a Ka..." He finished his explanation and allowed a moment or two for it to sink in before continuing "As for Shadow Games... They are a mistake we shall never be able to put behind us. Using certain... artifacts, certain people were able to seal Kas into Stone Tablets." He was clearly disgruntled at his explanation, as if remembering something unpleasant. "They were then able to summon the creatures from the Tablets at will to battle against another. Thus, the Games were created, often with dire, extreme conditions for losing or cheating..."
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  7. He nodded, trying to listen intently. He wasn't opposed to a history lesson, considering that being able to gain as much knowledge that he could about this world- and any of the other worlds that happened to be a part of this- would be incredibly useful later on. Still, he couldn't say that he was completely understanding everything that was being thrown at him at the moment. So, people back in... Egypt? Had Stand-like beings as well. There was always the hunch that Stands were connected to a deeper part of the body, and the soul seemed to make sense. It also made sense for the 'Ka' wielders to battle others. That- again- he could connect with his home. Stand Users always seemed driven to each other- and driven to conflict even after that. That was how he met Buccellati, and how most of his interactions with Passione had occurred.

    He was losing him at the stone tablets. Did they store the entire half of the soul in the tablets? Wouldn't that be fatal? Stand Users couldn't really live without their Stands- and vice versa. He wanted to dig deeper, but based off the man's expression, he decided to wait until a little later to delve into the 'how', and focused more on the 'Shadow Games'. High stakes, obviously. Nothing ever had low stakes, really.

    "...How dire?" His curiosity was getting the better of him. He was assuming death, but could it be something worse? Perhaps trapping the other half of the soul in a tablet, forcing them to fight just like their 'Ka'? He shuddered at the thought, partially wondering how far he would have made it. Sure, some of his victories could have counted as 'cheating', but it was mainly strategy. "My apologies if this is a sensitive subject."
  8. Mahad

    Mahad Guest

    Mahad was glad his words seemed to have an effect. The power of the Shadow Games relied on both parties to agree on the conditions. Yes, one could be forced to accept with outside circumstances, but one had to accept to engage in a shadow game. Hopefully, he'd have saved this young charge the danger of having to compete in one. "Though this subject is somewhat sensitive, I do not mind. Indeed, I would rather speak the truth and deliver my warnings without reasons for doubt. It is better that way..." He trailed off for a moment, before collecting his thoughts and continuing in a serious tone. "The Shadow Games cost is variable. Most result in death or the loss of one's soul, but the consequences can be anything. The terms are agreed upon before the start of the game, along with the game that will be played... Beware though, those who would inflict a shadow game upon someone are often masters of wordplay and the games will take any form of acknowledgement or acceptance from the challenged person, express or implied..." He paused a moment, hoping this dire warning would be enough to get through to the young man. However, his warnings seemed to be listened to, gladdening the magician. He had no desire for the games to begin once again, after all. His stern expression softened up after he finished though, as he asked "Do you have any more questions of me? I would be happy to share. I am a teacher at heart, you see."
  9. "Variable..." He repeated under his breath. So the consequences were purely conditional. That didn't make him feel more confident about the concept, per se, since death was very much an option, but it did mean that he had a way to benefit from it possibly, if he did find himself in one of those 'Shadow Games'. Which, again, he hoped not. He had eluded death enough, and he wasn't willing to dive into more life-threatening situations. But they somehow managed to find him, so most of his efforts proved useless.

    "Well, I would not consider myself very good at wordplay. I will take your advice and stay wary." He replied, "No matter how confident I am in my own abilities, there is always somebody stronger." He sighed, as Gold Experience idly began messing with one of the ladybug brooches on his chest, causing the metal to twist and contort into a snake, grabbing and catching it before it could fall off completely. Stands were a manifestation of the soul, and while Gold Experience wasn't expressing boredom, it was getting antsy. "My Stand has... dropped in abilities upon my arrival."

    He rubbed his chin. What other questions could he possibly have? "Well, you seem to be very knowledgeable about this. Have you participated in any of these games yourself? If you are still living, that means you are good at them, no?"