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Private Calling in the Big Gun

Discussion in 'Pandopolis City' started by Homelander, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Homelander

    Homelander The Boys


    Sept 4th
    @Yuyuko Saigyouji

    Homelander love nothing more than a good old bomb threat. It really was a fun time all around. From having to look good to the camera's to actually having a chat with the bombers and seeing if he could get them to defuse the bomb or not. And if they didn't well he'd have to kill them.

    At least that was if he could get them before they blew up. Either way, they were dead. That's what he found himself walking into today, calls of a bomb in downtown Pandopolis, countless armed men and a boatload of media and people wanting to see what was going on. 'Morning Captain. Move your men back a bit will ya.' Homelander said as he slowly touched down in front of the large office building.

    "Will do, Homelander." The man replied, quickly passing down the order. "Give 'em hell!"

    After saluting the officer, Homelander began to look around, x-ray'ing all those around just in case. After seeing nothing that could possibly turn harmful, he turned back towards the doors and did the same. A handful of targets, no bombs from what he could see. Easy work.

    His job was rather simple, Homelander would go in as the negotiator and pretend to work towards a peaceful end to this. All the while hoping he could tear his way through them all. God, nothing was better than an unsuspecting criminal. More so one who held a gun at a bulletproof man.

    As he was let in, Homelander began to follow one of the men deeper into the lobby until he was in the same room as the hostage-takers. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Please stay calm. Help has arrived." He tried to reassure the room.

    But one of the armed men instantly shouted back. "So long as you can give us a heli, money and ensure we don't get followed." His attitude the way he began to move towards Homlander clearly meant he was the leader. Marking him down as the first man he'd kill when all this went up shit creek.

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  2. Yuyuko Saigyouji

    Yuyuko Saigyouji Touhou Project
    Dreaming Ghost

    Permanently Retired
    Who knows
    Chaotic Neutral

    It looked like there was quite a situation happening in Pandopolis at the moment. Yuyuko caught wind of it happening as she was near the location and, of course, she wanted to investigate.

    It was simple enough for a ghost like her to infiltrate a location like that without being noticed and once there, she got a clearer picture of what was happening. A hostage situation, a fairly common kind of crime for humans to commit, but also one of the most exciting ones. It was worth it to stay just to see what was going to happen.

    During the confusion, it was easy for her to throw herself into the chaos and pretend to be another hostage. Then, when the good guys finally came in to save them, Yuyuko made sure to get a good look at the man. He had an unwavering confident air that was likely warranted, but for someone who acted like a hero, she couldn't help but notice that he was... not quite convincing in her eyes.

    It was going to be a fun event to witness.

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  3. Homelander

    Homelander The Boys


    "Oh don't worry. We're working towards getting you what you've requested." Ten men, all over twenty-three from what he could and apperently only two of them had potential health issues. Huh, usually criminals tended to all have some form of health issues, be it a bad heart or something wrong with their liver. Ah well, Homelander switched off his x-ray vision and locked eyes with the man in charge, still stone faced as always.

    "Fuck your don't worries." He continued, making Homelander want to roll his eyes and put an end to this already. They'd taken down the cameras, so all they'd have was witness statements and those were always on the side of their savior. "They sent a powered asshole in here with a stupid outfit to freak us out. But we're not afraid pal. Just hurry this up." The man said getting up close to Homelander's face.

    Which of course he didn't like, his eyes quickly turned red as he scowled. It was as if something inside Homelander suddenly switched. Either he'd given up pretending, or his inner monster had just decided to show its face. Either way, he wasn't amused.

    "You can run on for a long time. Run on for a long time."
    Homelander began to sing quietly, in a manner that could be confused with merely speaking. "You can run on for a long time. But sooner or later, gonna cut you down." As he finished lasers left his eyes and drilled straight into the first man's head and in a quick flash, before the first man could even drop, Homelander was holding another man by his throat.

    "But sooner or later, gods gonna cut you down." With those last words, another man was killed. Just as the eight remaining men opened fire on Homelander. Doing nothing to the man.

    #3 Homelander, Sep 13, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019 at 2:13 AM
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