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Private Carrying Mountains

Discussion in 'Crystal Vales' started by Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Oct 12, 2019 at 6:35 PM.

  1. Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

    At his master's side
    Heroic Spirit
    Appears 28
    Lawful Neutral
    September 28th || @Sansa Stark

    The city was loud.

    All around Diarmuid was noise. Voices rose and fell with distance, the clatter of doors slamming open and closed echoed resounded through the street, and even the roar of carriages drowned out any natural sounds the environment might have offered. While similar to Japan in the fact that this place was so noisy, it was still somewhat humbling of an experience to go through. After all, in Japan Diarmuid had not been able to go out very often. He had been restricted to Kayneth’s side, and beyond their initial battle at the wharf he had chosen to remain locked within his labyrinth of a hotel floor up until the church’s beseeching for Caster’s death. And while the grail had given him ample knowledge for the Japan of that era, here he did not have as much information to go off of. There were similarities, but those similarities were not identical.

    Stopping in front of a bar, Diarmuid frowned. He knew he had a choice to make. Everyone he had spoken to thus far had made it quite clear that there was no way of returning home unless the god’s willed it. And Diarmuid knew that the God’s would never bend to another’s will save for their own. Thus he was left with the choice of what to do. To claim loyalty to his lord, even though he was not of this world, and hope that he might one day in the distant future reclaim his pride or to find himself a new master who he could follow undoubtedly from here on out? While a part of his heart cried out for the former, his mind told him it was only the latter which could see his wish fulfilled.

    Stepping forward Diarmuid pushed the door of the bar open. His aim then was to gather more information on this place. He could not swear loyalty to just anyone. He knew after his experience with Kayneth he needed someone whose ideals and goals aligned more with his own, and he knew after Fionn that whoever he swore his lance to would need to be someone in a position of power within this world. Golden eyes swept across the bar then until finally landing on a few men who seemed likely able to answer his questions.

    And so Diarmuid had hoped his afternoon could pass in relative peace.

    If only.

    If only he could be so lucky.

    For it was quite unfortunate for him that the bar he so happened to choose had its fair share of women within it as well. Unable to resist his mark the women soon began to flock to him, the barmaids offering drink after drink as soon Diarmuid was swept away from the men to instead entertain the women. It really wouldn’t have been such a problem if they had been able to focus on his questions, but it seemed as though every time he spoke they seemed to barely register what he was actually saying. Then, just when he began to think things couldn’t get any worse, he heard the shout from across the bar.

    Glancing up Diarmuid’s eyes land on a rather large group of unhappy men. Jealousy fills their expressions, many striding forward to grab at the women that Diarmuid could only assume were meant to be their significant others. Holding his hands up in a calming gesture, Diarmuid tried to laugh it off knowing it was already too late.

    At least it was only a bottle they chose to hurl first. Some just jump straight to throwing the chairs or tables.

    Not that it really mattered as Diarmuid soon found himself beset upon by the men hoping to end their problems by ruining his ‘pretty face’.

    #1 Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Oct 12, 2019 at 6:35 PM
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019 at 4:18 AM
  2. Sansa Stark

    Sansa Stark A Song of Ice and Fire

    Assistant Governor
    Crystal Vales
    Lawful Good

    Sansa cares not for the ongoings of bars. Dirty and despicable places, filled with men filled with mead, and more oft than not mead made men worse than they already were. It filled their heads with silly fantasies, with rage and took away their self control, especially when it consumed all the time, without thought. She’d seen the way it made Robert Baratheon a beast, seen the way it had twisted Cersei Lannister further than she already was. She’d seen the way it bent her brother almost beyond repair.

    Try as she might to take no notice of the sudden crashes and yells from the bar ahead of her in the street, she has a sinking feeling that, like usual, she will have to deal with the aftermath in some capacity. Lady growls at her heel, and just as Sansa turns to tell her direwolf to calm herself, glass shatters and bursts forth. She jumps back, eyes widened, a hand flying to her chest in surprise: a man, two men, had been thrown onto the street, followed by a third, leaping with ease through the opening.

    She knows not what the quarrel is, but she can see the danger, see the threat. These strangers are still ready to fight, Sansa can feel what Lady wants to do, so she lets her: the wolf leaps forward in between the men in the mud and their attacker, knocking one back. She growls, a menacing and low rumble, bearing teeth sharp and deadly. Sansa doesn’t give thought to how she knew what her direwolf wanted, doesn’t give thought to how Lady did as she wished -- she steps forward, jaw set into a hard line.

    It would be wise for you all to stop whatever this is immediately,” Sansa says, tone cold and stern. She walks up behind Lady, who takes a warning bite at one the men that dared to move to either run or try to fight her.

    Their faces, startled, are enough to let Sansa she has enough control, and she turns to the man with dark hair, with sharp features that make her heart flutter in a way she doesn’t like. She takes a breath, slowly, to steady and calm herself.

    What quarrel do you have with these men that would give you cause to throw them through a window so?