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Cascade Bay Jobs

Discussion in 'Cascade Bay Sign-ups' started by Rani, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    Cascade Bay Job Sign-Ups

    While the town was discovered to be relatively intact and complete, that doesn’t mean Cascade Bay is an easy place to live. Due to the poor nature of the soil in these parts, a lot of work is going to go into food production, as well as defence against the kappas that live just outside of the town. As its economy is far from being developed, the town currently functions on a volunteer or bartering system depending upon the job.


    Office of the Governor:
    Unlike other positions, the Governor is elected for a year's term by the townsfolk, and essentially does exactly what a governor is supposed to do; sees to the town's civic well-being and makes decisions regarding it's future. Laws are created and voted on by the townsfolk themselves.
    Governor: OPEN
    Deputy Governor: Jessamine Kaldwin
    Secretaries (5 available spots):​

    Office of the Guard:
    Any able-bodied member of the Cascade Bay community may be called upon to defend it in times of need, but these people have made it their jobs to protect the waterfront town and it’s surrounding borders. They also act as Law Enforcement, making arrests and doing investigations.
    Head of the Guard: Lexa
    Guardsmen: Leah Clearwater, Luke Skywalker
    Combat Medic: Will Solace (part time)
    Guards of the Governor's Office: Corvo Attano​

    Detective Division:
    A division in the guards that is created for investigations, particularly ones of a more severe nature such as kidnapping, robbery, criminal underworld type stuff, etc. They answer to the Head of the Guard and the Lead Detective.
    Lead Detective: Emma Swan

    Navy Division:
    This division operates as the naval/water defense of the town, monitoring Cascade Bay waters and the islands for threats of piracy, sea monsters, illegal terrorism/criminal activity, or attacks from the ocean. They also act as research for Pandora’s vastly unexplored oceans.
    Navy Admiral:

    Fleet 1:
    Fleet Commanders:

    Fleet 2:
    Fleet Commanders:

    Air Defense for Naval Ships/Coast: Keith Kogane, Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane, Sophie, Luke Skywalker

    Medical Clinic:
    With help from James Holden, the Medical Clinic in Cascade Bay is now extremely advanced with medical technology that can scan for viruses and sicknesses, as well as robots that cure cancer!
    Head of Medical Care:
    Medics: Will Solace
    Nurses: Clarke Griffin​

    Office of Magical Advancement:
    Their job is researching any magical artifacts the navy brings in from the sea, and helping with magic defense, and creating magical means in order to help the good people of the Bay area.
    Head of Magical Advancement: Loki Laufeyson

    Under the guidance of the Foreman, the individual responsible for both the design of the town and for overseeing their workers, the following are responsible for the physical construction and repair of the town.
    Architect: Annabeth Chase
    Construction Workers:
    Electrical Maintenance:
    Shipwright: Leo Valdez​

    Children's Home for Little Wanderers:
    Free housing and education for any child up to 16 years old living in Cascade Bay on their own or just passing through.
    Orphanage Head:

    Benici's Seaside Bistro
    A small dockside Bistro dealing in fish based Italian dishes and soups that is owned an operated by Darth Maul and his Italian Chef Aldo Clemento, the best shark man chef in all of Cascade Bay. The Dock it's built on also has it's own miniature fishery to supply the kitchen with fresh catch of the day and a smaller warehosue with a chummery inside for bait making. Although the chummery seemed to operate at odd hours of the night.

    Owner: Darth Maul
    Head Chef: Aldo Clemento
    Kitchen Staff:
    Wait Staff:
    Fishing Boat Crew:
    Night Watchman:
    Fish Prepper:​

    The Homestead
    Pub/bar. Friendly atmosphere but also known for being a "hunters" location and people can often get help with odd problems here

    Owner: Jo Harvelle

    Devil's Nest
    A dim lighted pub that has a surprisingly friendly atmosphere. A variety of different drinks and snacks are sold in it, including even things for people who aren't very into alcohol but still want to hang out there. Secretly this place is also the hideout for Greed and his henchmen, who comprise a majority of the people who frequent the pub and work in it. However, outsiders are free to come in and even work there if they want and they most likely won't know any better.

    Owner: Greed
    Bartenders: Greed
    Bouncer/Security: Korra

    Hound Pits Pub:
    Owner:Emily Kaldwin
    Bartenders: Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane
    Waiters:Cassandra Sandsmark​

    House of The Two Backed Beast
    The House of The Two Backed Beast is a brothel specializing in non human clients or more "experimental" humans. With a staff of mostly non humans The House is an extremely elegant Brothel with wide open rooms and an extremely discreet guest list. And the girls and boys of the Brothel are well taken care of by their dear "mama", The Goblin Lady LotusSkin

    Madame: Lady LotusSkin
    Book Keeper:

    The Sand Dollar Cafe
    Kitchen Staff: Nico di Angelo
    Waiters/Till Staff: Pidge​

    The Shack
    a simple restaurant specializing in seafood with an Afro-Caribbean flavor.
    Kitchen staff:
    Wait staff: Mary Batson​

    Warm Sands
    Warm Sands is a laid back Hooka Bar run by the Kahjiit Ru'Kishar and his business partner Lucifer De'Vile (Dracula's SUBTLE alias) which offers a wide array of flavored tobaccos to their normal patron and in the back they offer their special stock, Skoom made from the finest Moon Sugar. With Persian themes based off of the palaces of

    Owner: Vladislaus II Dracula (Under the name Lucifer De'Vile)
    Floor Manager:
    Hooka Girls:

    Blacksmith: Leo Valdez
    Fishermen: Moana
    Goatherd: Billyboy
    Lifeguard: Lance McClain
    Tech Repair & Specialist: Pidge
    Tinker: Leo Valdez
    Weapons Merchant: Old Hob
    Oracle at Apollo's temple: Anna
    Dragon: Corrin
    Performer: Azura​

    Character Name: Full Name, as displayed on the account!
    Job: The location/position they are applying for.
    Why?: We're looking for qualifications here. Obviously, this would only apply to jobs that require certain experience, such as Doctor, Surgeon, Security, etc. Use common sense when choosing a job for your character.

    Establishment Title:
    Establishment Description - What type of place is this? Please describe the goods or services provided.
    [INDENT][COLOR=#99cc00]•[/COLOR] Position Title:
    [COLOR=#99cc00]•[/COLOR] Position Title:
    [COLOR=#99cc00]•[/COLOR] Position Title: [/INDENT]
    Fill out the appropriate form and reply to this topic to be taken care of. If you are interested in a job we have not listed here, or if your character is working for themselves, that's perfectly fine! Post anyway and we'll add the necessary job to the list if it fits the location.
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  2. Jessamine Kaldwin

    Jessamine Kaldwin Dishonored

    Governor of Cascade Bay
    Lawful Good
    Character Name: Jessamine Kaldwin
    Job: Deputy Governor
    Why?: Due to two near death experiences, and combined with the fact that she's getting married, Jessamine will be stepping down from Governorship for the season change. She'll step down to Deputy Governor, where she can still have a say in how the town runs but will be taking on a less central authority role. Just wanted to sign up for it now, but the current event describing what happened with what will be up for the season change on the 15th!
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