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Cascade Bay: Laws & Regulations

Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Steel, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Laws & Regulations in Cascade Bay

    Code of Conduct

    The following laws and regulations are changeable at any moment. Please be advised that all must adhere to the following codes and guidelines. Below follow basic laws regarding day-to-day life in Cascade Bay.

    Basic Codes


    People who have a dispute as neighbors regarding property or monetary issues may take their case to the Governor proper, who will allow reparations to the appropriate party.


    A sales tax is instituted on all sales, particularly on goods and services. These taxes go to benefit homeless shelters, clinics, and other services all citizens and noncitizens are welcome to enjoy.


    Tourists, merchants, and noncitizens are expected to follow the codes, and are treated as Cascade Bay citizens under the law. Criminals that are captured in Cascade Bay after fleeing another town will be extradited to the town they committed the original crime in.

    Nightly Lockdown

    The gates of Cascade Bay are closed at promptly 11pm and open again at dawn. You may enter and exit the city only in cases of severe emergency. Guards monitor entrances around the clock, with heavier patrols at night. If you arrive via the Mirror Travel Network after-hours, you will have to stay at Mirror Travel Network's building until dawn. Cots and refreshments are provided for those that arrive late to their destination until they can leave.

    Vigilante Code

    Vigilantes are defined as any person or persons who take the law into their own hands in order to capture or defeat criminal persons on behalf of society. Vigilantes are not required to have a license, but they must adhere to the following code:
    1. Vigilantes must obey the law. They cannot murder nor brutalize their targets unfairly.
    2. Vigilantes must mind the Guard. If a member of the Guard asks the Vigilante to leave the scene, release evidence to a Guard member to help with an investigation, or release a potential suspect into Guard hands, the vigilante must obey.
    3. Vigilantes must turn in their captured criminal/suspect to Guard hands.
    4. Vigilantes who disobey the above code will be labeled as ‘Criminal Vigilantes’ and will be wanted by law. Their punishment will be banishment from the Bay area.

    Maritime/Piracy Code

    Officers and officials on the high seas must maintain professionalism at all times, protecting and serving the community of the Bay. Any behavior unbecoming of an officer or official will be brought to the attention of the Governor and mean a dishonorable discharge from service. This includes murder, theft of private vessels, abuse of power, and more.

    Piracy is defined by Cascade Bay law as: “Any thievery, murder, or destruction of personal or private property for personal gain on the High Seas.” The Navy is responsible for monitoring private behavior and bringing these people to justice. Committing piracy is considered a major offense/grand theft on the high seas and treated accordingly.

    Organized Crime/Terrorist Action Code

    Organized Crime, in the definition of: “a category of transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals who intend to engage in illegal activity, most commonly for money and profit.” Such action is forbidden, and will be highly monitored and stopped by the Guard. Anyone suspected to have been involved in said organized crime will be contained and interrogated.

    Terrorism, in definition of: “the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror, or fear, to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim.” Terrorists caught will be held, interrogated, extradited (if wanted in other towns for their crimes), and magically banished from the Bay area.

    Guard Code

    Guards in Cascade Bay must maintain professionalism at all times, protecting and serving the community of the Bay. Any behavior unbecoming of an officer or official will be brought to the attention of the Governor and mean a dishonorable discharge from service, as well as punishment if applicable.

    Guards may need only probable cause in order to search a person or home in Cascade Bay. They do not need a search warrant, only proof that they had reason enough to stop and search due to suspicious activity.

    Guards are given full discretion of arrests. Complaint about an arrest procedure or professionalism of a specific Guard member should be brought before the Head of the Guard or the Governor.

    Crime & Punishment

    Punishments and sentences are decided on by Cascade Bay's Governor, in accordance with the severity of the offense.
    • Major Offenses: Regards to Murder, Criminal Vigilantism, Piracy, Organized Crime (buying and selling of illegal drugs/weapons/hired mercenaries), Grand Theft (the armed theft of a large amount of money), Terrorist Action, Kidnapping, Assault, Rape.

    • Minor Offenses: Regards to Petty Theft, Trespassing, Drunk and Disorderly Conduct.
    Breaking Cascade Bay's codes and laws may result in:
    • First Offense: A fine, and a week of community service on a Navy vessel (like in the galleys peeling potatoes) or in the community.

    • Second Offense: A month of community service on a Navy barge or in the community. Jail sentence served during this time. (By day: community service, By night: in jail)

    • Third Offense: A season of community service aboard a research vessel in the Navy or in the community at large, a public apology given face-to-face to the people you stole from and terrorized, your name is registered in a database afterwards for a month of monitoring via a parole officer.

    • Fourth Offense/Major Offenses: Potential magical banishment from the Bay area, a magical brand forbidding you from ever returning. (Or maybe a sentence of having to sit with a social health professional to discuss why you want to steal all the damn time. Pick which one is worse. Most beg for imprisonment over the social health professional.)
    You may appeal your punishment with the Governor at least once. There is no judicial system in the Bay area. Major Laws are voted on by citizens of Cascade Bay, and are enforced by the Governor.
    Written by @Lanni, thank you!
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