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News Article Cascade Bay Menaced by Giant Lizard

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Godzilla, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Godzilla

    Godzilla Godzilla

    Security Lizard
    Daye Investigations Linen Closet
    Kaiju / Human
    Chaotic Neutral

    JUNE 1, Y108

    In lieu of summer fun in the sun, Cascade Bay has rung in the new season with an unlikely and arguably unwelcome new addition to the population.

    Located directly outside the settlement, a stone's throw from the busy waterfront of the community, the creature known as Godzilla has been observed having taken over much of the sandy beach surrounding Cascade Bay. As of publication, the creature - commonly referred to as a kaiju - has proven itself to be docile, and has been largely inactive. The animal has been observed to disappear at high tide, returning to the beach at low tide.

    Civilians are warned to give this kaiju a wide berth where possible. It has been known to display erratic bursts of aggression in the past, and so curious citizens are asked to maintain a respectful distance for the time being. It remains to be seen what, if anything, will be done to relocate the creature to a more suitable location, further from the population.
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