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Cascade Bay

Discussion in 'Lorebook' started by Steel, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Steel

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    Cascade Bay


    ............Quick FactsLocation: Tiberian Islands, northwest
    of the westernmost island
    Population: ~400 (+Residents)
    Government: Elected governor
    Technology: Electricity, StarkNet,
    running water, sewage system
    Trade: Commercial fishing, aquaculture,
    resources from the local rainforest
    • Farming difficulties
    • Dangerous Kappas in the forest
    Cascade Bay is a small town located on the westernmost island of the Tiberian Islands, more specifically on the closest island to the Pandoran mainland. The town itself is nestled in a bay, hence its name, and faces the sea to the south. Being the only town in Pandora located on an island, Cascade Bay has a unique tropical climate that is present all year round, with frequent rain showers and comfortably cool breezes off the coast.


    The town itself, while not populous, is widespread. Oddly, there is a strange and eclectic fusion of medieval Asian and European architecture; ornate stone buildings that would look at home in early Venice squat alongside elegant-roofed boathouses straight out of the Muromachi period of Japan, interspersed with recently-built cabins and cottages made almost entirely out of wood. The more elegant of these buildings can be found along the coastline, whereas the smaller cabins can be found on the town’s fringes and closer to the nearby forest.

    The docks are located in the bay itself, on the edge of town, allowing for easier fish farming and travel to and from town. However, after Cascade Bay suffered multiple attacks, the docks were walled; they now serve as the first line of defense protecting the town from invaders. Nearby caves that are a reasonable walk from town can also be used as hideouts for the locals in times of danger.


    For the most part, Cascade Bay is a peaceful town. While not as advanced as Pandora Town or Misty Hollow in terms of technology, Cascade Bay’s houses have both electricity, including access to StarkNet, and running water. There is even a proper sewage system for the beach resort and the more luxurious houses, and compost toilets serving as an alternative for cabins, cottages and houses that have yet to switch to proper plumbing.


    Wooden walkways serve as streets and are mostly found in the town center, while dirt-packed paths are more common the closer you get to the edge of town. There are numerous small businesses that have flourished over time to be found, such as small restaurants and cafes, and several market stalls line the busier paths. Due to its unique location, attracting travelers from all across Pandora, Cascade Bay is also a popular vacation spot, especially during the summer.

    The sea is rich in fish for those who know how to catch them, making aquaculture the primary forms of trade. There is even an oyster bed along the less frequented areas of the beach. A land bridge that is only visible during low tide, connecting Cascade Bay to the Pandoran mainland, is just half an hour’s walk away from the town itself, but very dangerous to travel along.

    Flora & Fauna

    The rainforest-like woods around Cascade Bay are airy and full of birds. But however luxurious the local foliage is, and despite the three freshwater rivers leading into the sea, the land is difficult for farming, making Cascade Bay reliant on other towns for grains, vegetables, and other food sources. There is also a population of dangerous Kappas living in these areas, and while they try to avoid going on land, they won’t hesitate to supplement their diet of fish with the occasional unwary traveler.


    As the local rainforests suggest, rainfall is frequent, especially during the rainy season that lasts for half a year during the otherwise mild winter season. Other than torrential rain that occurs without warning, but does not last very long, the sea itself is usually calm, with the area surprisingly free of harsher weather phenomena.


    Travel between Cascade Bay and the mainland can be achieved in many ways.

    Mirror Travel Network

    A small islet just off the coast of Cascade Bay, connected by a small bridge with intricate designs that seems to be carved out of sand itself, holds the Mirror Travel Network. Put in place by Pandora Town's Department of Magical Advancements, in collaboration with the Mages Guild, these portals are actually tall mirrors, arranged in a semi-circle that face the bridge so they are visible as you approach, that can instantaneously take travelers to any town of their choosing. Each mirror is labeled with its destination, with Pandora Town’s mirror in the center.


    There is a free ferry that travels from Cascade Bay to Pandora Town, and vice versa, providing an alternative for those who are not comfortable with using portals. The ferry is built to carry roughly two dozen people, as well as large and heavy crates for use in carrying supplies and goods back and forth between the two towns. It is a 4-hour journey, and the ferry makes four round-trips every day.


    While it is possible to walk from the mainland to Cascade Bay, or vice versa, it is not an easy or safe journey.

    There is a land bridge that connects the two, roughly 20 miles long, that is only available for 6 hours during low tide. Understandably, travel is impossible during high tide, but there are three rocky islets along the way, barely large enough for a group of six to sit on, where travelers can rest and wait out high tide, which lasts another 6 hours. A straight walk, if you’re physically fit, can take roughly 10 hours in total. Taking into account the tides themselves, though, the journey across the land bridge is more likely to take 1-2 days.

    Even so, travelers from Cascade Bay will have to take a stagecoach or travel roughly 50 hours in total on foot to get back to Pandora Town, a 5-day journey for a physically fit person.
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