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Castle, Frank

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Frank Castle, May 13, 2018.

  1. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle Marvel Universe

    Bouncer at Nine Circles
    Pandora Town
    Lawful Neutral
    you hit them and they get back up. i hit them and they stay down!

    Played by North

    Fandom: Marvel Universe
    Age: 34
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: While making someone less beautiful


    Having spent time in the military, Frank quickly took to the art of combat. Whether it be with a gun, knife, or his fist, he can use just about anything as a weapon. In a way, the military did their job in training him. He is essentially a killing machine that is not afraid to be unconventional in his own methods. If there's a way to kill a man, Frank probably knows how to do it very effectively. Though he is quite skilled with a variety of different weapons, Frank is most at home with a gun in his hand. Adhering to the philosophy "one shot, one kill", Frank makes sure that every single bullet counts. Be it a killing or wounding shot, Frank's bullet will likely find its target. At the same time, his combat skills would mean absolutely nothing without being somewhat tactical. Frank is a meticulous planner and has been shown to take down large amounts of men on his own due to his skills with strategy. If he is given any preparation time whatsoever, Frank becomes even deadlier. He is a military man through and through, and he has not stopped being a soldier since he returned home. He retains all of his skills that he honed over time in the military, and he hasn't exactly stopped using them.


    The biggest weakness of the Punisher is his humanity. Frank may seem invulnerable, but he bleeds just like everyone else. Bullets and other weapons can bring him down just as effectively as it does other humans. It is only his skills that keep him alive in a combat situation, but the tide has been shown to turn against him when fighting against other skilled combatants. He is also a man blinded by his own personal vendetta and missions. This can ultimately cause him to have momentary lapses in rationale that can get him involved in situations that put him at major disadvantages.


    To Frank Castle, the world is entirely made up of black and white. There are no greys in the world. Attempting to take the middle path is an impossibility that allows for innocent people to get hurt. Therefore, Frank has become to see himself as the judge, jury, and executioner. When he sees a criminal, he sees scum that is willing to hurt people. He is more than willing to ignore the notion that they have lives outside of their illegal activities. Since Frank has seen first hand what these criminals are willing to do, he is not willing to give them any sort of forgiveness for their action. Thugs did not give his family any sort of leniency, therefore there is no reason to give any criminals anything that can be considered a slap on the wrist. The only way to keep criminals off the streets is to put them in the ground.

    That's not to say that Frank is entirely incapable of compassion. His whole crusade against crime came about to the death of his innocent family. Therefore, his rationale behind killing his enemies is to make sure they can no longer hurt innocent people. Frank also makes sure that his attacks are carried out in a way that casualties will only be inflicted upon the criminals. While he may use people to help him get access to a few illegal things like guns, he will turn on that person instantly upon learning of their criminal activity. People who hurt kids are especially high on his list of people to kill, and he will go out of his way to remove them from the world. Even if someone does not fit into his own plans for revenge, he will change course just to make sure that they can not hurt anyone anymore.

    Overall, Frank is a man with a mission. He does not stop until it is completed. Willing to endure pain and suffering, all that matters to the Punisher is that people are safe. His sole focus in life is to give criminals the trial that he believes they deserve. In a way, the human aspects of Frank have almost entirely been obscured by this drive. Unwilling, or unable, to see any other side, he has completely allowed himself to be concerned with a single mindset. He is more than willing to sacrifice personal relationships if that means he is able to accomplish his plans. Frank Castle seemingly died with his family, and the Punisher is the only thing that remains. Those traces of humanity are still very much there, but they have been buried deep down in order for Frank to actually be the Punisher.

    • Compared to his later life, Frank's formative years were strife with rebelliousness and fights. Upon turning 18, Frank was quick to join the Marine Corps. He was quickly trained on how to actually use a firearm properly and would soon find himself undertaking classified missions. During this time, Frank become close friends with a man named Billy Russo.
    • While on leave, Frank met a woman named Maria whilst he was playing guitar in the park. Just three months after meeting her, she was pregnant with his child. The two would soon marry, much to chagrin of friends, and another child would follow not long after Peter returned back to the military.
    • Frank found himself joining yet another covert operations group known as Cerberus. The group soon became known as the American Taliban due to their use of kidnapping and torture on high value targets. One such mission would result in the murder of an innocent civilian who's death was quickly covered up.
    • After one such mission, Frank's squad was ambushed. Taking his anger out on Agent Orange, the commander of Cerberus, he quickly left the force and left for the Army. Frank would finally return home after his final year of service.
    • His reunion with his family was short-lived, as they were all attacked by a group of men. Frank's wife and two kids were killed in the attack, but he survived the assault. Having survived, Frank vowed vengeance against the three street gangs that had taken everything from him.
    • He became known as the Punisher, and news of his grisly attacks were heard for and wide. It was during this time that Frank first encountered a hero known as Daredevil. This hero would consistently interfere in just about everything that Frank did, but the Punisher managed to get the upper hand on him a numerous amount of times.
    • Despite his numerous successes against the gangs, he was eventually captured by the Kitchen Irish. Unfortunately, for them, he was not an easy man to keep captured. With the help of Daredevil, Frank fought his way out of the Irish base.
    • Thanks to the damage down by the torture inflicted upon him and believing himself to be done with his mission, Frank was finally captured by the authorities. While recovering in a hospital, Frank was confronted by Karen Page who knew the truth behind his actions. Because of her, he also learned that the government intended to cover-up the entirety of his family's massacre which prompted him to expose the District Attorney in court.
    • Karen Page soon convinced Frank to take the stand for himself to convince a jury that he was not the monster he was seen to be. This had the opposite effect that Karen intended, as Frank readily admitted to the murders and his enjoyment of them. He was then sentenced to jail.
    • Thanks to a man named Wilson Fisk, Frank managed to escape from prison and continue to hunt down the rest of the gangs plaguing New York. After escaping, though, a figure known as the Blacksmith began framing Frank by killing those associated with his family's massacre. Once again, with the help of Karen Page, he discovered that the man behind this was his former superior.
    • He rescued Karen once more, who was being held by Schoonover. Despite her protest, he killed his former superior. Not long after, he aided the Daredevil in his own battles. Recommitting himself to his mission, Frank hunted down the remaining members of the gang that killed his family.
    • Frank attempted to live a normal life under an assumed name. This did not last long at all. He found himself once again going after another crime family, as the Punisher was reborn.
    • It was then that he was contacted by a former NSA agent named David Lieberman who was now going under the moniker Micro. Lieberman informs Frank that his former missions with Cerberus had been entirely illegal operations. Knowing that he had to go after those responsible for the mission, Frank teams up with Micro.
    • As Frank begins tracking down the former members of his team, he catches the attention of Agent Orange once more. In an attempt to save one of his former squad-mates, he is nearly killed but manages to escape. The government also learns of Frank's resurrection from the dead, which allows his friend Billy Russo to make contact with him due to his connections within the government.
    • Billy attempts to offer a job for Frank with his own military group known as Anvil. Frank declines the offer and returns to tracking down Agent Orange. Frank manages to track him down but is unable to kill him upon his first chance.
    • Frank quest for vengeance is forced to come to a slow down, as terrorist attacks rock New York. Due to the bomber making threats towards Karen, Frank is quick to track down the terrorist and stop him before he kills her. Unfortunately, this also leads to Frank being rediscovered by the police.
    • Once more, Frank moves in to save Karen from the bomber's attacks. It is during his chase of the bomber that he learns it was Billy that had been leading Anvil in the attacks against DHS and himself. Despite successfully escaping, Frank learns that Lieberman's family had been kidnapped.
    • Frank agrees to trade himself for Lieberman's kidnapped family. Finally having Frank in their hands, Agent Orange and Russo begin torturing him. Billy, no longer seeing Rawlins as an ally, helps free Frank who is quick to kill Rawlins by gouging out his eyes.
    • With the help of Dinah Madani, he is able to survive the torture inflicted upon him. Learning that Billy escaped, Frank is quick to go on the lookout for his former friend. He is quick to arrange a meeting between the two at the place Frank's family was taken from him.
    • He soon arrives at the carousel to finally put an end to Billy. After a long fight, Frank beats Billy within an inch of his life. Wanting him to remember what he has done for the rest of his life, Frank smashes Billy's face against glass numerous times, permanently disfiguring him. As his hand went to smash his face into the glass once more, Frank feels himself being dragged into the ground.


    The fire blazed behind him. In his nose was the smell of smoke, and it gave him a bit of peace. His life as Frank Castle was coming to an end. Everything that he had been was burning with his family home. But Frank had died long before that. Central Park was his resting place. The place where the last known remnants of the Castle family remained. It was the lost time he had ever been seen as truly alive. When the police had attempted to prosecute him on his crimes, he had been dead for some time. But this house was the last physical piece that was holding him from truly becoming what he had been for such a long time. In the ashes of his home, Frank Castle had been reborn as the Punisher.

    As he continued to walk away from the burning house, Frank suddenly found himself being pulled towards the earth. Was it the Devil finally claiming him? Perhaps, the end of the last thing holding Frank to the world had truly allowed him to leave. To finally be away from the pain of the world. But he wasn't that lucky. Never truly was, really. He only experienced pain and heartache in his life. Nothing more, nothing less. That was something that he had grown familiar with feeling, and it got easier and easier to deal with over time. He had but one mission in his life, and that mission had been success. While he wished to continue to rid the world of filth, there was a chance his time had come. That would be the most suiting of ends. One that they'd write stories about in the newspaper. Who knows? Maybe Karen would be the one writing it.

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  2. Lanni

    Lanni Moderator
    Application Division

    Human Nerd
    your application is

    Heeeeey Frankie! Glad to see the Punisher back on Pandora for moar punishment of them criminals. He's accepted! Swing by those sign ups and have fun! <3