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Catch Of The Day

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Moana, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Moana

    Moana Guest

    @Ariel Tritonsdatter
    November 5th

    Moana pulled hard on the sail and veered her boat to the left. She'd been back on the ocean for four days now and was loving it. After returning to her island Motunui, her people had been eager to reconnect with their true way of life and begin voyaging again. After a long few weeks of debate and preparation, they'd packed the canoes, filled with coconuts, mangos and other island fruits, repaired the sails and set off to explore new islands. Moana had never felt more like herself, as she stood up on the eagle's nest of the leading canoe. The sunlight rained over the everlasting ocean as she guided her people across the sea.

    "Moana! Dolphins!" The kids called from the deck. They'd adapted better than she expected, loving being on the water with the ocean life. Moana swung down on the ropes of the sail and joined them at the front of the boat. Sure enough, a pod of dolphins leapt along side them. She laughed as the children celebrated with joy.

    "They're beautiful, aren't they? They might lead us to a new island!" She patted one of the girl's heads before making her way back to the centre of the canoe. All up they had about 12 boats, filled with her people. It made her so proud.

    "Hello Father, Mother," she greeted her parents.

    "Good view from up there? I've got a feeling we'll be reaching a new island soon." Her Mother, Sina said.

    "It's beautiful. There were no signs of an island in the distance, but it's been a few days. We must be close now." Her father smiled proudly. Tui was still wary of the ocean but had more faith in his daughter after hearing about the journey she'd taken. Speaking of her epic voyage, Moana hadn't seen Maui since she'd returned home. She imagined him exploring islands on his own since he'd been stuck on that island of rocks for a thousand years....

    "Storms! Ahead!" Breaking out of her thoughts, Moana climbed back up to the eagle's nest and looked ahead. Some distance ahead of them, a dark storm was brewing. She frowned-

    Moana opened her eyes. Awake.

    She instinctively squirted and raised the palm of her hand to block the glare of the harsh sun beating down on her with strange and foreign heat It too a moment of blinking up at the sky above her to remember….

    Oh. Right. She was here….As far away from her home as she could be.

    She sighed wistfully to herself half lamenting the fact that she ever had to wake up from such her dream. Maybe that’s all Pandora was, some nightmare she just needed to wake up from...The problem has she had a terrible knack for waking from the good dreams.

    She needed to work on that…

    For now, though, she needed to deal with her empty aching belly, ever since she had arrived in Pandora, she had food to be hard to come by...but all of that was a thing of the past once she made a move towards the coast and made a dwelling beside the beach. So she shifted out of her makeshift cot and picked up her homemade spear and went her way to the water’s edge and simply waited for something appetising to drift along.

    The sea provided, it always did.
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  2. She didn’t know how she felt, being lost and confused. There was the world above, of course. There was always the world above, but everything had changed. The sights had changed and when she tried to travel back home to her papa and to her sisters, it felt hopeless. Not at first, but now, days later, Ariel was beginning to feel more and more nervous.

    No, not nervous. Afraid.

    At least she wasn’t completely alone. Her father may have been nowhere to be found, not her sisters, and not Sebastian either, but she had Flounder at her side, the little tropical fish sticking close to her side, worrying and worrying about the idea of getting closer to land.

    “Oh come on, Flounder, what else can we do? Don’t be such a guppy,” she told him, dipping down low in the water as she peered around a large rock. There was a human there with a spear in her hands. Young with tanned skin and dark hair, and Ariel couldn’t help but watch her in awe. She always watched humanity in awe.

    “Ariel,” hissed Flounder’s voice in her ear as he popped up onto the surface behind her. “Ariel, she’s gonna eat me, let’s go!”
  3. Moana

    Moana Guest

    Moana had a soft heart, so naturally she never particularly enjoyed the concept of hunting animals to eat, she always felt a connection with the water and killing and eating something that lived in it, simply because it was unfortunate enough to be close enough to Moana’s finely crafted spear. It took her father a long time before he managed to convince Moana that hunting down the wild was merely a necessary part of how life around them worked. There was a certain balance to things and hunting was just apart of it.

    And though it took quite a long time to get used to that,...Like so many things she grew into it until it just became a natural part of her life.

    So she stood there, on the water’s edge like she had so many times before, her back straighten out her head dropped low her eyes narrowed in immense focus to the point where the world around her dimmed somewhat, as all of her concentration was on the water -To the point where she didn’t even notice that she might not be alone- as she waited for the slightest movement or ripple in the water-


    In a flurry of movement. Moana let rip with her spear and her aim was true impaling quite a sizable troat…

    She would eat well this morning she thought as she set about dragging it out of the water...
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  4. [​IMG]
    For some reason, it didn't completely sink in what the human was doing despite Flounder's words and the way he bounced around in the water near her, trying to get her attention, trying to pull her away so that they could take their leave. Even if they did go, where would they go? Home was nowhere to be found. Ariel didn't know where Atlantica was and no fish or crab or lobster seemed to have ever heard of it either.

    Speaking of fish.

    A loud gasp passed Ariel's lips as she watched the human suddenly impale a trout in the water. Her blue eyes were wide and she stared, at a loss for words as she watched her drag the poor fish out of the water. Only a split second later did she realize how loud she had been.

    A human with a spear. A human with a weapon. Ariel wanted that to be harmless, but she could hear her father in her head, warning her away, and suddenly, the mermaid smacked her hands over her mouth and quickly pulled herself around the side of the rock, back to stone the moment she was out of sight.

  5. Moana

    Moana Guest

    …..And now came the unpleasant part.

    Moana had learned that it was best to get this over with quick, the last thing Moana wanted to do was to cause the creature any more pain then she needed to, even though that offered little solace to Moana’s conscious and even less to the fish she would wager thankfully, the fish wasn’t so much impaled as it was pinned down, she tried not to notice it trying to wriggle away in the water.

    Instead, she tried to focus on the fact it felt like she didn’t have a decent meal for the last week and the sea was providing to her,

    Sighing to herself she closed her eyes and muttered a quick thanks to Tangaroa the goddess of the sea for helping her in her time of need…

    But the moment she was about to push down on the fish a sudden screech got her attention momentarily she cast her gaze upwards momentarily confused, and instinctively she released the pressure on her spear, and that’s all the fish needed to squirm away and escape into the sea. She looked down trying to recapture it, but she just missed it.

    She tutted a little in disappointment before she looked out to the sea again, trying to figure out who was it that distracted her “Hello? Is someone there?”
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  6. [​IMG]
    Wincing slightly at the sound of the voice coming from the direction she'd just been looking, Ariel squeezed her eyes shut and took in a deep breath. She supposed she had two options now. Give up and swim away, something Flounder was clearly eager to do as she could feel him tugging on her fin, or peer back around that rock and reveal herself to the human. She wouldn't be the first human she had ever spoken with. There was Silver, of course. And he had been so nice. Nothing at all like her father had described humans to be.

    And she? The girl with the spear, there was a different kind of something about her. Soft and gentle with a fierce determination underneath. That was it, that was what Ariel noticed even from that distance. But was it enough for the mermaid to decide to stick around?

    Apparently it was, because Ariel found herself slowly peering around that rock, making instantaneous eye contact with the dark haired girl. "I didn't mean to scare you," she said quietly, though maybe that wasn't the right term. She didn't exactly strike her as afraid.

  7. Moana

    Moana Guest

    No, Moana was a lot of things and had a lot of strong feelings running through her head when Ariel revealed herself, but fear? That wasn’t one of those emotions, it took a lot to scare a girl that faced down demigods and monsters without blinking an eye and Ariel certainly wasn’t going to be the one to have Moana cower in fear…

    No, her reaction was less fear and more….Awe….Wonder…..spellbound. That were all optimum ways to describe the expression on her face. Moana’s body literally froze as Ariel appeared her eyes going as wide as they possibly could, her mouth hanging open in total shock the spear dropping out of her frozen hand with a dull thunk, but it looked like Moana didn’t even notice as she stared frozen in place at a creature that had only existed in her grand mother’s stories.

    After a moment her mouth began to bob up and down as if trying to say something but her shock was so complete she couldn’t quite manage it

    ” Moana eventually choked out “You’re...You’re...You’re….Wow She eventually forced out, as her eyes turned stary and a warm smile lit up her face
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  8. [​IMG]
    Maybe it wasn't fear on her face. Ariel hadn't been close enough to very many humans to really understand the difference between the expressions of humans and the expressions of merfolk. She hadn't thought there was much of a difference at all, actually, especially after finding herself so close to that human aboard that ship. The one with the beautiful dark curls and the enchanting smile. Ariel couldn't help but swoon a little bit at the thought of him.

    Outwardly, though? Outwardly, she was watching the dark-haired girl with wonder, a faint smile twitching at the corners of her lips as she tried to choke out words. Words she was clearly struggling to find.

    "...Um-- You're very ... wow, too," Ariel remarked, her smile widened, a touch crooked at the corner as though she wasn't sure what the right thing to say was.

  9. Moana

    Moana Guest

    Once Moana got over the initial shock of seeing Ariel, it didn’t take long for Moana to get as close to the water’s edge as far as she could without actually getting in, before she quick;y sat down shifting her position crossing her legs from under her in the most comfortable position she could manage gently leaning forward, looking like she was bursting to ask any and all questions that she had, but the fear of scaring off an actual real life Mermaid was enough to wait at least before the explosion of curiosity went off

    She smiled a little timidly at the compliment before shifting herself once more in the sandbank “My gramma used to tell stories about you” Moana grimished experiencing instant regret for her word choices “ Not. YOU specifically, but...your people...mermaids. You lived in in the bottom of the sea, and you watched over my island for any threats….People didn’t believe her no one ever believed her, but here you are! Moana noted with a fair amount of glee holding her arms out “ You’re real! Are you from my world? Do you know Motunui? What’s it like living at the bottom of the sea? Does it speak to you? Do FISH speak to you? What do they say? Are theyir move for you.”

    All of these questions flooded out of Moana in seemingly one breath, the words tumbling out of her, like the floodgates quickly began to open, and only slowed when Moana had to take a breath

    “.....Oh, I’m Moana. Moana of Motuni by the way”
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  10. [​IMG]
    She was entirely silent as she treaded the water, watching the dark haired girl with wide eyes as an absolute flood of question escaped her lips. The look on her face was similar to the look that John had had on his face the day prior, only she was more vocal about it, really. Ariel hadn't ever realized that humanity knew about mermaids, that they were as fascinated by them as they were with humanity.

    Well. As she was. Ariel felt like she was the only one.

    Overwhelmed from all of the questions despite the smile on her face, Ariel decided to at the very least focus on her introduction. "Ariel! I'm Ariel," she told her with a smile. "Motonui? Is that where you live? I've never-- I haven't heard of it, but I haven't heard of a lot of things either that you have." She wanted to learn, though. She wanted to learn everything.

    By that point, Ariel was feeling a little braver as she drifted a little bit closer in the water, some distance between the pair of them, but the redhead was clearly beginning to feel more at ease with her. "Is this island Motonui?"

  11. Moana

    Moana Guest

    Moana held it in as long as she possibly could, but eventually there was no holding back her naturally strong inquisitive instincts bursts out of her like a soda can shook up far too much, until eventually it had to explode. It;s easy to see why her family found this kind of concerning and her father in particular tried to curb that particular habit especially when she started asking questions about what mysteries lay beyond the reef,. But she could no sooner do that then she could hold the water in her hands…

    She knew that staring at the mermaid was getting more than a little awkward, but she couldn’t help it when confronted with something so strangely beautiful...It was like seeing a rare bird in its natural habitat You wanted to take it in, but yet at the same time you didn’t want to startle it in any way shape or form

    “Ariel….” Moana repeated back tasting the name on her tongue, enjoying the sound of it That’s pretty. It’s lovely to meet you! She cried with enthusiasm meaning every last word

    “Yes-Well, no not now..but I did before Y’know; “Pandora” she said gesturing to her surroundings “Believe me, I don’t really understand a lot of things here myself…..the surface world is…...strange……” she said a slight crease coming to her face as she pondered how strange it truly was “No my island….is far from here” she sighed another pang of homesickness hitting her “But what about you? Where do you come from? Are their more mermaids with you?”
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  12. If her smile could have widened anymore than it already did, it would have. There was something extra special about hearing a human say her name, as though it were this reminder of where she was and who she was looking at. It was incredible. And Moana’s enthusiasm was just so contagious, it was easy for Ariel to feel a little bit like herself, which she somehow hadn’t expected.

    “Not with me. It’s just-- It’s just me,” she admitted, her smile faltering a little bit because she would have been lying to try to claim that it wasn’t more than just a little bit lonely. It had been an entire week, though Ariel had yet to wrap her head around the idea that others had been trapped for so much longer. No, the truth was, she didn’t even necessarily realize that she was trapped.

    “I’m from Atlantica. But I--” What could she say? She swam away? She almost went to a sea witch? “I got lost. I can’t get back and daddy’s--” He was gonna kill her, that was her instinct. But deep down, she knew how worried he must have been. But then, Ariel seemed to realize how she was behaving, the way her shoulders had slouched and her smile had fated, so she straightened herself a bit again to look at her. “It’s okay. I’m just glad I get to see what’s up here.”

  13. Moana

    Moana Guest

    If Moana’s body language was anything to go by, Ariel could be discussing political issues, and trade with her government. The initial working of their political system and Moana would be utterly spellbound by what she was saying, Moana couldn't be more fascinated by Ariel’s words, this may be the single most excited she’s ever been since arriving in Pandora, probably the most enthusiastic she’s been since arrived in Pandora

    “You mean, there’s a whole land under the ocean
    ” Moana said only scooting forward so close that her feet were in danger of getting wet, not that she cared about that in this particular moment.

    “You know what’s funny? I’ve always had the opposite problem, Down there sounds MUCH more interesting down there”
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