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Centria: About the Region

Discussion in 'Centria Lore' started by The Pantheon, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. The Pantheon

    The Pantheon Administrator




    1. Overview
      • Regional Balance
    2. Magic & Technology
      • Magic
      • Technology
    3. Travel
      • Inter-Region Travel
    4. Ark City


    Centria is a vast area northwest of Pandopolis, bordering the Dread Wastes and the Crystal Vales. Easily the most densely-populated region within the Box, it is filled with smaller and larger cities, coastal villages, as well as large areas used for farming, mining, and harvesting all the earth has to offer in order to sustain Centria’s population. Being a geographical, economical and political union consisting of smaller regions, Centria doesn’t have a homogenous culture. Cultures from a myriad of different worlds, races, and species are represented within Centria’s borders. However, the common elements that all Centria shares are its focus on advancement, economic prosperity and peace within the regions. It also boasts a high standard of living, as well as an acceptance of different races and species, being more of a melting pot of different styles and ways of living.

    With its party towns, vacation spots and business hubs, Centria prides itself on being an economic and cultural miracle with a high quality of life and plenty of opportunities for its residents. However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows for the people residing within the union. While equality is one of the goals of the democratic government, there is a growing income gap among Centria’s people, especially for those who live in more rural areas. For every factory owner, there are many more miners, construction workers and seamen that Centria was built on and are needed for the region to profit. Large areas of land have been deforested to allow for construction, though many wilderness areas are protected as national parks, monuments and treasures. Still, some communities have attempted to protect their natural resources, especially the mountainous territories in the north and the scenic coastal villages.

    Regional Balance

    Just like every other region, Centria has a regional balance. This is the theme or aesthetic of the region that Pandora itself works to auto-correct if something drives it too far out of balance. Centria has two major areas of regional balance: technological advancement and impact of magical/supernatural events.

    While futuristic technologies or magical marvels can and do exist in Centria, they exist largely in private businesses, homes, and on the fringes of society. They are rarely presented front and center. As for the technology that Centria’s general public relies on, it advances no later than technologies common in our own present day.

    Pandora auto-corrects Centria in the following ways:
    • If somebody tries to mass-produce and/or distribute futuristic technology in Centria, a large majority of the general public may grow helplessly disinterested and go back to what they were using previously, or that technology will become unreliable, break down, and generally prove to be a hopeless money sink.

    • When magical or supernatural events threaten to draw widespread public attention or reshape technology, within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event, the majority of the general public will find memories of the event hazy, or will find it suddenly uninteresting and find other things to distract themselves with.
    NOTE: Any mental impact on the residents of Centria are optional for player characters. Players can choose whether or not to have their own characters feel these effects. Most NPCs will be impacted, however.

    Magic & Technology

    Much of Centria’s economy comes from technological innovation. Cellular phones and the internet have become aspects of daily life and it is not unusual to see helicopters flying in the skies above Centria’s bright cities. While Ark City is powered by a combination of wind energy and electricity, other places in Centria operate solely on electricity or use Tesla generators, especially in smaller towns and villages.

    Magic is not a secret within the union and it is freely and openly practiced. There are rules established that restrict a potential malevolent and criminal use, but discrimination against magic users is also penalized. Nothing restricts magic users and other supernatural beings to group together, so a visitor should be not surprised if they stumble on a vampire underground club or a New Age Wicca shop. Going hand-in-hand with technology, magic might be treated as another aspect of daily life or an eccentricity depending on the area, but never a force to solely depend on.

    Pockets of different stages of technological advances exist separately and together. One district might feature a very New Era feel and look with people driving Model Ts to the picture show on Sundays, while a neighboring zone’s entertainment is the local video game arcade with residents listening to cassette tapes and microwaving their TV dinners. Another area might even have people working on their laptops in a nineteenth-century apartment complex with their twelve-inch black and white television, or a Roaring 20s inspired district with an internet cafe. Whether citizens are creating a bomb shelter to protect from the impending nuclear threat in one suburb or dancing the night away to a live jazz band in another, residents have found their place among the niches of variously developed modern districts of Centria that make them feel right at home.


    Every modern-day means of travel exists in Centria, from buses to taxis and ships to planes. Hot air balloons and zeppelins are a rare sight but still exist, mostly for entertainment purposes in vacation spots, but even in the most secluded places of the land people might still use old-fashioned means of transport or rely on animals to move them from village to village. Bicycles are a common way to get around in city centers, and cars and motorbikes are usually owned by those living in rural areas or in suburbia. Major cities are connected via high-speed bullet trains, but in less economically advanced areas the trains might still run on coal.

    The bus network is extensive, covering even secluded villages by the sea or in the mountains. Centria’s major settlements are all connected via high-speed bullet trains. Public transportation is considered the most affordable means of transport, but prices vary depending on the region.

    Inter-Region Travel

    Centria borders the Dread Wastes to the east, and Pandopolis and the Crystal Vales to the southeast. Patrols have been arranged along the borders of the Wastes for additional security, with travelers being questioned thoroughly before allowed entry. Southwards lies the ocean, where numerous coastal towns offer transport to other regions by boat, ship and more.

    By far the swiftest option for travel between regions is through the public portal found in the center of Ark City, which leads to the portal hub that can be found in Pandopolis.

    Ark City

    Being the cultural center of the region, Ark City has several districts that each portray a different time era, from the clandestine speakeasies of the roaring 20s to the skateparks and graffiti-painted buildings of the 90s. The center is filled with skyscrapers that reach the skies and contain hundreds of apartments to meet the needs of Ark City’s population. It has an extensive transit system that includes subways, trams, buses, magnetic trains, and taxis that run all day and night long. Citizens living in the suburbs of Ark City are more likely to own their own cars. Ark City is powered by a combination of electric and wind energy, which explains the presence of the windmill fields outside its borders.

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