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Centria Job Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Centria Sign-ups' started by The Pantheon, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. The Pantheon

    The Pantheon Administrator


    Centria Job Sign-Ups

    The largest city in Centria, and arguably one of the largest in all of Pandora, Ark City is ripe with opportunities and wealth. Small businesses thrive in the smaller districts, whilst the towers of larger corporations can be seen reaching toward the sky toward the city's center.


    • If your character already has a full-time job, do not apply for a government position as these are all full-time jobs as well.
    • All characters who apply for government jobs must be at least physically 16 or have passed the mental examination to be considered a mature adult.
    • High-ranking positions (lead, head, chief, commander, etc.) are available only to characters who have been in Pandora long enough to have realistically achieved this position (with a minimum of 3 months/a season at least) and should have IC evidence to show that they have worked toward it.
    • Not all available positions are listed. If you would like to create a position, simply fill out the form as you normally would and we will add it to the list.
    • All newly submitted businesses must be attached to a location submission. Create a location submission here if you haven't already!



    Government Job Sign-Ups

    Electorate of Centria

    The Chancellor is elected by people every (TERM) and is responsible for the well being of the city and its residents.

    Ark Chancellor (1): @Richard Grayson-Santiago
    Specialists/Advisors to the Chancellor:

    Electorate Department

    The legislative body of the government, the Electorate Department is made of up representatives of Ark City's population who vote on matters of importance and see to the well-being and comfort of their fellow citizens.

    Secretary of the Electorate:
    Spokesperson: @Snow White

    Ark City Police Department (ACPD)

    Sworn to serve and protect, these officers of the law are on duty throughout the city on beats, as detectives, and law enforcement to make Ark City streets safer for the law abiding citizen.

    Chief of Police: @Riza Hawkeye
    Deputy Chief of Police:
    Police Commander:
    Police Detectives: @Skye, @Goro Akechi
    Police Officers: @Andrea Harrison, @Makoto Niijima, @YoRHa No.2 Type B

    Ark City Justice Hall

    Chief Judge:
    Public Defenders:
    Public Prosecutors:

    Other Job Sign-Ups

    Institutions and Facilities

    The Hotel Valentino • Marble Hill
    New Beginnings Rehabilitation Center • Radical Pointe
    Sunshine Orphanage • Levitton
    Ark of Wings • Radical Pointe
    Stark Industries • Marble Hill

    Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars

    Enfer • Saenghu
    The Lantern Lounge • Levitton
    Ryu Tenchi • Radical Pointe
    James' Bistro • Radical Pointe
    Cafe LeBlanc Deux • Levitton
    The Haven • Saenghu
    The Homestead • Saenghu
    Scoops Ahoy • Radical Pointe

    Nightlife and Entertainment

    Galaxy Drive-In Movie Theatre • Saenghu
    Elusion • Saenghu
    Verdant • Saenghu
    Henka Games & Warcross Arcade • Saenghu


    Books Elysees • Levitton
    Dora's Antiques • Levitton
    The Low Light • Saenghu
    Market of Ark City • Radical Pointe
    Naru-紙 Handcrafts • Radical Pointe
    Seven Stars Flowershop • Radical Pointe


    Coquelicot Agency • Marble Hill
    Amethyst Tower • Marble Hill
    Gasmer Productions • Marble Hill
    The Healing Cauldron • Levitton
    The Spectacular Office of Mr. Waugh
    Beck Engineering • Marble Hill
    Dusty's Friends • Radical Pointe
    Haute Societe Catering • Radical Pointe
    Sword and Shield Private Security • Marble Hill

    Miscellaneous & Freelance

    Artists: @Yusuke Kitagawa
    Freelance Exorcist: @Margo Hanson
    Private Investigator: @Osamu Dazai
    Private Security/Bodyguard: @Chuuya Nakahara
    Singers: @Skye
    Psychiatrist: @Lucifer
    Vigilantes: @Izuku Midoriya, @Shoto Todoroki, @Tenya Iida, @Annie January, @Ochaco Uraraka

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  2. The Pantheon

    The Pantheon Administrator


    Regional Sign-Ups

    All jobs located outside of the Centria's hub city can be found here.


    The Healing Cauldron Clerk . @Chise Hatori . Misty Hollow
    Rancher . @The Governor . Ruby Ranch

    Civil Service

    Police Officer . @Jim Hopper . Arco


    Job Title . Character Name . Location


    Job Title . Character Name . Location

    Food Service

    Hunter/Fisher . @Korra . Arco


    Forensic Pathologist . @Isabelle Lightwood . Arco


    Job Title . Character Name . Location


    Cross Protection Services Owner . @Haytham Kenway . Windjammer Cove
    Researcher/Ranger . @Vivienne Graham . Skystone Wilderness Reservation

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  3. The Pantheon

    The Pantheon Administrator


    The Forms

    If you are interested in signing your character up, please fill out the form below and post it as a reply to this thread.

    Sign Me Up!

    Character Name:
    Required for positions which would realistically expect them.
    Regional OnlyLocation: Please specify surrounding wilderness, sub-region, or town name

    Code Here!

    New Business Please!

    Business Name:
    Location Submission:
    Link to your location submission here. All new job listings must have a location submission. Create one here if you haven't already!
    Job List: No more than three jobs to start with. Others may be added if characters are interested in taking them.

    Code Here!

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