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Character Playlists 2.0

Discussion in 'Games' started by Steel, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Claire Nunez

    Claire Nunez Trollhunters
    Queen of Hairclips

    Schola Praditos
    Neutral Good
    { Claire Nunez}


    ♪ "Children Of The Sun " || Thomas Bergersen
    The fire in our eyes
    The passion never dies
    We're the chosen ones
    The children of the sun

    ♪ " O Death " || Jeff Grace
    When God is gone and the Devil takes hold,
    Who'll have mercy on my soul?
    O' Death, O' Death,
    Consider my age, please don't take me at this stage

    ♪ " None Shall Live" || Thomas Bergersen

    ♪ " Legends Never Die " || Against The Current
    Legends never die when the world is callin' you
    Can you hear them screaming out your name?
    Legends never die, they become a part of you
    Every time you bleed for reaching greatness
    Relentless you survive

  2. Shiho Suzui

    Shiho Suzui Guest

    { Shiho Suzui}


    ♪ "Praying " || Kesha

    I'm proud of who I am
    No more monsters, I can breathe again
    And you said that I was done
    Well, you were wrong and now the best is yet to come
    'Cause I can make it on my own, oh
    And I don't need you, I found a strength I've never known

    ♪ " i hate the A team" || Ed Sheeran & Gnash
    Been this way since eighteen
    But lately her face seems
    Slowly sinking, wasting
    Crumbling like pastries
    And they scream
    The worst things in life come free to us

    ♪ " Battle Against A True Hero Lyrical Cover" || Chi-Chi
    trembling within the breeze,
    I can feel my soul is shaking,
    even with a single blow,
    everything that is comes undone,
    using every ounce of strength,
    just keep myself from breaking,
    I can only watch you walk by

    ♪ "Waiting Between Worlds " || Zach Hemsey

    She was alone in the bathroom
    Eyes fixed like a statue
    Wrists sore and her face bruised
    She's just waiting for more bad news
    Now she's white like a full moon
    As she can't bear what the test proves
    At a crossroads, need a rescue
    Cause what she gonna do

    Waiting between worlds that divide through a choice undefined
    A break in the line where all paths intertwine
    And no roads lead or progress behind
    And all signs read: "Know The Way. Decide."

    ♪ " I'm Still Sanding " || Taron Egerton

    Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did
    Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
    I'm still standing after all this time
    Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind

    ♪ " Wait For It " || Leslie Odom Jr

    Life don't discriminate
    Between the sinners and the saints
    Taking me, taking
    And we keep living anyway
    We rise and we fall and we break
    And we make our mistakes

    ♪ " Superheroes " || The Script

    All the hurt, all the lies
    All the tears that they cry
    When the moment is just right
    You see fire in their eyes
    'Cause she’s stronger than you know
    A heart of steel starts to grow

  3. Hellboy

    Hellboy Hellboy

    Paranormal Investigator
    Neutral Good
  4. Daniel Wing

    Daniel Wing Legend

    Cascade Bay
    16 (+1)
    Chaotic Good
    { Daniel Wing }


    ♪ "Hey now" || Gio Navas
    Hey now.
    Who’s listening?
    My words are unscripted.
    Hey now.
    Open your eyes.
    Get up and fight.

    ♪ "Welcome to the black parade" || My Chemical Romance
    He said, "Son when you grow up
    Would you be the savior of the broken
    The beaten and the damned?"
    He said "Will you defeat them
    Your demons, and all the non-believers
    The plans that they have made?"

    ♪ "I have a right" || Sonata Arctica
    Give me the right to be heard
    To be seen, to be loved, to be free
    To be everything I need, to be me
    To be safe, to believe
    In something

    ♪ "My land" || Sonata Arctica
    My own land has closed its gates on me
    All alone in world, it's scaring me
    I am here to prove you wrong
    I'm accused to something I live for
    In my dreamland, there's one who understands
    A friendly soul, trusting life in your hand

    ♪ "Hero" || Skillet
    I've gotta fight today
    To live another day
    Speakin' my mind today
    (My voice will be heard today)
    I've gotta make a stand
    But I am just a man

    ♪ "Numbers" || Lyriel
    One, Two, Three, Four
    I'm falling to my knees
    I'm crying out and begging to you
    Please, please don't deny
    I need to know if I was right or wrong

    ♪ "Pale" || Within Temptation
    I have to try
    To break free
    From the thoughts in my mind
    Use the time that I have
    I can say goodbye
    Have to make it right
    Have to fight

    ♪ "I never told you what I do for a living" || My Chemical Romance
    Well never again, and never again
    They gave us two shots to the back of the head
    And we're all dead now.
    Well I tried
    One more night
    One more night
    well I'm laughin' out, cryin' out, laughin' out loud
    I tried, well I tried, well I tried,
    'Cause I tried, but I lied

    ♪ "Sing me to sleep" || Alan Walker
    Wait a second, let me catch my breath
    Remind me how it feels to hear your voice
    Your lips are movin', I can't hear a thing
    Livin' life as if we had a choice

    ♪ "United we stand tall" || Rachel Rose Mitchell
    They're calling out for us,
    calling out for our surrender.
    We can show them all
    that's not how we're going to end it.
    Up against the wall
    is where we stand our ground
    while the fires fly
    and crackle all around.
  5. Magiano

    Magiano Young Elites
    Musical Magpie

    Musician, Mimik, Thief
    Young Elite
    Chaotic Neutral
    { Magiano }


    ♪ "Golden Eyes" || Mercedes Lackey
    A shadow in the bright bazaar
    A glimpse of eyes where none should shine
    A glimpse of eyes translucent gold
    And silted against the sun
    This the clue, and this the sign

    ♪ "Troubador" || Heather Dale
    No one knew from whence he'd come
    Or all the shadings of his life.
    He walked in dreams across the land
    And, waking, flown within the night.
    We knew him from the tales he told
    In breath and string and gaze and drum.
    We marveled at the dancing world
    Our simple silence had become.

    ♪ "Deceiver of Fools" || Within Temptation
    No light in the darkness
    Is too small to see
    There's always a sparkle of hope
    If you just believe

    ♪ "Losing my insanity" || Sonata Arctica
    Losing my insanity
    Would mean I'm losing everything
    The dream where I can fly

    ♪ "Life" || Sonata Arctica
    Sing one rhyme,
    Wait for the punch line
    The notes are blind
    But they know when you sing and

    ♪ "Memoria" || Lyriel
    Round the world and back again
    Is very far to roam
    The footloose life of now and then
    A wind-bound exile far from home

    ♪ "Bards Song" || Blind Guardian
    We may meet again
    But now hear my song
    About the dawn of the night
    Let's sing the bards' song

    ♪ "Edema Ruh" || Nightwish
    Dance to the whistle to the play to the story
    To infinite encores
    Laugh at the royalty with sad crowns
    And repeat the chorus once more

    ♪ "Nil Sen Na" || Celtic Woman
    I came by a house last night
    and told the woman "I am staying"
    I said to her "The moon is bright
    and my fiddles tuned for playing"
    Tell me that the night is long
    Tell me that the moon Is glowing
    Fill my glass I'll sing a song
    and will start the music flowing

    ♪ "Sleepsong" || Secret Garden
    May you sail far to the far fields of fortune
    With diamonds and pearls at your head and your feet
    And may you need never to banish misfortune
    May you find kindness in all that you meet
  6. Sasuke Tanaka

    Sasuke Tanaka Warcross

    human AI
    { Sasuke Tanaka }


    ♪ "Everybody lies" || Jason Walker
    We do what we have to when we fall in love.
    We say what we need to get out when it's not enough.
    Whether it's to yourself, or lookin' at someone else.
    Everybody lies, lies, lies.
    It's the only truth sometimes.

    ♪ "Labyrinth" || Oomph
    Run, child, run
    Run for your life
    You don't know now who you are anymore
    You don't know anymore what love is
    The mirrored face you see is strange
    There's no one here to share your pain

    ♪ "Spectre" || Alan Walker
    Hello, hello
    Can you hear me, as I scream your name
    Hello, hello
    Do you need me, before I fade away
    Is this a place that I call home
    To find what I've become

    ♪ "Artificial Intelligence" || Slaves
    Artificial intelligence
    Human is left on the bench
    Unofficial experiments
    A lethal set of ingredients

    ♪ "Nemo" || Nightwish
    This is me for forever
    One of the lost ones
    The one without a name
    Without an honest heart as compass

    ♪ "The truth is out there" || Sonata Arctica
    Wake up, I only want to wake up
    Don't wanna fall asleep, but
    I'm already dreaming

    ♪ "Castle of glass" || Linking Park
    Bring me home in a blinding dream
    Through the secrets that I have seen
    Wash the sorrow from off my skin
    Show me how to be whole again
    'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass

    ♪ "Runaway train" || Soul Asylum
    Can you help me remember how to smile
    Make it somehow all seem worthwhile
    How on earth did I get so jaded
    Life's mystery seems so faded
    I can go where no one else can go
    I know what no one else knows
    Here I am just drownin' in the rain
    With a ticket for a runaway train

    ♪ "Side by side" || Lyriel
    As we walked side by side
    You took my hand
    But your touch,
    I couldn't feel,
    So I turned my head around
    To see your eyes,
    They were grey, they looked through me
    In a world so fey

    ♪ "Never-neverland" || PUR
    Got to leave, get away, got to help me please
    when a smiling child takes me by the hand
    he winks at me and gleams
    come with me, come away
    let me show the way
    to open your heart
    so you'll understand
  7. Solid Snake

    Solid Snake Guest

    { david "solid snake" sears. }


    ♪ "the best is yet to come." || rika muranaka & aoife ni fhearraigh.
    Do you remember the time,
    when little things made you happy ?
    Do you remember the time,
    when simple things made you smile ?

    ♪ "soldier, poet, king." || the oh hellos
    There will come a ruler
    Who's brow is laid in thorn
    Smeared with oil like David's boy, o lei o lai o lor
    O lei o lai, o lei o lor
    Smeared with oil like David's boy, o lei o lai o lor

    ♪ "killing in the name" || rage against the machine
    Killing in the name of
    Killing in the name of
    And now you do what they told ya
    And now you do what they told ya

    ♪ "beast" || nico vega.
    Stand tall for the people of America
    Stand tall for the man next door
    We are free in the land of America
    We aren't going down like this

    ♪ "
    all along the watchtower." || jimi hendrix.
    Businessmen they drink my wine
    Plowmen dig my earth
    None will level on the line
    Nobody offered his word

    ♪ "
    i'll keep coming" || low roar.
    Soon I'll come around
    Lost and never found
    Waiting for my words
    Seen but never heard
    Buried underground
    But I'll keep coming

    ♪ "
    the wolf." || siames.
    Every night again
    Dancing with the moonlight
    Somewhere far away
    I can hear your call
    #27 Solid Snake, May 20, 2019
    Last edited by a moderator: May 20, 2019
  8. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma Guest

    { kokichi ouma }


    ♪ "emperor's new clothes" || panic! at the disco
    mortal kings are ruling castles
    welcome to my world of fun
    liars settle into sockets
    flip the switch and watch them run

    ♪ "'cause i'm a liar" || mcki robyns-p
    put on the masks and let's have us one last masquerade
    dancing senselessly on the shadows of the betrayed
    a smiling and and crying and lying charade
    such is life for a boring existence

    ♪ "liar (it takes one to know one)" || taking back sunday
    i'm an addict for dramatics
    i confuse the two for love
    you can't tell me that you don't beg

    ♪ "kill the lights" || set it off
    you reside in grand disguises
    just to get, get away from it all
    falsify the life you're hiding
    but the truth we pursue as we all beg you to
    kill the lights, kill the actor, kill the actress

    ♪ "what you know" || two door cinema club
    i wouldn't test you i'm not the best you could have attained
    why try anything?
    i will get there
    just remember that i know

    ♪ "again" || crusher-p (cover: rachie & kira)
    when it's bad it's so bad
    maybe i really have gone mad
    what am i supposed to say when i end up driving everyone away?
    'cause i am on fire, a crying, burning liar

    ♪ "ghost rule" || deco*27 (cover: will stetson)
    make up for everything I was lacking of,
    this selfish useless person wasn't asking for much
    so tell me can you see just how i've ended up?
    this clown who wanted to be loved...

    ♪ "bittersweet" || panic! at the disco
    you and me
    another puppetry
    it's such a mystery why you're here
    and you became as clear as cellophane
    my voice of reasoning
    i don't think i can take the way you make me out to be

    ♪ "undead enemy" || gigap and suzumu (cover: milkychan & bubble)
    for whatever reason, he put on a mask symbolizing
    the leading role he had yearned for in the past
    and from the next day onwards
    the unhappy boy's smile did not falter

    ♪ "nerves" || icon for hire
    i have a heart that gets on everybody's nerves
    they don't want the truth, they just want the words
    blah blah blah blah and i can sing until i'm dead
    and none of you'll remember a single thing i said

    ♪ "outrunning karma" || alec benjamin
    he's never gonna make it all the
    poor people he's forsaken karma
    is always gonna chase him for his lies
    it's just a game of waiting from the
    church steeple down to satan karma
    there's really no escaping till he dies
  9. Quirrel

    Quirrel Hollow Knight

    Pandora Town
    Very old
    Neutral Good
    { Quirrel }


    ♪ "The Surprising" || Deep Purple
    There I was, wide awake and dreaming
    Reaching out for something in the sky
    But I could not control that trembling feeling
    Everything I want is slipping by.

    ♪ "Shame on the Night" || Dio
    Shame on the night
    For places I've been and what I've seen
    For giving me the strangest dreams
    But you never let me know just what they mean

    ♪ "Dream On" || Aerosmith
    Every time when I look in the mirror
    All these lines on my face getting clearer
    The past is gone
    It went by, like dusk to dawn

    ♪ "Come Sail Away" || Styx
    I look to the sea reflections in the waves spark my memory
    Some happy some sad
    I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had
    We live happily forever so the story goes
    But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold
    But we'll try best that we can to carry on

    ♪ "Sole Survivor" || Blue Oyster Cult
    There walked a lonely man, silent, mute, the only man
    Not knowing how, not knowing why was he the sole survivor
    Why should he be alive, breathing still while others died
    And the only question, why was he the sole survivor
  10. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson Marvel Universe

    #30 Thor Odinson, May 23, 2019
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
  11. Superman

    Superman DC Universe

    Punching Bag
    Advanced Human
    { Superman }


    ♪ " Space Oddity" || David Bowie
    ♪ "Across the universe" || Beatles
    ♪ "Imagine" || John Lennon
    ♪ "Working Class Hero" || John Lennon
    ♪ "God's Gonna Cut You Down" || Johnny Cash
    ♪ "Superman" || Five for Fighting
    ♪ "Land of Confusion" || Disturbed
    ♪ "What a Wonderful World" || Louis Armstrong
    ♪ "The Sound of Silence" || Simon and Garfunkel
    ♪ "You and Me" || Lifehouse
    ♪ "Save Me" || Remy House
    ♪ "Hallelujah" || Jeff Buckley
    ♪ "Children of the Sun" || Thomas Bergensen
    ♪ "Fireflies" || Owl City
    ♪ "Saturn" || Sleeping at last
    ♪ "Light" || Sleeping at last
    ♪ "People Help the People" || Birdy
    ♪ "Everybody Knows" || Sigrid
    etc. etc. etc.
    #31 Superman, May 23, 2019
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
  12. Abe Sapien

    Abe Sapien Hellboy

  13. Mad Sweeney

    Mad Sweeney American Gods
    The Shining One

    Leprechaun // former God-King
    Chaotic Good
    { Mad Sweeney }
    *shoves gold coins at your face*


    ---------- ----------

    I was a King

    Hellfire || Barns Courtney
    Cold as a valley where I lay my head
    Cold as a woman in another man's bed
    Down in the forest with the devil in me
    I remember the looks on their faces through the sycamore trees

    Ain't no chariots of fire come to take me home
    I'm lost in the woods and I wander alone

    Gods || Nothing But Thieves
    And I don't understand why they want me
    And I don't understand why they need me
    Why I feel like a flaw in the system
    Why I don't get a chance to resist them

    And I don't understand how they got me
    And I don't understand why they hold me
    Cause I've got nothing more I can give them
    And I don't get the chance to resist them

    Wolves || Rag'n'Bone Man
    And I don't wanna go back home
    Too many staring faces
    Wishing they could drag me down
    Waiting to pull me under

    I've shaken off my chains
    But I still feel those shackles
    Living inside of me

    Glitter and Gold || Barns Courtney
    Do you walk in the valley of kings?
    Do you walk in the shadow of men
    Who sold their lives to a dream?
    Do you ponder the manner of things
    In the dark

    Black and Tans || The O'Reillys and The Paddyhats
    Come out ye Black and Tans, come out and fight me like a man,
    Show your wives how you won medals down in Flanders.
    Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away
    From the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra

    Well, come out ye British huns, come out and fight without your guns
    Show your wives how you won medals up in Derry
    Where you murdered sixteen men
    And you'll do the same again - so leave out
    And take yer fuckin' army!

    ♪ [*url=link to song on youtube]Song Title[*/url] || [*i]Band Name[*/i]

    (to be continued)
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  14. Hollytree

    Hollytree Player


    Bein' Friends- Mother OST
    I'm your friend 'till the end
    Count on me
    In the sunshine and the rain
    Paradise and back again
    Count on me
    Let me be a friend in need
    Let me be a friend indeed
    Count on me

    Thank You for the Music- ABBA
    Mother says I was dancer before I could walk
    She says I began to sing long before I could talk
    But I often wonder, how did it all start?
    Who found out that nothing can capture a heart
    like a melody can?
    Well, whoever it was, I'm a fan

    When Can I See You Again?- Owl City
    Don't close your eyes 'cause your future's ready to shine
    It's just a matter of time before we learn how to fly
    Welcome to the rhythm of the night
    There's something in the air you can't deny
    So let me know before I wave goodbye
    When can I see you again?

    Only Hope- Switchfoot
    Sing to me the song of the stars
    Of Your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again
    When it feels like my dreams are so far
    Sing to me of the plans You have for me over and over again

    Forget the fear
    It's just a crutch
    To try and hold you back
    and turn your dreams to dust
    All you need to do is just
  15. Vivienne Graham

    Vivienne Graham Godzilla

    { vivienne graham }


    ♪ "Carnival" || Kevin Devine
    See I tamed a lion once I stole his roar
    Stripped his pride away but he found more
    So now he's out to take what's his and shove
    My future in my face and scare me back in my place
    ♪ "Ladder Song" || Lorde
    If I gotta go first
    I'll do it on my terms
    I'm tired of traitors always changing sides
    They were friends of mine
    ♪ "Video Child" || Many Voices Speak
    Heard you got misled by liars
    And you didn't hide your face
    But in my mind, you're still a tiger
    And I'm still your friend
    ♪ "Timefighter" || Lucy Dacus
    You talk like you don't know the walls are thin
    And I don't mind if you don't mind me listening
    And I'm tired of all these wires
    If I go far enough will they not follow us?
    ♪ "Bad Magic" || Weyes Blood
    On a runaway train
    And I'm not going insane
    Things just don't stay the same
    And I must find a new way