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Character Sexuality Headcanons

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Steel, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Hannah

    Hannah keep reaching for the stars

    @Amy Pond - pretty much straight, married to Rory. But she does flirt with herself in a Doctor Who minisode, so. However, her personality is flirty and cheeky anyhow. I just think she's someone who's very much comfortable with her sexuality, which is great considering how messed up in other areas she is.
    @Elsa - I ship her with both guys and girls, but I like to think of her as demisexual; a strong emotional bond would probably come first before anything physical happened.
    @Padmé Amidala - definitely straight. Married to Anakin, had previous relationships specifically with males.
    @Rachel Amber - I'm definitely going to say bisexual, even if I think she's not fully aware of it or played on Chloe's feelings, given how she had relationships with men she hid from the latter. I do think she had some genuine romantic feelings for Chloe, and their "friendship" was wayyy more than just platonic.
  2. Ivy

    Ivy Clifford's Assistant

    three ravens in a trenchcoat
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    Chaotic Good
    @Hanzo Shimada - Useless Asexual - I may be biased on this but Hanzo seems like ace to the bone to me. Love and especially romance never played a really huge part in his life, with responsibilities and his unhealthy dedication to the Shimada Clan consuming all his time and energy.
    He probably early on realized that there would be no place for such things since I head-canon that arranged marriages were definitely a thing in the clan, so that would've been something he'd have to deal with.
    However, I do picture him having homo-romantic tendencies, which he has troubles dealing with because "is this affection or am I just getting really sick again?" But alas, at least in Pandora he found a nice gentleman who is willing to deal with his emotional inconsistency and slowly comes to terms with his past trauma wooh! Also he gets really flustered around overly kind women bc why is she so nice to me??
  3. DaughterOfTheClayr

    @Alex Fierro: What even is sexuality when you don't have a defined sex? In all honesty, Alex is likely demisexual. Or Chasesexual.

    @Alex Treveney: .......she kills anyone she expresses affection for, so ace, bordering on bi.

    @Elspeth Gordie: Demi? She's straight (fell for Rushton), but it isn't likely to happen quickly.

    @Eve : SHE'S A TWELVE YEAR OLD, HOW ABOUT FUCK NO. In all honesty, as she grows up, she'll probably end up bi.

    @Jade Nguyen : Pan, with a side of uber-comfortable in her sexuality (she'll flirt with anyone and everyone).

    @Melissa McCall : Straight, by way of experimenting in college.

    @Sky Smith: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

    @Tessa Gray: Straight, and quite comfortably repressed, except when it comes to her Shadowhunter boys, who she will fight you for.
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  4. Alice

    Alice Player

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    oh niceeee
    here we go

    John Silver - Bi. Yes, alright, this is a headcanon but anyone who's seen the show has also seen the utter ~chemistry~ between him and Flint. Either way, every time sexuality in any way or form is mentioned, he doesn't seem to care whatsoever about who loves whom, no judgement from his side at all. And he is, after all, an opportunist.
    He loves all the beautiful peopleeee.
    I would say he is pan, but, let's be real here - he's from the 1700's. Something other than male or female was non-existent in the public eye, so I doubt the mere idea of it has ever even crossed his mind.

    Eliot Waugh - the gayest of gays. No need for headcanons here, that's canon material. My gay sad magician with a way too strong sex drive

    Elias Ryker - well uh, much like Blix has mentioned in this thread before, he's from a world where people can switch bodies, basically?
    I would still say straight, honestly. As much as straight can even be possible in that scenario, but you get it. Actually he might be the straightest one on this list, yes, despite the last character on this list. don't ask me why. I don't even know.
    Not like it matters much, because for now he is heavily and tragically in love with Kristin anyway

    Jace Herondale - CLOSETED BI
    Okay, in all honesty, he is painfully straight. However, I feel like he kinda? maybe? could be? bi????
    It would kinda fit in my opinion????? But yes basically he is a closeted bi, fight me.
    and so gay for Simon

    Kratos - should probably be the straightest character on this list buuuuut honestly I don't even know. I mean. It isn't like I can't picture him with a guy? And I could even imagine him having experimented in that regard in his teen years maybe? Like, come on, this is ancient Greece, whom are we kidding?
    However, I still feel way more comfortable saying he's very much straight - though most likely not without experience when it comes to guys, either
  5. Loren

    Loren Player

    @Alec Lightwood This boy is gay. Straight up 100% gay. Canon and confirmed.

    @Daryl Dixon In canon? Who tf knows. My personal headcanon is that he's demi/gay. Repressed, but gay. That's what I'm playing with on the board so I'm sticking to it and its' super slow going. He's got a thing going with Jesus and it's taken him fooooorever to get there. In the show, I could see an argument for ace Daryl but I just zero percent see Daryl as straight.

    @Eddie Kaspbrak This is a smol child who has been busy fighting clowns and having asthma attacks, so I doubt he's really put much thought into it ATM. I haven't read the book, but going by the movie verse and what I've seen on tumblr/discussions, I'd say he's gay and v. closeted. I'll be super interested to see what/if they do anything with it in the movie coming up next year with adult!eddie.
    #25 Loren, Jun 6, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
  6. Corgi

    Corgi Player

    Ultimate Furry
    Chaotic Evil
    Despite ending up with his bf in the end (Cause y'know early Disney) and the fact that homosexuality tends to occur frequently with male lions (why is that a thing? i'm not questioning or denying it but holy shit) and the fact that he's like...akin to a child here I can't really go into detail for Simba, just that he knows about the birds and the bees at least. But I do picture him as a somewhat Panromantic Demisexual as intimacy and romanticism doesn't do much for him but he would easily crush on friends who he gets to know real close on a deep level.

    @Ryuga Banjou
    He's basically a walking Disaster Bisexual. Sure he's kinda still got feels for his late fiance but he's moving on and he def tends to show a more surface level for girls as that's sort of easier for him to know about he doesn't deny that he will feel something for a guy if they're just that good of a person for him. (literally watch all of build and tell me him and the lead aren't a married couple)
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  7. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
    Here I am with my one lonely character.

    @Noctis Lucis Caelum - I'm gonna have to go with bisexual, not that he's had any experience with anybody of any gender. He's way too awkward for that. But he's probably kind of closeted bisexual, because there's that understanding that he's gonna have to marry a lady someday for royal lineage and magical bloodline stuff and making cute babies.
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  8. Saaron

    Saaron Player

    • @Chanel Oberlin: Very straight (because quite homophobic).
    • @Irina Clockworker: Asexual and I would almost say aromantic, because she only ever fell in love with one man her brother. She likes to play the seductress with her current medium, though!
    • @Kayo Sudou: Bisexual, but she's more into men!
    • @Mami Tomoe: I'd say that she's attracted to girls, even if she's still a teenager because of the canon elements that could make you believe she had feelings for some of her friends those are mandatory in a Magical Girl anime tbf
  9. Meeks

    Meeks Player


    okay my two gals rq

    @Sara Lance -- bisexual. this isn't even a headcanon, legends of tomorrow goes out of its way to assure you that she is bi at every given opportunity. that being said, she has a pretty obvious preference for women. part of that is just that, y'know, bi people naturally have preferences sometimes, but the other part of it is rooted in some of her previous trauma and her tendency to be a bit self-destructive re: the men she's attracted to. women she can flirt with and sleep with pretty casually, men... usually just require more trust and connection first.

    @Dolores Abernathy -- most people would probably field her as bi or pan, but she's. she just doesn't have enough conscious awareness of those kinds of identities to really feel more comfortable as one or the other. basically it boils down to the unfortunate reality that hosts are generally built without gender preferences, so guests can have free reign of who they want to romance, so to speak. i like to think that once she's fully conscious she'd maaaybe form some more individualized preferences and opinions on the whole thing, but she probably won't lean COMPLETELY towards a specific gender over any other.

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  10. Spear

    Spear Player

    oh yeah might as well do this

    @Laurel Lance - definitely bisexual. if rumors are correct, this was supposed to be canon but got scrapped, so thanks canon. she's only dated men in the past, and she's not really conscious about her feelings for women. she hasn't really gotten a chance to reflect or explore that, but... it'd only take the right situation, or the right person. once she's more comfortable with that, i don't think she'd have much of a preference?

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  11. Riot

    Riot Player

    @Veloce Visrin - In the webcomic, Veloce has shown precisely zero romantic interest in anyone so far and we're almost done with book 6 -- but! The author also casually draws an AU slice-of-life comic on the side where Veloce is in a loving relationship with another woman. So if she wasn't so closed off and paranoid and generally gripped by angsty backstory, I think Veloce would be perfectly happy with a girlfriend.

    @Oerba Yun Fang - The subtext between Fang and her longtime childhood friend Vanille is just so heavy that it's hard for me to see Fang as anything other than a lesbian. Many a fanfic has also argued a case for Fang and the other female playable character, Lightning, and you know what, I don't disagree.

    @Hime Yarizakura - Per the manga, Hime has a severe crush on her male childhood friend, Akina (I guess I have a thing for childhood friend pairings), and despite being surrounded by plentiful other female characters, Hime firmly treats them as friends. I'm pretty comfortable with the thought that she's straight.
  12. Fate

    Fate Player

    my what (she/her)

    oh right meant to post here before now but accidentally forgot to whoops

    @Likulau -- in most any other case, this might be a little hard to pin down bc deities of his world dont have a static appearance as any gender and thus dont quite have a preference in the same way as humans would. a god could appea male to one mortal and female to another, or anything really; it all depends on how their worshippers imagine them, they dont have set characteristics themselves. that being said, he is gay. very, very super duper gay. thats because the sole mortal he hols any bit of interest in his a gay man and so he also chooses to reflect that preference. and because of that influence, he chooses to present as male and has a preference for men. so, hella gay.

    @Ruth -- if we were talking about pre-death, id just say "dog" and leave it at that. buuuuuut since were talking about him in the context of him being a faerie... fae dont really have a preference for gender, largely because romance for them also usually entails...feeding off of the person theyre in a relationship with... in that, hes very much pan. however, due to the fact that hes contracted with and forever bound to a girl who has become his sister, he doesnt even have any interest or drive to enter into any relationship. so, hes pan, but likely nothing will ever come out of it.