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Chief Jim Hopper

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Chief Jim Hopper, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Chief Jim Hopper

    Chief Jim Hopper Stranger Things

    Misty Hollow Defender
    Misty Hollow
    Late 30s
    Neutral Good

    ” You know what I would give? For a chance? You know what I would give?”


    Played by Nairne

    Fandom: Stranger Things
    Age: Late 30s
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: When finding Will in the Upside Down
    NPC Companions: None


    Hopper is physically fit, standing at 6' 3", and possesses all regular qualities of a human. He knows how to use a range of firearms as well as hand to hand combat and self-defense. From his work as a police officer, Jim is observant and analytical of his environment and isn’t quick to jump to conclusions, even if logic leads to the supernatural. His wit can also help him detect liars. He is also tactical, knowing the proper strategies and formations for taking down criminals and other threats. Stealth and trickery are not his best suits, but he can pack a punch when he needs to. Hopper knows how to hit the books for an investigation and perform CPR. He can also handle quite a bit of alcohol.

    He has leadership capabilities, being able to take control of a situation, no matter how dire, and not let it get to him in the moment. He can delegate tasks and organize groups of people, though he's not always the best person to work with due to his stubbornness. His best interests are for protecting the party and can negotiate when needed. He can see the big picture and is strategic in his decision making.

    Dressed in a hazmat suit, Chief Hopper is equipped with a rifle with attached light. Underneath he is wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He also has his badge and a lighter in his pocket.


    Hopper is cynical and reserved, preferring to spend his nights drinking or keeping to himself. Usually he doesn't take his job seriously and does the bare minimum, unless matters get personal. Once they do, Hopper will relentlessly fight for answers and protect his friends, even if it means breaking a few rules. He's straight to the point and doesn't put up with bullshit either, particularly liars. His years as a police chief tuned him to being observant and can handle stressful situations as well as guide civilians during them. He also has wits on his side, which occasionally comes out with a smart mouth or humor. That being said, he doesn't let his assumptions get in the way of his judgement, even if the evidence doesn't make sense. He's quick to think on his feet.

    While not always initially apparent, Hopper can empathize, especially will those who have lost a loved one. He has a certain tenderness and fatherly instinct. Since his divorce and daughter's death, Hopper has struggled with loneliness and guilt for letting his marriage fall apart. In the past, he had issues coming to terms with his daughter's death, sometimes even seeing hallucinations. He has since overcome this, but still experiences flashbacks to his loss. His method of coping is abusing alcohol, smoking, and anti-anxiety medication. He also sleeps around, and isn't very good with commitments, sometimes not even bothering to call back. He can also sometimes have an attitude and be stubborn. What can he say? Mornings aren't this thing.


    Jim Hopper is a police chief from Hawkins Indiana. Formerly married to Diane, he lost his daughter Sarah to cancer when she was young and was divorced shortly after. He moved to Hawkins in 1979 and stayed there ever since, living in the shadow of his past.

    In 1983, he started the case of William Byers, a boy who had gone missing in November. Will’s mother, Joyce Byers had been a former high school classmate and love of Chief Hopper. She was distraught over the loss and Chief Hopper did his best to comfort her to no avail as he continued his search. Not long after, a dear friend of his was found dead, falsely labeled as a suicide. As his investigation continued, he began to notice unusual clues that all pointed in the direction of a mysterious lab being run by the Department of Energy, Hawkins National Laboratory. More people began to disappear and state officials kept interfering with investigations, Chief Hopper became convinced there was something being hidden behind that barbed wire fence. He visited the lab to investigate and noticed they had lied to him.

    Shortly after, a body was found by a state officer in the nearby quarry, but Joyce denied that the body was his. After becoming suspicious, Hopper broke into the morgue and found that the body was a fake. He forced his way into the compound and made it to the basement to discover a gate to another dimension. Hopper was knocked unconscious to discover himself back in his house.

    He joins forces with Will’s friends, Joyce and her son, to help protect Eleven, a girl who had managed to escape from the Hawkins laboratory. She has promised to help find Will in the Upside Down, another dimension that Eleven had opened after the experiments in the lab. They created a mock sensory deprivation tank in the high school gym for her to better sense Will. Once, she finds him, Chief Hopper and Joyce go to the lab to get to Will but are apprehended by the Feds. He managed to negotiate a deal that would allow himself and Joyce to find Will in exchange for revealing Eleven’s location.

    Dressed in hazmat suits, Chief Hopper and Joyce head into the Upside Down and locate Will. He is attached to the wall by spectral goop. As Hopper is trying to release Will, black tendrils rise up from behind him.


    The moment he heard those words, his heart sank into his stomach.

    Someone had found a body.

    He didn’t remember leaving the Byer’s houses or even getting in the car. His only thought was on the kid. It didn’t take long for them to be flying through the darkened forest at 70 mph. Hopper’s hands were stiffly clenching the wheel. His partner didn’t bother trying to say anything on their journey. They both were thinking the same thing.

    The quarry was already full of first responders, the red lights reflecting off the pools of inky water. The car jolted to a halt. Putting his hat on, Cheif Hopper stepped out of the car, his boots crunching the assortment of rocks leading to the edges of the water. Flashlights were centered on the two men in the water. They were lifting out Will Byer’s body.

    ”Jesus,” he said, bolting forward. As he slowed to a halt at the edge, Hopper pleaded ”Please tell me it’s not the kid.”

    But sure enough, it was. The remains glowed with deathly white, cradled in the net they had recovered him in. Hopper couldn’t look away. Not Joyce’s boy. No. How would he tell her? That old feeling that he could never shake had frozen him to the spot. That feeling he had so many years ago that no amount of Guiness or Advil could fix. That feeling that always crept on him just when he thought it had gone away.


    He released a long breath, the air rising white.

    How would he tell her?

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  2. Nairne

    Nairne Player

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    Crystal Peak Even in darkness, there is always light

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    He's good to go, Nairne! Have fun! :)