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News Article Christmas in Cascade Bay

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by King Ezekiel, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. King Ezekiel

    King Ezekiel The Walking Dead

    King of Cascade Bay
    Wizard(ish). Werelion(ish).
    Lawful Good


    23rd December

    Settled in his new role as the Governor King of Cascade Bay, Ezekiel has set up what he calls his “Audience with the King” sessions. On the 23rd of each month, he will meet with members of the public at the town hall to listen to any issues or suggestions that they may have in regards to Cascade Bay. Coterie Chiefs and others of significant rank are welcome to join him on stage in these lively discussions.

    OOC: I will likely headcanon future Audiences with the King sessions.

    The rota of the day is as follows:
    9am: A discussion with the King and other noteworthy figures about Cascade Bay.
    10.45am: Short interval, where people can buy holiday themed refreshments and gifts.
    11am: The Hidden Crest Choirboys and Harbour Town Symphony Orchestra will perform a number of popular Christmas carols.
    12pm: Children and adults alike are welcome to visit Father Christmas in his grotto! Remember to pick up your complimentary gift from the Lucky Dip!

    You can pick between three Lucky Dips! Boys (blue tissue paper), girls (pink) and unisex (white). Each complimentary gift contains a satsuma, paper Christmas hat and a surprise element. The surprise element could be one of the following:

    • A small plastic toy car.
    • Blue pencil with an eraser on the top.
    • Plastic moustache.

    • A small plastic toy cat.
    • Pink pencil with an eraser on the top.
    • Plastic lips.

    • A playing card.
    • Set of three toothpicks.
    • A plastic whistle.

    There is also a chance to win one of the exclusive King Ezekiel, Christmas Year 108 plates (pictured above) in each Lucky Dip! Valued at well under 000,000,001p, these incredible plates were created by the critically acclaimed artist, Arsene Edgar Bartholomitch.

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