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Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Ciri, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Ciri

    Ciri The Witcher


    this is my story, not yours. you must let me finish telling it.

    Played by

    Fandom: The Witcher
    Age: 21
    Species: Human Source, of the Elder Blood line
    Gender: female
    Canon Point: Post-canon, while on the Path as a Witcher
    NPC Companions: None (unless I can bring the unicorn)


    Witcher training:
    Ciri underwent a few years of rigorous training at Kaer Morhen under the instruction of the Witchers there. Aside from undergoing the mutations, Ciri experienced the same training any young boy brought to Kaer Morhen went through, making her a proper Witcher in all ways but one. Her training there encompassed both physical and mental, and while she was trained in the use of many weapons and devices, she also studied the monsters she was learning to slay, among other Witcher-relevant subjects. As a result, Ciri is not only an expert combatant, she's also an expert on all manners of beast and creature, as well as things such as curses, remedies, and potions.

    Princess training:
    Prior to the invasion and fall of Cintra, Ciri was raised as a princess. She's reluctantly versed in politics and propriety, and far more happily well-taught in fields such as horseback riding and hunting.

    Sorceress training:
    After leaving the care of the Witchers, Ciri studied at the temple of Melitele. Here she leaned all manner of classical subjects, such as history and geography...as well as studying with Yennefer all subjects related to magic. Despite the initial thought that she had no magic of her open, Ciri was thoroughly educated on magical theory and history, knowledge she still holds.

    Survival skills:
    In addition, Ciri has been forced to fend for herself countless times, starting from a young age. She's had to develop and hone her survival skills in order to survive as long as she has. She's learned to survive on her own in the wilderness, as well as lie, cheat, and steal, all of which were a necessity at a time.

    Special AbilitiesLady of Time and Space:
    As not only a child of the Elder Blood, but a Source, Ciri has several unique abilities. Prior to Pandora, she was able to travel through all of time and space at will. Since her arrival, though, this has been limited (see below). She is still able to teleport (so to speak) to anywhere in Pandora, and any time within the current season. She is about to take people and objects along with her as well, though the more she attempts to take, the greater the effort required.

    She can also use these abilities in combat to greatly augment her natural skill, allowing her to cross the battlefield in the blink of an eye, vanish out of harm's way, or teleport rapidly between blows, making it seem as though she is attacking from everywhere at once.

    As a Source, Ciri also has great, untapped potential...though even scholars who have dedicated several lifetimes to studying the Elder Blood don't know the full extent of what she is capable of. Suffice to say that has access to a nigh unlimited well of raw magical energy...if she can ever learn to tap into it.

    Ciri once had great potential and promise as a sorceress -- until a negative experience so terrified her that she renounced her magic, and seemingly lost access to it. That said, the loss is entirely in her mind -- a sort of mental block that she put up to protect herself, born of fear and panic. Ciri still has great potential in the realm of magic...but only if she can overcome her fear, and years of believing that her magic is lost.

    EquipmentVesemir's medallion:
    Ciri is in possession of two Witcher medallions, one from the school of the Cat (worn at her hip), and the other having belonged to one of her mentors, Vesemir (worn around her neck). Both are made of silver, and enchanted in such a way that they react to magic, as well as impending danger.

    Steel blade: a simple steel blade that Ciri carries, good for fighting mundane threats, as well as some varieties of monsters.

    Silver blade: a silver Witcher's blade gifted to her by Geralt, it bears the runes spelling Zireael, or Swallow, the name of the blade as well as her name in the Elder Speech. Good for fighting against most monsters -- at least those for which steel does not suffice. There is space along the blade where runes can be inscribed to add certain magical effects to the blade, but as of now, it has none.

    Dagger: a simple, yet deadly weapon, and one which Ciri prefers to keep on her person at all times.


    Despite all her training and power, when it comes right down to it, Ciri is still effectually human. Her tolerance for pain may be exceptional, but there is still only so much that she is physically capable of withstanding. Anything that could harm or kill a normal human will have the same effect on Ciri. She's very much a glass canon in that regard.

    In addition, she's only begun to scratch the surface of her abilities as a Source, and while she has fairly good control over her abilities to travel through time and space, everything beyond that is still largely a mystery to her...as well as everyone else. When under extreme duress, or in moments of great emotional pain, Ciri's abilities can manifest entirely against her will, often in painful and destructive ways. If not stopped by an outside source, in this state Ciri, if left alone, could destroy an area of several city blocks...and herself with it.

    Since coming to Pandora, Ciri's abilities have been given new limits. She now cannot travel to other worlds (only places within Pandora), and she cannot travel through time outside the current season.


    the city is in flames
    and that is when her memories of home become nightmares.
    she is no more than thirteen when Cintra is razed to the ground by the invading Nilfgaardian army; everything erupts into chaos around her as the attack begins, and her life thus far s h a t t e r s

    her grandmother, the fearsome Lioness of Cintra throws herself from a tower into the streets below; death is preferable to imprisonment, to being taken alive. her granddaughter, the Lion Cub is not so lucky. the elite cintiran guards tasked with transporting the princess to safety are cut down, and the child is abandoned to the fray. the smoke burns her eyes, her lungs; the heat singes her skin. the streets are wet, dark with ashes and blood, and she runs.

    they give chase. friend and foe alike follow, searching, hunting her. she struggles, slipping in the blood, tripping over the bodies of the fallen.

    in the end, she's taken by the thing that haunts her nightmares. the knight in black plate, with the wings of a bird of prey...

    the witcher finally collects his due
    and she's taken to Kaer Morhen with him. she's not forgiven him for not taking her sooner, the first time their paths crossed. they are destined for each other, she has been told, and she wished for him to take her away long ago.
    he chases away the monsters that haunt her dreams, a Witcher even in that.

    it's not long before her training begins (though some may argue that the past year was the true start), and she soon learns to swing a sword with exquisite skill. she learns to fight, to hunt, to protect herself, and she learns how she can protect and help others. the Witchers teach her about monsters of all sorts (almost all sorts; they do not mention the ones that haunt her, the ones with helmets adorned by wings of birds of prey...) and she learns to get back up when she's pushed down. you must get right back up, right back onto the machine, the task, the training, or else you'll catch fear.

    she is trained, groomed, hardened.

    and then the day comes that she frightens them all. the Witchers. her new family.

    “ha! so, come here and help me get up, witcher.”
    she first meets Triss Merigold while she runs the Killer. the witch who wishes to be called an enchantress claims she knows the witchers and that she was on her way to Kaer Morhen. she doesn't trust the enchantress at first, but her suspicions are quickly overcome, especially once she witnesses the witch's magic. she soon comes to love Triss, to see her as a sister, the same way she sees the Witchers as family. her family.
    giving her a female companion isn't why Triss has come, though. the witchers are worried. she has begun to demonstrate abilities that she shouldn't have; she demonstrates powerful magic, despite having none of her own. they tell her nothing, keep it all from her, until spring comes.

    they leave the safety of Kaer Morhen, then, setting off to deliver Ciri to the temple of Melitile. Triss comes along, and the three of them undertake the long journey together.

    the ruins of Shaerrawedd are beautiful
    but her memories of the place run red with blood. with the blood of elves. the blood of friends and foes alike, staining the petals of Shaerrawedd's rose dark. it is not the first battle she has seen, but this time, she fights. fear does not paralyze her as it did in Cintra, and she defends not only herself, but those she cares about.
    it does not stop them from losing friends, though.

    it is not the first beautiful memory to be stained and tainted with spilled blood, nor will it be the last.

    it is then that she vows that she shall never be neutral. she will a c t

    yennefer comes to her at the temple
    and she has never before seen anyone so beautiful.
    she is not kind, though, not at first, and ciri resents her. the sorceress calls her ugly, and ciri despises it. she does as she is told -- not because she wants to, but because of the threat of the end of her lessons.

    yennefer is strict, and stern, but even so, she is honest and follows her own rules. ciri first respects her, then likes her, and finally comes to love her.

    she learns quickly once the first breakthrough is made; much to their mutual surprise, she is a natural, able to do things that even yennefer herself cannot.

    they train and they talk and they laugh and they love... and all too soon the time to move on comes.

    thanedd is horrific
    a bloody coup and battle in which she is once more hunted; she comes face to face with her nightmare once more. the black knight from cintra attempts to take her, and he is not the only one. the chaos of the coup allows her to be pursued freely.
    they abandon her, then, geralt and yennefer both. she is alone, abandoned, and terrified. she flees, into a tower with no way out, the tower that has been calling to her...

    she flees through it, the tower crumbling in her wake.

    at first the thinks she must be dead
    but then the pain sets in, and she thinks that death cannot possible hurt this much.
    she has found herself in the middle of a vast, scorching desert and she wanders lost, desperate, dying.

    in the end, a unicorn is her unexpected savior. she thinks he may be as lost as she is, but they help each other. they set a course and think perhaps they may yet make it out, but hope is fleeting.

    the desert is infested with great beasts, monsters, and they nearly fall prey to one; her unicorn is wounded, and their progress slows.

    the wound does not heal. instead, it festers, infected, soon to be deadly.

    there is no water, no power in the earth from which she can draw upon for magic; desperation drives her to f i r e.

    the power it gives her is great
    but so is the price.
    the fire gives her what she needs to save the unicorn and bring rain to the desert, where rain has never touched. fire is pure chaos, though, and it extends its had to her. it urges her to take the power and destroy. she is plagued by visions of all those she loves, bent, broken, tortured, d e a d.

    chaos whispers cruelly in her ear that this is what she will bring about, and she will stand and reign over it all.

    it threatens to consume her, to consume all that she has ever known, all that she has loved. it tempts her, goads her, torments her.

    in the end, she finds the strength to deny it. she fears what she is shown, and renounces her newfound power, renounces her claim to it. she collapses, exhausted, spent.

    something in her dies.

    when she wakes she is no longer alone
    it has happened once more: she has been captured.
    she cannot find it in herself to care. she feels empty, hollow, as though some essential part of her has been stripped away. she feels like she's been gutted, and acts like an empty shell.

    she changes hands when those who captured her are killed. she tries to escape, but it does her no good. she's found, and dragged back, bound, held tight. there is a reward for her, she finds, and her captors intend to claim it.

    she first meets the Rats when she is tied up next to one in an inn. neither are impressed by the other; they work in tandem in spite of that.

    the escape is grand
    brilliant, even, when the rest of the Rats arrive. she fights once more, against her captors, her abusers, this time. she does not kill though, and Spark is not impressed. even so, they escaped, all of them together. she follows them and they offer her goods and coin prepared to send her on her way...but she doesn't leave.
    she stays with them, and they accept her. especially mistle, who protects her that first night. protects her, and claims her.

    even among friends, she is haunted. monsters and terrible visions haunt her sleep.

    memories she doesn't want to have plague her mind, and she begins to remember.

    memories breed temptation and contempt
    and she parts company with the Rats, promising mistle that she'll return for her.
    her plans go awry then when she finds out that her friends have headed into a trap. she returns, following the path they took, arriving just in time to witness mistle being cut down.

    she attempts to kill bonhart in retribution but she's still only a child, only a woman, and she fails. he forces her to watch as her love breathe her last, forces others to hold her down, to make her watch as he beheads his marks, the Rats, her friends.

    he doesn't kill her. she almost wishes he would have. what he does to her is far worse.

    the next months are hell
    he beats her into submission, breaks her will. she learns quickly not to attempt to flee.
    he brings her to an arena, forces her to fight, to kill.

    she prays for an end to it... she even considers ending herself.

    but in the end she can't do it.

    her escape comes long overdue
    but it does come.
    it's not without cost though.

    she's severely wounded, and the next time she wakes, she's somewhere else entirely.

    she's nursed to health, making plans for revenge and getting back to those who need her both.

    she stays almost the whole season with the mysterious hermit who saves her life and perhaps more than that as well. and when she's healed, she seeks revenge.

    she shows the men who hunted her, held her captive, that they ought to fear her.

    several more fall to her before she reaches her goal: Tor Zireal.

    the path through the tower is dark and treacherous
    and when she exits, she is not in the same world as before.
    she finds herself in the world of the Aen Elle, and finds a sage called Avallac'h waiting for her. she is to repay the debt that humans owe to the Aen Elle, he tells her.

    she is to bear a child with their king, to return the Elder Blood, the blood of Lara Dorren, to the Aen Elle. Until she does, she is trapped.

    she agrees after a time, but remains defiant to the last. she does as she is asked, but it is the king who cannot uphold his end of the bargain.

    frustration or desperation
    or something like them drives the king to extremes, to using an elixir provided by Eredin. it brings about his end, and she isn't able to save him despite her efforts.
    she flees, then, knowing his death will fall on her.

    with the help of her unicorn after they are united, she escapes the world. she travels with him through many worlds, until danger finds them and their paths diverge.

    she is realized as the lady of the worlds.

    at long last she succeeds
    and finds her own world. she is reunited with geralt and Yennefer, but the reunion is fleeting. they are accosted by bonhart and vilgefortz both, and fight viciously.
    against all odds, they are victorious. they are together once more.

    it is over, she thinks. she will remain with geralt and yennefer. their paths diverge, geralt continuing onwards while she goes to meet with the Lodge , but it will not be long before they are together again.

    things do not go as planned
    and they are swept up in a riot where they are meant to meet geralt. she will not be neutral, and in that geralt has taken after her. they move to intervene, to save lives...but instead it is geralt's that is lost.
    she watches, helpless, as his blood runs cold and as yennefer pushes herself too far trying to save him. she watches as the last of her mother's energy dissipates, as yennefer pours forth the last of her life attempting to bring geralt's back to him.

    she rages then, pained by the injustice of it all. she could have fixed this, saved them both, she knows, if only she still had her magic.

    Instead she brings them somewhere else, somewhere beyond even death itself.

    the wild hunt pursues her
    and she remains on the run, jumping from one world to the next. she sees more worlds than she can count, but can never linger too long, for fear that Eredin and his red riders will catch up with her.
    she sees more and more worlds that have fallen victim to snow and ice; worlds that have frozen or starved, worlds that have not seen the sun in ages. more worlds that have been claimed by the white frost.

    she isn't the only one to notice.

    Avallac'h finds a way to contact her, and she slowly learns to forgive him, to work with the sage for a common cause. she returns to her own world with him, and then their work begins.

    she knows the prophecy well
    but she has never given it much thought, nor much weight.
    weeks wear into months and she and the sage make preparations even as the hunt draws ever closer. she has time...but not much. she intends to make the most of what she does have. it does not go smoothly, though, as word has spread through her own world as well that the king of the wild hunt desires her. she is hunted once more.

    kaer morhen is just as she remembers it
    and it still feels like home, more than anywhere else ever has. she uses her abilities to lure the hunt to them...and maybe they would have been successful if their foes had been anyone else.
    vesemir falls to an elven blade, and she nearly destroys them all, friend and foe alike in her grief and rage. their final stand fails, and they have lost a very dear friend.

    in the end she does fulfill the prophecy
    and she saves countless worlds in doing so.
    it very nearly costs her life to do so, but she knows that it would have been worth the cost.

    perhaps now, she thinks, the story of Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, the story of the lost lion cub of Cintra, of the Child of the Elder Blood can come to a close...and she can simply be Ciri.

    Pandora is the start of a whole new chapter

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  2. Ciri

    Ciri The Witcher

    I believe she's done!
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    eeeeeee ciri baby! Hopefully you can relax and just not worry about them Wild Hunt folks for a while <3

    Enjoy Pandora sweet cheeks!

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