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Schola Praeditos

Schola Praeditos

Class: Basics of Monstrology and Hunting

Discussion in 'Class Catalogue' started by Alucard Tepes, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Basics of Monstrology and Hunting

    This class covers the basic necessities of tracking, hunting, and purifying sources of malicious or otherwise evil incarnates that plague the world around, and the necessary steps and precautions to take while dealing with dangerous entities. The class is divided into two phases and meets three days a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with lectures of monster species and classification being held on the former two and practical 'training' days on Fridays, which are set at night to mimic the atmosphere monster hunters often work in.

    Upon final examination, students will be required to seek out settlements in need across Pandora with what they've learned and slay a malicious entity plaguing the wilderness. Those incapable of doing so or those in possession of weak constitutions, stomachs, or the easily scared need not apply.

    OOC: HI yes, hello! Welcome to Alucard's Monster Hunting classroom, where you will learn everything you need to know about killing evil entities from vampires to Frankensatan, demons, skeletons, and goblins in between. I figure if there are enough people who sign up, and are interested, there can be a handful of threads involving the practical exam days and even sub-threads associated with the final exam eventually! Or even if people want to group thread a lecture, because Professor Alucard (not Mr. Alucard, the fun security man, common mistake), can be kind of a sarcastic, dry asshole who makes his class rather hard as is. I have plenty of ideas but before I get excited I wanna at least see how this goes, so please definitely let me know yes please! <3 <3<3

    The Class
    Teacher: Professor Alucard Tepes.
    Class Hours: Monday & Wednesday (Lecture; 7am - 8:45am), Friday (Practical Knowledge Session; 9:30pm - 12:00am).
    Pre-Requisites: A brave and unshakable attitude towards night stalkers, students will be expected to bring own materials. (A list of required items will be posted at the beginning of class.)
    Class Roster:
    • A handful of unnamed kid crusaders.
    • Student Name
    • Student Name

    This thread will serve as the brainstorming thread for this class. Students may enroll via this thread and the teacher may drop any events/projects/class ideas/etc here for discussion as well!

  2. Cornelius

    Cornelius Thumbelina

    Chaotic Good
    Cornelius would be interested!