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Schola Praeditos

Schola Praeditos

Class: Shadow Games

Discussion in 'Class Catalogue' started by Mahad, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Mahad

    Mahad Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Eternal Soul
    Monster Spirit
    Lawful Neutral

    Shadow Games: How to Avoid them, and how to act if caught in one

    With Mahad's return to Pandora, along with several more sinister characters from his universe, the threat of a Shadow Game has become quite real. A game of darkness with terms agreed upon before a game is played between two or more people, with the terms being forcably acted out once the game is completed in the form of a Penalty Game. The first thing Mahad wants to do is ensure the Students here know the signs of a Shadow Game when someone is attempting to initiate one and what to do if they are caught in one, as once trapped, the only way free is to win or lose, which comes with it's own problems.

    The Class
    Teacher: The Dark Magician
    Class Hours:
    Sunday, 15:00 onwards. Usually ending in a few hours, but due to the nature of things it may take longer.
    Pre-Requisites: There are no pre-requisits, as a Shadow Game could be inflicted upon anyone, regardless of powers.
    Class Roster:

    • Student Name
    • Student Name
    • Student Name
    • Student Name
    • Student Name

    This thread will serve as the brainstorming thread for this class. Students may enroll via this thread and the teacher may drop any events/projects/class ideas/etc here for discussion as well!