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Open Cleaning up the mess

Discussion in 'Pandopolis' started by Morgana Pendragon, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Morgana Pendragon

    Morgana Pendragon BBC Merlin


    December 27th, Year 108

    Practicing magic implied the use of spells and the creation of potions. Although Morgana lived near a large city, still she preferred to travel to Pandopolis in order to find all the necessary ingredients. Moreover, the transportation from one town to another required mere minutes thanks to the Portals and the change of scenery tended to help too.

    Once again she was walking through the Bazaar, smiling to the owners of the outdoor shops. A leather sack was hanging from her shoulder, already filled with a variety of plants and rare herbs she had managed to purchase. Suddenly, her arm collide with a tall man and her bag dropped to the ground. ‘Watch where you going.’ A rough voice barked.

    “My apologies.” The sorceress rushed to say. However, she noticed that the stranger had already started to walk away and she could hear him cursing under his breath. In all honesty, a small part of her wanted to teach him manners. Logic overpowered emotions because she realize the dangers lurking behind a choice such as using her magic in public.

    The Lady of Camelot was left in the middle of the market with her belonging lying on the floor and pure anger boiling inside her heart. Her pink lips parted and soft sigh escaped from her lips. A few moments passed before she finally knelt down and began to pick up the herbs. She shook her head in a combination of disappointment and irritation.
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  2. Shao Jun

    Shao Jun Assassin's Creed

    Chaotic Good
    Jun had always relished seeing different cultures and their customs. Growing up in captivity, it was an opportunity she thought she might never have. Of course, she’d accompanied the previous Emperor to places across China, but it was always heavily guarded and under his commands. She wished for nothing more than to get back to her homeland and begin her work, but whilst she was here, she was determined to learn as much as she could.

    She was roaming through a marketplace, in a city called Pandopolis, a smile on her face as she observed the on-goings of a busy day. There was much here she hadn’t heard of and it was very invigorating.
    It wasn’t long however before Jun noticed an altercation in front of her. A broad, tall man collided with a dark-haired woman carrying a sack. The contents of it spilled over the floor of the market and the man merely scowled and said something she couldn’t quite make out, before walking away.

    Jun hated seeing such ignorance from people, and she’d half a mind to follow him and teach him a lesson. But she felt it best to stay and help the woman. She knelt beside the woman and handed her some of the scattered herbs. “Here,” she said, a kind smile on her face. “It always bothered me to see people like him, only thinking of themselves. I hope nothing is too damaged.”