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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Cole, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Cole

    Cole Dragon Age

    anywhere from 3 to infinity
    Neutral Good
    "Help the hurt, save the small. If I become a demon, cut me down."

    Played by CherryLimeade
    Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Age: Appears to be a teenager or young adult. Technically his body is younger than it looks, and technically he is also a spirit that is potentially thousands of years old. Being a merging of two beings complicates an exact number.
    Species: Spirit in human form
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: After the finish of the main game, having been turned to the "more human" branch of his development, but before Trespasser set two years later

    Special AbilitiesEmpathy/telepathy of any relatively sentient creature, with a limitation that what he detects must be “a hurt, or something that could heal the hurt.” This can be surprisingly variable however, as he has shown in the past to be able to detect the pain of a person he has never met through shared pain with someone he has, and if a person abruptly shifts their line of thought away from a hurt, he will sometimes unwillingly find that thought as well.

    He also proves to have a knack for detecting when people are likely to act out in the extremely near future to cause pain, and can take preventative steps against it. However, since becoming more human, Cole sometimes struggles to be able to hear others over his own pains, and is still learning to deal with the new complexities of people he is now aware of.

    His powers also allow him some understanding of animals and their fears and pains, and an ability to pick up the last thoughts and feelings of dead creatures.

    Invisibility: Cole can render himself largely unseen to those around him, and with some effort can share his invisibility with people in his immediate (basically touching) vicinity.

    These abilities help make Cole a deadly Assassin, wielding twin daggers to backstab opponents before fleeing back to safety. He has no formal combat training, claiming he “goes where the daggers need to go.”

    Cole has some ability with bows, but lacks the exact strength and skill to be a truly effective archer.

    Former power: An ability to force people to forget his existence or any interaction they had ever had with him, stating that “their minds make a shape that make sense.” Lost this power upon becoming more human, but occasionally forgets and tries to make use of it.

    EquipmentTwo ordinary double-edged daggers worn in holsters on his back, a smaller knife, worn on the back of his belt, and his beloved armored hat, odd though it seems.


    Despite his more ethereal beginnings, Cole is still only as durable as a human of his apparent age who engages regularly in combat. He is stronger than he appears to be, perhaps as strong as a relatively experienced athlete, but is still in the body of an ordinary human.

    Cole's power is automatic, and he cannot simply "turn it off" or otherwise not notice things of people around him. This causes him to feel the pain of others at all times, and while he claims to not mind it, as feeling it helps him to know when people need his help, since becoming more human he feels the pain "stick" to him more often, leaving him somewhat at odds with his nature.

    His invisibility power does not work as well when people are actively noticing him, and can be broken by his being distracted. In addition, sharing the power takes intense effort, and even a short period of time will cause him exhaustion and injury. He can also be detected by means of radars, scents, footprints, etc., most methods that are not simply sight.


    Cole is quiet and easy to miss, if not for his sometimes decidely odd behavior. However, he lives his life with a desire to help and ease the pain of anyone around him, thus being friendly and open to anyone he deems good, and distrustful and wary of those he deems bad...either way, however, he seeks to heal hurts. Since becoming more human, he has also begun to develop proper emotions and mortal needs, and thus can seem immature at times as he tries to grasp actually being alive. He also has a distinct lack of understanding boundaries, and is the last person you should expect to keep a secret.

    Cole has only existed in a mortal body for a very few years, and thus despite his apparent age, has very little experience that would be expected and can sometimes seem more like a child than an older teen/young adult. He sees the world and the people in it differently than most. Oftentimes things that make perfect sense to him will absolutely baffle others, but with questioning his line of reasoning usually makes sense.


    Cole first existed as Compassion, a spirit of the mystical Fade, a world beyond the natural world, who embodied the emotion. However, a young mage named Cole, brought into the White Spire, a prison for mages, was accidentally starved to death by the Templars in charge of the mages. The boy cried out, and drew the attention of Compassion. The spirit was unable to offer any help beyond holding the young man's hand as he died.

    Compassion was damaged by being unable to fulfill its purpose, and in desperation did all it could, taking on the form of Cole for itself to try and make the boy live as he desired to. The new Cole, however, lost his memory of what he had been, and discovered himself unable to be seen or remembered by all but a single mage, Rhys, who befriended the troubled young man hiding in the dungeons of the Spire.

    Cole was known as the Ghost of the Spire, as he traveled it “mercy killing” young mages and apprentices that wished for death, as in their moments of despair, they could see and remember him. These actions, along with further adventures by and with others, accidentally helped set off a mage/Templar battle, in which Cole was involved. After fighting the Templars in the Spire, a spell used against him revealed Cole was not a human mage, but some sort of demon or spirit. He faded away, only surfacing long enough to murder Lord Seeker Lambert, a leader of Templars who openly wished to destroy mages.

    Some time later, Cole came to the Inquisition-an organization trying to save the world from a cataclysm threatening all people-seeking his place in the world and offering his help. He was accepted, with some reservations, but ultimately proved to truly wish to atone for his past and to “help the helpless, heal the hurt” despite occasionally accidentally revealing hidden hurts of his comrades.

    After a significant battle, Cole became afraid that as a spirit, he could be bound, or controlled, by the bad people he longed to stop, and sought the help of his teammates to prevent it. Ultimately, he was guided into making a decision which brought the spirit further into being human, causing significant shifts in his abilities and way of viewing the world. Though needing some time to come to terms with the changes, Cole was still able to assist in further battles to help save his world.


    "So now that you've dealt with the Templar, you're a real boy?"

    Cole shifted his gaze from the rocks their group was walking over, heading out on a further quest behind the Inquisitor, who was currently in a heated conversation with Vivienne over some slight the mage felt she had suffered earlier. Things were settled enough with the Breech for them to be on their way to investigate...something. Cole hadn't quite been listening when he was told to get his blades and come along, distracted with trying to plot out a way to get into Cassandra's room and leave a locket he'd recovered for her, without her catching him sneaking into her room again and following through on a promise to use him as a training dummy. The locket, hopefully, would ease an ache about a brother he had picked up from her earlier this morning.

    At this point, though, another member of the Inner Circle, Blackwall, was addressing him, making small talk as they traveled, as the others were wont to do.

    "Realer," he decided was a good enough answer.

    Blackwall chuckled, shaking his head slightly. "Good enough. I suppose you'll stop looking into people's heads soon? And you might want to look into...I don't know...eating?"

    Cole grimaced at that. That was something Varric had been asking him about, that becoming more human might mean he would have to start treating his body like a human one, which would include food. The though of the act, of mashing things up into his mouth, swallowing them...


    "Oh, are we at that stage? Spitting everything up? At least you've mastered walking."

    Sarcasm. Cole was starting to understand that, too.

    Blackwall continued. "Soon you'll be eating properly. Then drinking. Then drinking for real. Then girls..."

    Cole caught a flicker of something at that. Blackwall's hurts were never far from the surface, but, girl trouble, that was a new one. Flashes of gold satin wisping past in a whirl, clipboard clutched in a hand, a smile and a nod as she hurried past, too busy to notice, always too busy, not like I could offer her anything anyway...

    Cole thought he might be able to make that work, to try and talk Blackwall through his complicated emotions towards Josephine, back at Skyhold. "You know a lot about girls."

    "...You're supposed to stop looking in my head."

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  2. Cole

    Cole Dragon Age

    anywhere from 3 to infinity
    Neutral Good
  3. Nic

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