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Suggestion [Community Feedback] Posting Habits System

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Octi, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Dharke

    Dharke Join me in Coosa!

    Tiger Man
    Lawful Evil
    I like the proposed activity system as an additional enhancement tool. I wouldn’t use it to exclude people depending on their posting speeds, but more as a heads-up to people about where my priorities lie when it comes to my tiger trio, i.e. I could spam the forum when it comes to Gov (“Neptune”), Ezekiel is fun but not quite as fun (“Mars”), while Shere Khan is a “scratch that itch” kind of character (“Mercury”). I'd find it a quick and convenient way of matching these characters up with the right kind of players on the forum, but if the cons of the system outweigh the pros, then fair enough. :)

    I’ve read the comments about communication with much interest. The lack of communication is definitely one of my rare gripes with Pandora, but I don’t feel that it is a problem unique to the forum. It's possibly exacerbated here because of the size and long lasting nature of the community. I agree that it’s an issue staff can’t resolve themselves without turning into school teachers and potentially putting themselves under a lot of emotional strain. It's bearable if you're getting paid, but as a hobby? No.

    I don’t know whether it would help to create some kind of OOC guide on good etiquette and communication skills to put in the Guidebook? It could cover common scenarios on the site (X hasn’t responded to our thread in Z amount of weeks) and provide advice (talk to them). As a sort of research project beforehand, you could even have a hidden, anonymous place where people could post any questions, concerns or gripes on the subject, then address the ones that reoccur the most in the guide and provide possible solutions.

    Should a player approach a member of staff to complain about a related subject, they could link them to that thread. This point from @Fleet especially caught my attention (as I was left feeling this way about something on the site recently, although it wasn't about posting speeds):

    You could also promote the guide around the site regularly. Maybe encourage players to promote it as well? I'd happily stick the link in my signature area.
  2. Octi

    Octi The Helpful Octopus
    Community Relations Division

    Music Teacher
    Disney World
    Disney Fairy
    Lawful Good
    This is actually something I already have in the works for after the season change!
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  3. Nairne

    Nairne Player

    Bacon Eater
    I think maybe altering the system to be more priority based and player choice could be a good compromise. A player could customize the priority based off what characters they want to play the most. (Or all of them if you set it that way). If it was a status type thing, you could even set it to currently absent, which would be a quick, easy way to just say "hey I'm absent for a bit but I'm still here". You could have it appear on the side bar just like the other information on a character. This could definitely help for the people with lots of characters communicate faster to everyone.
  4. Sabine

    Sabine Moderator
    Plots & Events Division

    P.S. There's a difference between posting more slowly and just ditching a planned thread or being so slow that the thread becomes irrelevant and then you don't bother to talk to your RP partner about your posting status.

    Communication truly is the answer here. If you stop posting for whatever reason, talk to your partner. If you're a relaxed poster, tell your partner that. If you're a speedy poster, let your partner know. Be understanding and communicative on both sides of these conversations.

    If we all did this, the admins would never hear about it
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