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Conquest and Virtue

Discussion in 'Player Organizers' started by Riley, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Riley

    Riley Guest

    Conquest and Virtue

    Napoléon Bonaparte & Alarak

    Greetings, traveler! My name is Riley, and I've been hanging around here on Pandora for quite some time. I like to plot with anyone who is willing, as I know that unique experiences can come from a variety of different characters. I've been roleplaying for most of my life, but in more recent years I've found a love for portraying historical characters with thorough and exhausting research. My goal is to help bring the past into the present, in the most easily-understood way.

    ROLEPLAY PREFERENCES My favourite types of threads are casual banter, philosophical themes, or character development through dialogue. However, I'm always open to more action-packed threads, short plots, or anything else. All in all, I'll never say no to any sort of thread that's proposed. Don't be shy to suggest anything that you may think is out-there!

    LIMITS As Alarak is one of the characters I roleplay, I have absolutely no issues with writing violence or dark themes. In short, I have no limits.

  2. Riley

    Riley Guest


    Napoléon Bonaparte had a bright future. The brightest, perhaps, of all his peers. Educators and colleagues alike sung praises of his intelligence, and his hunger for knowledge. Early military victories only a few years after he graduated from his school in Brienne proved that their faith was not misplaced. He is the son of the revolution, forged by a youth in a country under shaky government, violence, and bloodshed among his own people. He is emphatic, with a deep understanding of the workings of human nature.

    FRIENDS Through the years, Napoléon has made many acquaintances, though none have yet followed him to Pandora. Not seen as a necessary, he instead considers friends conveniences that will help him get an upper hand in life. Among these are politicians and prolific contemporary intellectuals. If approached in Pandora, he won't refuse a relationship that will prove useful to him, nor would he have any problem talking to powerful beings who, in the real world, would rule over him with ease.

    ENEMIES Napoléon's explosive personality is bound to ruffle a few feathers. Though not radicalised one way or another by the revolution in 1792, it is almost this non-action that makes people wary of him. In canon, he is the enemy of the royalists for the most part, pushing the agenda of the post-revolutionary government, the Directory. His ties with Maximilien de Robespierre also landed him in jail for a few days, after it was discovered that he authored a pamphlet in support of the leader of the Terror.

    LOVERS Famously claiming that he lost his virginity to a prostitute at the age of fifteen, Napoléon was always awkward when it came to love. Scrawny, pale, and rather unkempt, very few women had their eyes on him in his youth, unless he paid them for such attention. Despite this, Napoléon is a hopeless romantic. This much is wholeheartedly evident in his letters to Joséphine. Though she was clearly uninterested in him at the beginning of their relationship, his endless persuasion and letters dripping with romance at last reeled her in, and they eventually married. He is also known to take many mistresses, with rumours that females are not the only ones with whom he shares his bed.


    MARCH 30TH, YEAR 6 - Rotten Meat with Jean Valjean
    APRIL 16TH, YEAR 6
    - L'Empereur with John Uskglass
    APRIL 20TH, YEAR 6
    - Lost Empires with Conan the Cimmerian
    MAY 29TH, YEAR 6
    - The Worth of a Warrior with Big Boss

    JUNE 20TH, YEAR 6 - Standing in Court and in Ceremony with Jessamine Kaldwin
    JUNE 29TH, YEAR 6 - Whispers of Home with Chief Jim Hopper
    JULY 1ST, YEAR 6 - In the History Books with Bothos
    JULY 14TH, YEAR 6 - Fête Nationale with Jean Valjean
    AUGUST 19TH, YEAR 6 - Please, I just Want to Eat! with Chief Judge Hershey
    AUGUST 21ST, YEAR 6 - Is that Poisonous? with OPEN

    SEPTEMBER 2ND, YEAR 7 - Not Quite "Le Souper de Beaucaire" with Ciri
    SEPTEMBER 16TH, YEAR 7 - Cool as a Cucumber with Khadgar
    OCTOBER 13TH, YEAR 7 - Something Fishy with Aloy

  3. Riley

    Riley Guest


    Alarak, Highlord of the Tal'darim, was the most powerful Protoss of his tribe. He used his cunning and ruthlessness to dispatch hundreds of his superiors in order to rise through the ranks. Despite seeming as though he was confident in his actions, he began to question the validity of this so-called Chain of Ascension, and challenged his own God, Amon. He implored his people to rethink their faith, and break from their traditions that were thousands of years in the making. A true leader, he knows how to rally and inspire, while also benefiting himself at the end of the day. He was one of the few Protoss that was able to gain the assistance of another tribe known as the Templars, as well as the Terrans (despite them being weak and oh-so-eager to die). Alarak always speaks his mind and isn't afraid to offend, and belittling insults are a frequent occurence, coming from him.

    FRIENDS In a society where every Tal'darim must duel to the death in order to gain power, there is no room for friends. Though it is a solitary lifestyle, it is one that Alarak is well acquainted with. He would much rather have allies than friends, as the latter are far too much of a burden. That is not to say that the lifestyle of the all-too-common Terrans (humans) won't rub off on him.

    ENEMIES The Tal'darim tribe might appear at first glance to be a group full of enemies and betrayal, it's simply how their society functions. They are taught to treat their superiors with respect, and look down upon the weak. One of Alarak's few enemies is his God Amon, and he recruits the assistance of other races and tribes to defeat Him, despite they themselves being sworn enemies to the Tal'darim. This means that he doesn't see others as either friend or foe, merely pawns in a game of power.

    LOVERS There is no information on how the Tal'darim specifically reproduce, or even if there are any females in their society. However, it can be assumed that there are, since they die of old age. In other Protoss tribes, there are males and females who create a child by bringing their DNA to a scientist to have it grow outside of the body, but since the Tal'darim do not have scientists, it can be assumed that they reproduce the traditional way. However, they are not of a particularly loving mindset, therefore Alarak is considered to be asexual and has no interest in any romantic relationship on Pandora.

    - Chaos Reigns with Veloce Visrin