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Cosmic Wilderness: About the Region

Discussion in 'Cosmic Wilderness Lore' started by The Pantheon, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. The Pantheon

    The Pantheon Administrator


    The Cosmic Wilderness


    1. Overview
      • The Floor
      • Cosmic Current
      • Regional Balance
    2. Magic & Technology
      • Magic
      • Technology
    3. Travel
      • Inter-Region Travel
    4. Elysium


    The Cosmic Wilderness is the home of the great City in the Sky, otherwise known as Elysium to its citizens. The city is built into the side of the moon under a translucent dome that can sometimes be seen if the light catches it just right. But Elysium is only the beginning of what can be found in the “space” that surrounds Pandora’s Box.

    Dozens of other smaller settlements and stations have cropped up throughout the Cosmic Wilderness. These are often situated on meteorites and other fragments of what look like half-finished planets. Some of these stations are quite advanced, complete with domed towns and self-sustaining farms, while others are much more rugged and dangerous.

    It’s also become quite clear that the Cosmic Wilderness is not space. Or rather, space is only some of it. It’s definitely not a true vacuum everywhere, because there are living things that make the Cosmic Wilderness their home. Serpentine leviathans undulate through the star-speckled blackness like great sea snakes, and flocks of strange winged creatures converge around ships, their bodies flashing brightly with bioluminescence.

    The Cosmic Wilderness seems to have no discernible end, but in truth it’s on a loop. If you venture too far in one direction, “space” begins to break down into what seem to be half-finished worlds and projects, almost as if it’s the Pantheon’s dumping spot for abandoned creations. Go much further in, and even that begins to break down into gray space and all sound and sense of feeling ceases. Just when it seems as if you might go insane in the monochromatic silence, the Wilderness spits you back out somewhere over Pandora.

    The Floor

    One of the most notably distinct features of the Cosmic Wilderness that sets it apart from true space is the fact that it has a veritable “floor”. The floor is on the same “level” as the bottom of Pandora, and is essentially an extension of the walls of the box itself. Though the floor appears to be more “space” - that is, it contains the same illusions of stars and blackness as everywhere else - it is in fact a solid surface, and even contains breathable atmosphere up to about twenty or thirty feet.

    Cosmic Current

    One prominent feature of the Cosmic Wilderness is the new phenomenon known as the Cosmic Current. It seems to be a stream of what can only be described as cosmic flotsam, all caught in the same pull toward the edges of space. This is something of a treasure hunter’s paradise, because all kinds of items and valuables can be found here. The Current is wide enough to hold entire buildings and ruins, and things are constantly shifting around and colliding with each other as the Current pulls them on. It’s an incredibly dangerous place to be, but the potential rewards are endless.

    Regional Balance

    While science and technology are predominant themes in the lives of those residing in Elysium or the Cosmic Wilderness, and magic is thought to be the exception rather than the norm, there can be mystical elements in nearly every other hidden corner. Spirits and other fantastical, scientifically impossible creatures can be found the farther out one ventures into the Wilderness. Many mystical and supernatural abilities are still viable in this region, including those involving psionics, energy projection, and basic transmutation and prestidigitation.

    The more complex the spellcraft, however, the more likely it will encounter resistance from the Cosmic Current (more details below). The energy of the Cosmic Current is present throughout the region, and that energy in turn interrupts and imposes a heavy amount of static interference against complex strains of magic. As a rule of thumb: the greater the attempt to warp the fabric of cosmic reality via mystical means, the more resistance encountered. Rituals requiring many steps have a nigh impossible chance of success. Enchantments and imbuements are similarly dampened. Lasting portals and stable magical teleportation from one point in the Wilderness to another are strenuous at best, making the traditionally technological modes of star travel one's safest bet.

    Lastly, every major location and settlement within the Cosmic Wilderness will have the basic level technology (or understanding of) necessary for star travel. Only in the far reaches of the space boondocks might one encounter a small hamlet of natives who prefer a simpler living out of principle, but there are generally no settlements that are unaware of the greater universe around them.

    Magic & Technology

    Everything in the Cosmic Wilderness seems to operate on a mix of advanced technology touched with bits of magic, at least to the extent where "magic" is indistinguishable from technology, that make the impossible possible. This is why most ships are equipped with features that allow them to rapidly warp from one place to the next. It’s why settlements are viable even when built on the harshest of surfaces. Cybernetic enhancements and gene splicing are dime a dozen and generally safe to acquire and "install", with black market options typically being more dangerous on top of interesting. Out of all the regions, the tech of the Cosmic Wilderness is by far the most “advanced.”


    While not utterly extinguished, the presence of high fantasy-esque magic is muted within the Cosmic Wilderness.

    Here is an incomplete list of examples of the magical scale that would be hampered in this region, and player discretion can be used to fill in the blanks:
    • Most area of effect magic, such as controlling the weather
    • Significant summons or conjurations, such as a swarm of insects or a giant bodyguard
    • Manipulating travel between dimensions and realms, including teleportation
    • Enchantments which magically enhance an object may be less effective; in the same vein, artifacts of mystical power have less potency
    • Creatures and constructs of pure magic may be partially weakened
    • Overall broad scale reality warping

    Basic Technology

    All homes are equipped with the same basic features and amenities: auto chefs that can whip up any meal or drink provided it’s been stocked with the right ingredients. Advanced First Aid stations - usually built into walls - that can deal with most basic to moderate injuries or medical conditions (cuts, broken bones, allergic reactions, etc.). Most tech is voice-activated. Most beds and furniture are lined with special gel cushioning that will absorb the shock of any abrupt stops or changes in direction.

    In summary, just about any basic need or amenity that you can think of can be easily accessed in the settled regions of the Cosmic Wilderness. And if it doesn’t exist, odds are you can find the tech and materials to make it.

    Hand Terminals

    Citizens use advanced hand terminals instead of smart phones - these are slim, rectangular pieces of translucent plastic that are capable of connecting to any device within range and displaying the content and UI across either side of the hand terminal. Most hand terminals function perfectly in both Centria and Pandopolis, though they cannot connect to any communication or media devices that run solely on magic. Hand terminals can be used for everything from making calls to texting to sending emails to playing games. They can record, take pictures, and stream movies and music.


    The main method of travel to and from Pandora’s surface is through the large “hole” in Pandora’s ceiling directly over Pandopolis. Other, smaller cracks in the ceiling exist scattered over the other regions, but these can only fit individual shuttles rather than large ships. Otherwise, characters can travel directly to Pandopolis (and from there to other hub cities) via Elysium’s Transport Center.

    Travel throughout the Cosmic Wilderness is primarily done via ships and shuttles. Characters might also use personal pods, or even manage to acquire a celestial mount of some kind. Really, the possibilities are endless.

    Inter-Region Travel

    Citizens may travel to and from Pandopolis via the translucent, reinforced-glass Elevator that spikes up from the middle of the city and rises all the way through Pandora’s ceiling and up to COSTA, a static space station. Dozens of taxi shuttles dock at the station and can be taken to any of the main locations within the Cosmic Wilderness.


    This is the main hub city of the Cosmic Wilderness. The Pantheon seems to have taken the work done for Project Elysium and finished it -- with their own special twist, of course. The city itself is built directly into the side of the moon and is quite densely populated. It’s built up more than out due to landmass constraints, so it consists mostly of elegant skyscrapers and districts that are purely underground as well. Every amenity you can imagine can be found in Elysium, from vibrant parks with artificial sunlight to zoos full of exotic creatures and everything in between.

    While the main city takes up a good 75% of the moon’s surface, the rest is outside of its borders and remains largely frontier-like and unsettled. The unsettled portions of the moon are rather lawless, and have taken on a rugged frontier aesthetic complete with bandits and dangerous creatures.

    The most notable thing about the moon is the fact that it’s mobile. From a control center deep in the heart of the moon, Elysium authorities are able to “drive” the moon through the Cosmic Wilderness. It’s not uncommon for it to move from one place to another in Pandora’s sky, or disappear from view entirely.

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