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Couple Creator Dress Up Game

Discussion in 'Doll Generators' started by Tape, May 8, 2014.

  1. Tape

    Tape Guest

    I hate everyone.

    Couple Creator

    YOU CAN MAKE F/M, F/F, M/M ect COUPLES! (Thank you Adrian for figuring this out!) You guys are creative. Pls make ridiculous couples. Or just your characters. But also ridiculous ships. Idek what Ascension is but there are many options and MAN OPTIONS.


    These are all ridiculous.

    Eve/Carl. Carl is in denial. He's also worried, I guess. For good reason. Also, I wanted assless chaps and those were the closest thing.

    Suyang/Nezumi. They went hunting for peasants. I mean...pheasants. cough. THERE ARE NO TOP KNOT OR PONYTAIL OPTIONS! -rage-

    Nezumi/Shion. Troo love, amirite? dat face. Shion is a Disney princess.

    Charles/Nezumi. Charles...designed that. With his mind. Idk where Nezumi's hand went. To an alternate dimension.

    I WILL DO MOAR LATER. Because I have more people to bug. ​
    #1 Tape, May 8, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: May 8, 2014
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  2. Adrian

    Adrian Guest

    what is my life


    i did this before i realized you could do two dudes and then i was like nah charles can stay genderbent idgaf. so i guess charles is some kinda mage person and erik is just grumpy (likealways).​

    ¯\(°_o)/¯ lolidk. Apologies to Doodle and Clio for borrowing Sylar and Erik btw.
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  3. Lynnora

    Lynnora Guest

    Still idek what productive is anymore...I has canon couples!

    Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang

    I thought about putting Hazel and Sammy but nah.
    They both have purple because Camp Jupiter. Hazel has black on because of her father Pluto and Frank has red in his armor because of his father Mars. Yes their armor is gold, but this is because the Romans use Imperial Gold rather then celestial bronze like the Graecus like Percy and Nico.

    As to the weaponry: Hazel uses both swordplay and now magic so sword and staff. There were no spears for Frank but the mace was the next best thing ;_;. He uses both a bow and a spear or in this case a mace. I guess he's a gladiator or dragoon and she's a battlemage.

    Peregrin Took and Diamond of Long Cleeve Took

    So obviously there was no option for a Hobbit as the race but I did the best I could. So Pip here is the warrior of the couple and I did the best I could to make it similar to his Gondor armor and the green Elven cloak too.

    Diamond does not fight but to keep with her name I gave her a diamond necklace. Pip looks so boyish here lol.

    Alphonse Elric and May Chang

    Yeah I ship them but only when they're older lol. Otherwise Al's a creep. I guess they're both considered mages here, but Al's considered a battle mage with his armor. May specializes in healing magic as well as hand to hand combat. Al specializes in battle magic and hand to hand combat.

    James Griffiths and Ella Martinez

    Welp this one could have turned out better. Why's Iggy wearing so much grey? Because of his wings here. Um...the fire is because he's good with explosions and the hammer is for the pure striking power coming from his explosives. I'm just going to say he uses it in conjunction with his fire abilities. He's still blind here but doesn't let that stop him.

    As for Ella, you might remember her as Max's sister. I made her a tamer if anything. She has a dog, but there wasn't an option for a dog in the doll maker =.=. She can speak with animals starting with the cat there.

    Virgil Hawkins and Frieda Goren

    Ok tbqh I had no idea where I was going with Frieda, but I guess she's a snow mage. Anyway, I had to have Virgil keep his color scheme and powers. That was not an option lol. Frieda doesn't normally have powers but oh well I gave her some.

    She was the first person Virgil told about his powers in the comics and later they date so they make this couples list.​
    #3 Lynnora, May 8, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: May 8, 2014
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  4. Carnelian

    Carnelian Queen of Cookies

    Former employee of Woolworths
    Sitting in front of her computer
    Lawful Good

    Donatello and Leatherhead

    Because I've been shipping them ever since the Adventures in Turtle-sitting/Good Genes episodes (had to make them human for obvious reasons) *hides under blanket* don't hurt me.​
  5. Scissors

    Scissors Guest

    I made Margaery and Joffrey. They're weird. ​
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  6. Saturn

    Saturn Guest

    Rena and @Nezumi !
    i tried to make her outfit look like the waitress uniform but
    i gave up half way 8D

    Ceci and @Carl Jenkins !
    he got punched in the face again, knocked out, and then ceci dressed him up as a flamboyant pirate while he was out

    Ceci and @Alistair Theirin !
    omg i had no idea what to do with him i am so sorry
    i'm still upset there was no option to spam babies everywhere

    Thoe and @Jennsen Rahl !
    at the gala c:
    he lost every piece of clothing he owned somewhere along the way and that's what he ended up with oops

    Thoe and Minako Arisato!
    it turns out
    all you had to do to make her not a statue was take off the chainS AND WHAT ARE YOU WEARING OH DEAR
    (the cat's name is Messiah c: )​
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  7. Darquesse

    Darquesse Guest

    Val does not look worried enough about Darq standing next to her. I don't ship them with each other but I don't ship them with anyone.


    Basch fon Ronsenburg & Penelo. I kinda ship them but this is more of a 'two soldiers who could use a shoulder to lean on' thing. Basch is clearly worried about how far Penelo appears to have fallen. And, yes, her chains are symbolic again.

    Nocturnal does not have time for these games of romance. She's got shit to steal.

    Oh my. An actual couple this time~ And they're on...a ship. BECAUSE WHY NOT? Hawke & Fenris. He's actually smiling which is weird.​
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  8. Saeryen

    Saeryen Guest

    Adorable Lumina, paired up with Prince Delphin from the movie. =)
  9. Addy

    Addy Guest

    Carl and Nezumi.
    Nezumi was psychically shoved out of the frame.​
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  10. Twist

    Twist Your dish of T

    Old enough
    Lelouch and Tanaquil (AKA TANALU)

    Jennsen Rahl and Theodore (AKA JENNTHOE)​
    #10 Twist, Apr 20, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2015
  11. theweasleyboys

    theweasleyboys Silly Denizen of the Sewer Tunnels

    Resident Snarker
    The Bad Weather Capital of the World

    Posting these two gals to start with. Because things would have been so much more badass if Dottie hadn't been ordered to kill her bestie, Anya.
  12. Levi

    Levi Guest

    they didn't have an option for grey hair so have this instead
    Javert u can't bring handcuffs to a first date

    Arthur's POV ok
    the earrings were his Merlin's idea

    cuties; or, my shipper trash side is (re)revealed

    if they had three-piece suits I would totally do... the thing. Mygolotta? Marcroft?
    Favorite ship-I-never-saw-coming.​
    #12 Levi, Apr 21, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 21, 2015
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  13. [​IMG]

    Healer!Euphemia & her knight because why not. Rifles were not available unfortunately :C​
  14. Ophelia

    Ophelia a commie DC fan dreaming of a guy called George

    studying stuff
    The Other Side
    a human
    mentally 2




    Light x Misa

    ur new overlords

    bow down

    i cant this is too gooooood ;_____________________________;
  15. Darquesse

    Darquesse Guest

    Sam! With no one else bcos I'm lazy and she had no canon romance ;-;​
  16. Simi

    Simi Guest

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  17. Taylor

    Taylor Guest

    oops i'm trash and i love generators

    LORNENOR. @The Governor. I hope the Gov likes his kitten.

    and of course Lornester. I'm not as happy w/ Lester, though. sobbu. there wasn't much hair that looked like his. even post-trashformation (which was what I was going for). still, look at that giant hammer cccccc: @Lester Nygaard
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  18. Hateship 'couples' count too rite?
    Vipes + @Percy Jackson (look at their disgusted expressions)

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  19. Asami Sato

    Asami Sato Guest

    Asami & @Korra


    Korra is some kind of geomancer/monk class and Asami's some kind of mage! ​
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  20. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli Guest

    Lapis Lazuli & @Steven Universe !
    Sad prisoner princess/witch and her rose knight friend! I imagine this is a cut-scene where Steven is teaching her about feels butterflies. Clearly, Lapis' element is water, but Steven's a bard! He powers up the party using his songs and music! Steven is just trying to live up to his mother's knight legacy, but later discovers he is best just being himself. He passes on his mother's sword to a warrior who is much more capable of wielding than he is (Connie, cough), and he's cool with that!

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