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Creep It Real

Discussion in 'Old Seasonal Events' started by milk, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. milk

    milk now with more pulp
    Plots & Events Division

    some sort of elf
    Chaotic Neutral

    OverviewAs the sun begins to set on October 31st, residents within Pandora begin to notice that their beard-glue is working really well. That their vampire false-teeth somehow didn't fall out while eating a chip. As the night wears on, people begin to act...strange. That one friend dressed as in the Invisible Man hasn't been seen in hours. That girl dressed as a sexy vampire had to leave the room when someone cut their hand on a broken glass. Todd from accounting - who dressed as a werewolf - actually just growled at someone.

    In short, people are becoming their costumes.
    For real.

    For the night of Halloween, people actually are becoming what they dressed up as.

    At the stroke of midnight, everything snaps back to normal. Memories of the evening seem to be drastically different from person to person. Some remember the night almost too clearly, while others only have hazy glimpses at best.

    • Any crimes committed while transformed into a costume, your character is still accountable for.
    • There are no lasting affects other than a possible criminal record.
    • Costumes that have a "spreadable" element - ie vampires, werewolves, zombies - will not be able to actually spread their infection during the event.
    • Not every person who dresses up will undergo the transformation.
    • Costumes that are not straight-forward with what you turn into, you can just get creative with.
    • For example: someone dressed as a "sexy cat" can literally turn into a cat, or just turn into a cat person, where the ears/tail are real.
    • Obviously Pandora's Power Rules are still in play - so your characters cannot be all powerful and whatnot.

    BasicsHow to Join: This is 100% player driven so just feel free to use it as a plot point when planning threads for halloween!
    Location: All of Pandora
    Timeframe (in character): Sundown October 31st-midnight November 1st
    Participation Reward: hAVING a goOD TIME
    Questions?: Feel free to reply to this thread if you need some clarification on something <3