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News Article Curfew for CB Area: Pandora Town Councilwoman Found!

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Jessamine Kaldwin, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Jessamine Kaldwin

    Jessamine Kaldwin Dishonored

    Governor of Cascade Bay
    Lawful Good


    November 1st-Year 7

    High Alert Issued for the Cascade Bay Area

    The missing council member, Berelain sur Paendrag, has been found in the jungle wilderness of the Cascade Bay region after her disappearance in the Misty Hollow area earlier this season. Though relatively uninjured, it was revealed that the councilwoman was a kidnapping victim of Philip Blake, also known as ‘The Governor’.

    Governor Kaldwin of Cascade Bay has stated that he was last seen in the wilderness walkways off of Fairwell Falls, a local tourist attraction particularly in the summer months. The area is currently being combed by the guard for a sign of Blake, but beyond a clear sign of struggle near the Falls, no other sign has been seen as of yet.

    “We have instituted a curfew of 10pm for all citizens in the area.” Kaldwin stated, “And we ask that citizens who see any sighting of a tiger, or someone of Blake’s description, to please contact the Guard immediately and do not engage him yourselves.” Kaldwin has also requested that the Titans and any other high powered individual, though more than welcome to help the Guard in their search, to also alert Cascade Bay authorities if they are about to engage Blake themselves.

    The Guard is still not sure why Blake captured and held the councilwoman for at least a month. The common suspect is ransom or general vengeance against Pandora Town’s government. Though the investigation is still ongoing as the Councilwoman recovers. Pandora Town’s remaining Council was unavailable for comment on the matter.

    Berelain sur Paendrag, Head of Public Affairs, is currently recovering at the medical center, and will be taking a hiatus from public affairs once she returns to Pandora Town in order to continue her recovery. We here at Pandora Times wish her a speedy recovery, and are relieved that she has survived such an ordeal.

    OOC Information

    Berelain was captured and held by The Governor for a good month before she finally knocked him out, and escaped the Jungle with the help of Johnny Blaze (aka. Ghost Rider). She is now safe and sound! However: the Cascade Bay Area is under high alert from November 1st-15th!

    -This means that a curfew will be imposed on citizens. Citizens must be off the street at 10pm, and a large quantity of guards will be patrolling the streets. They are instructed to escort any citizen they find to their homes after that curfew time.
    -The Jungle will be combed for tigers and the Governor
    -Citizens who are apart of the Titans OR high-powered individuals are welcome to help the Guard, but are asked to alert them if they come across The Governor themselves.

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