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Dancing is Best done with a Partner

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by The Gentleman, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. September 19th​
    The Gentleman had been drawn to the new place that emerged within the woods. Curious he went to it, surprised by the castle and even more astonished once he stepped inside. For a brief moment he felt like he was in his home world, but then the weird, and somewhat comical creatures that drifted past alerted him to the fact that he was not. Leisurely he strolled though the old halls, Pandora must have conjured this place on a whim. Guided by an unseen hand, the fae found himself drawn to the ballroom. It was grand and the undead musicians playing were quite skilled. The Gentleman drifted through, absorbing what he could, and finally melting into a shadow near a balcony. He would watch and wait for someone to catch his eye, time was of no import and he couldn't think of a better place to be.
  2. Pandora was a world of the unknown, as many mysteries still lingered. For Sakura it was indeed troubling that no one knew of a path home, slowly as the days went by, she began to slowly get used to the fat that she was never going to see her friends and family again. Back in the old days if she was the “Cry baby Sakura” she would have easily given up all hope and would have simply wondered deep into the darkness of loneliness and emotional pain. Luckily thanks to her mentor she was no longer that person and was now a powerful warrior with the heart and soul of a true ninja. All the girl could do now was simply survive until the day came when she could go home…She simply believed in this and thus had set on a journey to learn more about the world that had abducted her. Along the travels she now stood before a large castle which stood with a large dead forest, at first it looked spooky but the pink haired girl believed in herself as she decided to seek shelter within its domain. Garbed in her usual attire with a long white cloak which wrapped around her body, she held it closed as she proceeded towards the door that had opened for her.

    Upon entering she saw a rather surprising site, as hordes of monsters and skeletons littered the halls. Someone of them looked at her funny, while others simply ignored her. Out of the many sites she had seen during her adventures, this one was certainly quite strange as someone of these strange monsters carried luggage about. Carefully she wrapped her cloak tightly around herself as she decided to investigate this strange place, until finally she entered a large room where more monsters stood playing music while a large crowd began to dance. Wondering what to do, she sat on a nearby chair and began to plot her next move.
  3. The Gentleman enjoyed watching the figures as they moved about the floor, such a sophisticated way to spend the evening, in the company of beauty, twirling hither and fro. Most of it was like delicate china, exquisite in character, yet sometimes there were silvery cracks, threatening to shatter the whole piece, just one wrong word, just one wrong step...
    The Gentleman didn't have to wait long for something to capture his attention. From his umbra of hiding, a head of pink glowed at him. His first thought was of Molly, but upon further observation it was clear that it wasn't her. The fae stepped from the shadows as she had taken a seat, he found her white coat odd, but let this go, clothes can be changed. As he came nearer he could feel an energy in her, much like magic, yet foreign from what he knew in his own world, as was usually the case. She was pretty with the cherry blossom hair and jade eyes, he hoped she was as fascinating as her looks. He gave a slight bow to her then stood. "Care to dance my lady?"
  4. Sakura watched from the sidelines as various non humans danced. At first they ignored her presence, but just in case she had her fists clenched underneath the folds of her white cloak. It was often best to be prepared for anything, so for now she signed began to relax, as she didn’t sense any kind of malice from her current surroundings. For now the pink haired teen was safe, so the girl relaxed her tense muscles and simply enjoyed the music and dancing around her. Soon from out of nowhere a man stood before her, and immediately asked for a dance! In response the “Inner Sakura” soon leapt out of her personality, as the she pulled her hand out from the depths of her cloak and held tightly before the stranger as she spoke.

    “CHA! You’ve got to be kidding! Why would I dance with someone I hardly know!”
  5. The Gentleman winced a little when she spoke, however delicate she may have looked on the outside, apparently did not translate to the inside. "What better way to get to know someone than an elegant dance, but if it would settle you more, my name is Thistle Oakson." He wondered if it would be worth it to enchant her, he wasn't in the best of moods for all night dancing, and besides there was no guarantee it would work. Most of the humans here were like the humans back home, the non magical ones of course. He could enchant them with ease like he did in his world, but here was another story. Some of the people he came across were impervious to being captivated with magic, some could be but it was harder and the effect less. She had something magical of her own and those were the ones that tended to give him the hardest time. Besides she seemed brusque and uncultured, probably not the best candidate to be enchanting anyways.
  6. Love played a big part in Sakura’s life. Although she was the weakest ninja in her squad, the girl become a loyal friend and yet slowly grew into a determined fighter. Now the lass was a powerhouse and still believed that one day, her heart would forever belong to the man she loved. Her situation now was starting to put her faith in love to the test, as the stranger insisted that things were still ok! The inner Sakura wasn’t going to let this guy win, so in response, Sakura pulled out her left arm from underneath the confines of her white cloak and shook a closed fist at the stranger.

    “Elegant…My Ass! Give me one good reason why I should trust you!”
  7. The fae's eyebrows lifted slightly as a small fist emerged from behind her cloak, his eyes were the next things to widen as she opened her mouth. The Gentleman had not been expecting to hear what had come out of her mouth, it actually quite took him by him by surprise and for a moment his face was impassive before splitting into a grin, he tossed his head back and laughed, a sound like trees being tossed in the wind and chimes ringing out. This castle was so absurd and seemed to hold all sorts of absurd people in it. Normally he would be repulsed by such uncouth behavior, but here he would let it be. "You do not have to trust me, I was not asking for trust. Honestly what harm is there in a simple dance? Do you not have dancing where you come from?"