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Private Dark wings, Dark words

Discussion in 'Pandopolis' started by Wally West, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Wally West

    Wally West DC Universe

    Date- 4th September, year 108
    Tags- @Batman

    He'd been running for what felt like days, but he could not afford to stop, so he'd kept running ignoring the biting exhaustion, ignoring the agony that ripped through his body as he searched for one man only. He'd pushed himself right to the edge, but then Wally felt like he deserved the pain, the exhaustion after all if he had been faster, if he had been smarter, then perhaps he could of saved them, in his mind it was entirely his fault. He was in a new city now and there was a familiar building that he was making a dash towards, a building that in Pandora Town he had associated with Bruce Wayne. Which he associated with Dick, Tim and their siblings, it was going to be the first place he checked in this new town. He slowed as he neared the doors, becoming visible to those around him, a young man in a dirty yellow and red costume, filthy red hair sticking up in all directions, dried blood on the side of his head.

    Wally knew he looked a mess, but he didn't care, approaching the door he shoved it open, feeling numb to how his body wanted to do nothing more than collapse in on itself. The building was different, he could feel eyes on him and then he was moving towards the main desk of the Wayne enterprises building, the woman behind it was climbing warily to her feet. Wally stopped in front of the desk, reached towards the googles which he wore over his eyes and lifted them off as he spoke"Is Bruce Wayne here?" The lady's mouth opened and she had a look which suggested she was about to try to refuse him so Wally spoke again, in a firmer more authoritative voice"It is important, it concerns his family... Get him here ASAP."
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  2. Batman

    Batman DC Universe

    CEO of Wayne Industries
    Pandora Town
    The call reached him moments later, something claiming to know something about Bruce's family in a superhero costume and nursing wounds was down in the lobby. Bruce was down the express elevator in minutes and stepped out to see Wally. His eyes widened and he took off his suit coat and rushed towards him, trying to get a look at his wounds. He must have been hurt during the Cataclysm, but had he been searching for him for the whole time. What could have been so important that he'd be ignoring a wound that could have gotten infected? Bruce grabbed his shoulder and helped him to the elevator. "I'll be in the penthouse, no interruptions." He closed the elevator doors and went up, the caves were still being repaired and prepared for the equipment, the Cataclysm had destroyed plenty of stuff but he was working on excavating again, and he was building a new suit to replace the damaged one Lucius had given him during the Scarecrow incident. That would take too much time to repair and just having a basic costume would be enough for now. He didn't say anything on the ride up, still wondering what Wally was going to tell him.

    Then as the doors slid open he realized what was happening. " said you had news on my family." He walked through the doors to the penthouse, not looking at Wally. Damian hadn't been reporting back, neither had Dick. "Who are talking about?"
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