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Private Dashing young rogues can't be helped when consecrated

Discussion in 'Horizon' started by Hanzo Shimada, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Hanzo Shimada

    Hanzo Shimada Overwatch

    Lawful Neutral

    December 23rd, Year 7
    @Jesse McCree

    Hanzo was ready, so so ready and determined to finally wake up, get up, get out there and do something good for once in his miserable life. He was unstoppable, especially with a partner by his side, which must've been the approval of the gods, nothing could hold him back.
    All worries he might have had before were washed away within the blink of an eye, fear and insecurity pushed away, far far away, replaced with willpower and courage.
    And while Hanzo was all set up and overflowing with enthusiasm and zest, he knew that they both couldn't just wander off without anything. The desert, in any world and universe, was a merciless place with hidden dangers and obstacles, a place one shouldn't wander without the necessary preparations. A bow in Hanzo's hand could protect him from bandits and monsters alike, but it was very useless when facing the inhumanly temperatures and weather conditions, obviously.

    Thanks to Pandorian magic-technology, they didn't loose too much time, and saved both of them, mostly Hanzo though, a whole lot of awkwardness which would probably make the whole trip unnecessarily weird. Not that the archer didn't appreciate the funny dressed gunslinger or anything, his whole personality was just too much to take in at once. Jesse was so, open, and light hearted, kind in a way Hanzo was in no way familiar with. He got his fair share of worry and empathy, didn't really know how to react, couldn't really sort his feelings when it happened; and now this.
    Affectionate kindness, how the hell was he supposed to deal with this? It was a feeling so new, so undiscovered, so unfamiliar that his head was turning from only trying to think about it too much.
    So, better not waste too much energy on the matter... not that Jesse would make it easy for him or anything.

    "Want me to help you gather the necessary equipment for our little trip?" he asked mockingly as they reached Horizon, to him, an undiscovered and completely new territory so far. "I figured when we both get on it we'll be a little faster. I do not want to pressure you, for I know your helpfullness should not be taken for granted, so lending a hand is the least I can do right now."
  2. Jesse McCree

    Jesse McCree Overwatch

    Bounty Hunter/Gunslinger
    Chaotic Good

    Hanzo is full of purpose and resolve when Jesse meets him upon his arrival in Horizon, dressed for a desert adventure, light breathable clothes that don’t restrict movement and aren’t too fancy. His hair pulled back into a small bun at the back the sides short, and in the brighter light of day Jesse couldn’t help but admire the cut of his high cheekbones. Even in casual modern clothing there was something high-class, almost royal about Hanzo, maybe it was just in the way he carried himself. Whatever it was, Jesse couldn’t help but stare dumbly for a moment unable to speak. Damn him for a fool when it came to a pretty face, he had a weak romantic heart-- the sort that was prone to racing and silly flights of fancy. The sort that looked at Hanzo and wanted to think that it was a relationship full of possibilities, a beginning of something. Of course, logically he knew that Hanzo just needed him for the moment, this was a job nothing more than that. He shouldn’t go getting himself attached for every pretty face that came along.

    It was just the sort of fairy tale that a lonely heart told itself, but still, this was simply business. It was clear that that was what Hanzo wanted it to be, and Jesse wasn’t ever going to be the sort of guy who pushed himself in where he hadn’t been invited.

    ”You’re even prettier in the light of day, if you don’t mind me saying.” He manages after a moment of starting dumbly at him. Don’t take him more than a moment to notice the large bow that accompanies him this time, not the sort of bow that one owned just for recreation neither, a proper weapon. He whistles, impressed even if he’s not an archer by trade.

    ”That’s a real beauty you got there, what’s the draw weight on there about 50-55 pounds?”

    Jesse had fired a bow more than once but he didn’t really have the proficiency for anything other than a crossbow, probably because that sighted more like a gun than a standard recurve bow would. Still he appreciated marksmanship when somebody exhibited skill at it, and he couldn’t help but be curious about Hanzo, if he was handy with that bow and if Jesse would get a chance to see for himself.

    ”Well, ain’t you the considerate type. Do you know how to pack up a horse?” If not than Jesse would just have to teach him, he was still getting used to having a horse again himself truth be told, but Bluebell was a tolerant and patience sort of horse. Perfect for somebody to learn with really.