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Day's don't last forever | Daniel Wing

Discussion in 'Character Directory' started by Daniel Wing, May 24, 2018.

  1. Daniel Wing

    Daniel Wing Legend

    Cascade Bay
    Chaotic Good
    May, Y7
    25thLost in the city / Pandora Town (completed)
    Early morning. Day arrives and panics because he worries about the well-being of his brother. He graps the first person he runs into, Jane Tobias, and gets a basic explanation from her, as well as some advice upon his problems and an offer for future help.

    Later that day:
    Stays for the night at the Shelter, some more specific explanation.

    26thTake one breath / Elysium Fields (completed)
    Day leaves city early to clear his head with running. Wolves attack him and Brigitte Lindholm comes to his rescue. They talk about their experiences, this world and Daniel promises to meet up with her again.

    26thFeet on the ground / Elysium Fields
    meet Raven as she gets dropped down in Pandora

    27thGood enough is good enough / Cascade Bay
    Early evening. Day scavenges through trash for food. Meet Hunk

    28thSea full of diamons / Myrtle Beach
    Midday. Napping at the beach. Meet Moana

    31thWhoever brings the night / Pandora Town, Tavoie Borough - completed
    Night. Day´s drowning his thoughts in a bar. Meet Spider Nancy, talk, start out for the night. Spider gets knowledge of Daniels illness and why he fears hospitals.
    June, Y7

    3thAbandoned things / Pandora Town, Blackhaven (completed)
    Alphys, scrap fight

    6thStay for a while, stay forever / Cascade Bay, Residents
    Alex Fierro, government-issued roommates

    9thSometimes we find things we're not looking for / Cascade Bay
    Pidge, tech talk - communication device + prosthetics

    13thLife is what we make of it / Cascade Bay (completed)
    meet spider again at job

    15th(Not) Alone in the darkness / Cascade Bay
    meet danny. rooftop. desperation. weed-induced hallucinations

    17thWe live in every moment / Pandora Town
    meet Twelve, Arcade games

    27thPhysical torture / Cascade Bay (completed)
    parcour with Spider

    July, Y7
    13thDay-break / Tiberian Islands (completed)
    daniel has a breakdown due to health and spider finds him

    13thDay-break Part 2 / Pandora Hospital
    after worst of the breakdown is over, get to hospital with spider. mccoy as doctor

    14thWe need to talk / Cascade Bay, Residences
    coming home from the Hospital, dealing with Alex

    15thOn the faultline / Cascade Bay
    tell boss Jo about health

    20thThe day, the spider and the cuccos / LonLon Ranch
    dragged out for fun by spider

    August, Y7
    2ndWinging it / Pandora Hospital
    meet Yang in the waiting area. friend with open options

    6thA summer sky as clear as day / Cascade Sands & Docks
    meet Ayano at the beach
    - say thanks to Miss Tobias. help with education?
    - breakdown due to deterioating health
    - see a doctor, get treatment -> McCoy -> till January at least
    - celebrate birthday
    - break news to Hunk when meeting him during check-up in the hospital. club with charles xavier
    - business with rikki, making jewelry to sell
    - get into school? learn magic? (after revamp)
    - meet Lift. thieving? refuse healing
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    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018 at 3:50 AM
  2. Daniel Wing

    Daniel Wing Legend

    Cascade Bay
    Chaotic Good